Written by Samanta

21 Nov 2017

My two best friends, were Dave, the lad who first showed me a photo of a man sucking a cock, while I was lying in agony with a broken leg. He lived about 3 doors down from me. Three doors the other way was Ruth, the girl whose brother had caught us playing dress up in her room when I was about 5. People in the street called us the three amigos because we were never apart.

By the time I was about 21 the aids crisis had hit Britain, I had been careful up to now with only one or two bareback fucks during the early years of playing. I liked sucking cock after being fucked but didn’t like the taste of shit, so I always made sure that a condom was worn. Anyway because of aids, I dramatically reduced the number of visits to carparks and almost became celibate.

Dave had gone to work at Rolls Royce in Rugby, and Ruth went to Barts. In London to study medicine. Tony my brother was living in Birmingham with his girlfriend, so when mum and dad said they were going on holiday to France for a week, I called up Dave and Ruth and asked if they fancied coming down/up for the weekend.

They arrived separately on the Friday night, and we went to the hosteria Wine bar in Birmingham. Ruth had always dressed conservatively, and tonight was really no different, but Dave and I both noticed that blokes in the wine bar were giving her second looks. It was now that we looked at each other and I think we both thought for the first time in our lives that the girl who we had looked at as our best friend and sister was in fact gorgeous.

We got in the taxi to take us back to my house laughing and joking about our past, into the house and out comes the drink, we played a few albums and got slowly drunk. Dad had recently brought a video cassette recorder and Ruth started looking through the couple of films that were on loan from the local video store. (yep this was that long ago). When she went to put the film in there was already a cassette in the deck so she just hit play. Straight away up popped a hairy fanny with some bearded German bloke sticking his tongue up there. Even pissed I was mortified but Ruth and Dave just burst out laughing. Dad had obviously forgot to take the film out before he and mum had gone on holiday.

After a few minutes of this an extremely pissed Ruth stood up looked at the tv said ‘I’ve got better tits than her’ and removed her dress to show a perfect body wearing a black bra pants suspenders and stockings. Dave and I just sat there jaws open and totally shocked.

‘You know I’ve always loved you both don’t you’ with that she flopped onto the settee between us put her hands into our crutches and started to kiss us both. The passion was intense all of us at this point just lost control. Dave’s hands were all over her and he had soon released her boobs from her bra, it took me a little longer to get into the swing but I was definitely reacting to the feel of her hands on my cock.

Neither of us tried to stop our childhood friend as she slipped onto her knees between us, released both cocks from the constraints of our trousers and proceeded to suck each in turn. After a while she stood unsteadily up grabbed our hands and led us upstairs to my bedroom, we had all been in here many times but never like this. She pushed us both on the bed removed her pants and got in between us. All of us were by now naked apart from Ruth’s stockings and suspenders, hands and lips were everywhere, it was obvious by now that Ruth was no beginner at this and had done this many times before. Dave knelt up and lifted Ruth’s hips before placing his decent sized cock into her as she continued to suck me, even pissed I could not help feeling jealous of her and wondering what it felt like to be properly fucked. Before Dave could come she pulled away, looked into my eyes and just said ‘your turn babes’. I had never fucked a girl before but as a fit 21 year old I was sporting the hard on of all hard ons and just could not help myself. I got behind her and as she began to suck Dave I placed my cock into the warm wetness of a woman for the first time. Passion just took over and I’m ashamed to say now that I could not have given a damn about Ruth’s pleasure I just wanted to fuck and so pounded away as hard as I could. She did not let me cum but pulled away, lay on her back with Dave and me on either side of her head and started sucking us both.

She took each of our right hands and placed them on our cocks, not on our own cocks but on the others and made us wank each other into here mouth, I was used to the feel of another mans cock in my hand, this was obviously Daves first time, but he tried his best.

We all lay down got under the sheets and fell into a drunken sleep.

We woke up that morning to a happy ‘morning’ from Ruth who then proceded to grab our cocks and start wanking us both. ‘Did you enjoy last night? I know you did Sam, what about you Dave?’.

Dave was sheepish obviously remembering the fact that he had wanked me off into our best friends mouth just a few hours before, as I did the same to him.

‘Yes, yes I did’ he answered after a few seconds

‘Good, you know I love you both don’t you?’ she said ‘I want this to happen a lot more, and that includes this’ with that she grabbed our hand again and placed them on each others cocks, almost automatically we both started wanking. ‘I’ve always known that Sam was gay, I just hoped that you would follow along’ she said.

Dave looked at me and burst out laughing ‘I bloody knew it’ he said ‘that explains so fuckin much’.

I asked ‘Does it make a difference?’

‘Course not you daft fuckin bastard’

With that Ruth got under the covers and started to suck each one of us in turn.