Written by Iain

12 Nov 2010

Sorry for the delay in continuing my story,I've not spent much time in my flat during the past couple of weeks,Joe(not his real name)invited me to his place,where we've spent time in company with a male friend of his.At my place when we went in the bedroom he went to my bed and picked up the undies I'd removed from the sitting room when he first arrived.He picked them up one by one holding the tiny knickers up against his own cock as he looked me up and down,there were six of them.He held the bras against his chest,these are gorgeous he said,I bet you look fantastic with these barely covering that beautiful hairless body.

I was loving the fact that he was appreciating me,his voice was so soft and gentle,I wanted him to play with me,to use me.These he said choosing a pair of lilac knickers,I want you in these,sit here he pointed to the bed,I sat on the edge of the bed.He got on his knees between my legs and moved his fingers up and down my body,feeling my nipples then his hands moved down my body the palm of one hand going under my balls his fingers probing between my legs finding my love hole,his other hand very gently encircled my cock which was so swollen it hurt.

Your body is fantastic he was whispering,you're a beautiful young girl,right then I wanted to be a girl,I wanted to be a girl and I wanted him to make love to me,I was glad he did'nt see my cock as being a barrier to being a girl,I wanted to feel his cock inside me.He moved back a little and held the knickers for me to put my legs in,I stood up for him to pull them up,beautiful he kept saying beautiful as he pulled them up with just enough material to cover my balls,his fingers gently wanked my cock as it stood out of the waistband,he sat me back on the bed.

He selected a bra and fitted it on me,all the time whispering my beautiful little girl,He moved me back onto the bed and stretched me fully onto it,spreading my legs wide apart,he climbed onto me his knees between mine and lowered himself down.

I felt the rapid throbbing of his cock as it touched against mine and he moved his hips in a lovemaking motion,I wanted it inside me.His face came down and his lips kissed mine,his cock making love to my body,I could'nt stop myself putting me arms around his neck and responding with my own cock.

I pushed him upwards and pushed my knickers off and lay on my stomach,he knew what I wanted.I felt his cock between my cheeks his hand moving it up and down,I felt him cover it in saliva,it never occurred to me that it would hurt,I just wanted it inside me.

He placed the throbbing head against my lovehole and pushed gently,it did hurt as it made the initial entry but then sheer ecstacy engulfed my body as I felt its power push slowly further and further into me,then he was making real love to me,I was his girl,he had just taken my virginity.His body moved faster and faster,his cock seeming to go deeper and deeper with every movement,I suddenly needed to wank myself.

I felt him come off,I heard him come off,I wanked myself off,heaven.He has used me but never abused me over the past couple of weeks,I've also become friendly with his friend,who's a really nice man.