Written by karentv28friend

10 Dec 2012

Wednesday morning, the weather outlook was quite cheerful. Having lost all hope of attracting a play pal during the previous two days of laying the bait, setting the traps and just about exhausting every avenue open to me in my quest to arrange a worthwhile date, the plan today was to take a drive in and around north Yorks/south Durham stopping occasionally to take in the country side and to wander freely as a woman in a layby/country lane etc, whatever came along really Although previously my little jaunts have thrown up one or two surprises I wasn't really too optimistic of anything happening, quite content having dressed in a loose fit skirt, satin blouse, black opaque hold ups with black lace pants. Full make-up wig and all of the accruitriments necessary for a girl to relax and enjoy, I set off and pulled onto the south bound A1M.

Driving south to Scotch Corner, didn't want to travel too far south on the A1M as the flaming road works are an absolute nightmare presently, however the traffic had backed up as I approached the Barton turn off and as I progressed at the pace of traffic on the outside lane I hitched up my skirt to show off a generous glimps of stocking clad thigh to any wagon driver who may be alert enough as I overtook them. My left hand was resting on my thigh with fingers playing seductively in and around my crotch area giving any pervy onlooker the view of a woman playing gently with herself. And, it worked.

Having passed one particularly large HGV's I looked back to see the flash of the headlights from one wide awake driver and his hand gesture certainly proved that the sight had offered him some entertainment from the boredom of chugging along the motorway. That brought a broad smile to my face and I placed a foot gently on the brake pedal so as to indicate to the driver that his sentiments were very much appreciated.

He replied by again flashing his headlights on and off quite rapidly, obviously in the hope of getting me to slow down and possibly pull over at the next junction. I didn't really know what to do to be honest. So I continued on, passing the Barton turn off but knowing there was a turn back from the Scotch Corner round about I thought I'd carry on, leaving the lorry driver to his dreams and I would make my way back up the north carriageway and possibly turn on to the arterial road into Darlington from the A1M north bound.

There had been some sort of problems toward Scotch Corner and all of a sudden the traffic in the outside lane slowed to a snails pace. Looking in my mirror the inside lane was still moving but there were very few gaps in which to cross over into, all of a sudden my wagon driver recognising my car, he slowed in the inside lane and beckoned me to pull in front of him. One mile before Scotch Corner there is a wagon pull-in and approaching the turn off the wagon again flashed his lights and indicated to pull in. My heart was a flutter now, not knowing whether this guy knew that he was flirting with a tranny and or whether finding out would cause him and possibly me any real grief. I thought what the heck what can he do in a crowded lorry stop apart from put my lights out!!!

I parked up and he parked his wagon in front of me. Surprisingly the truck stop only had another two HGV's parked up, I guess it may have been too early for some of the guys to stop for a break. He climbed down from his rig, a guy I guess in his late 30's, full head of hair, large-ish build but not overly over weight. Rugged features and I'm thinking "I don't know about this guy. Should I put it into gear and pull away".

Winding my window down he approached saying that was quite some show you put on back there Mrs. Now my voices isn't the deepest in the land but I knew I wouldn't really fool anyone if they were paying real attention so I said" well what's a girl to do during a long boring drive". He twigged. "oh, honestly I hadn't realised, you just look so good from up in the cab". "Thankyou" says I, so i guess I'll be on my way now".

Anticipating total rejection I placed my hand on the ingnition key and made ready to set off."No, er please, I'm intrigued" came his reply (INTRIGUED from a wagon driver - that's a turn up).

"Can we go for a drive. I can park my rig up and don't need to be the move again for another 30 minutes or so. We could pull into the layby on the 66 and have a coffee and a chat if you don't mind". I didn't mind at all, in for a penny and all that.So my new friend was invited to climb in and we pulled away from the lorry park. I knew a quiet country lane not too far away and felt sure a relaxing walk would break the ice and allow him to appreciate there is a ltlle more to this TV than a smile and a wave. Although the smile and wave as I passed his rig had abviously done the trick.

Pulling up at the chosen spot, a usual haunt of mine very near to Cleasby village just outside Darlington. The road is more of an access road for farmers which has the occasional jogger, bike rider and horse rider using it's quiet location for their persuits. It suits my persuits very well also.

We sat and chatted for a while, he was aboviously a little more than intrigued, but admitted he had never actually been close to a TV previously but the flash of stocking top as I passed him on the motorway had set his pulses racing and obvioulsy didn't realise initially the the girl wasn't a girl.

Suffice to say the questions turned to why, how long have you beed doing this, do you meet guys, what do you get up to. Which was all very nice but the weather was quite nice and this girl didn't want to spend all day just sitting in the car.

"Shall we walk for a while" I asked. Leaving the car we walked and chatted some more as I opened a gate to a small access road. "Where does this lead" he enquired, probably thought I was going to take out an axe and chop him up!!! "No worries - I don't carry a knife or axe in my knickers. It's just a quite short lane with a grassy patch at the end alongise the motorway where I spend a little time occassionally entertaining myself".

He seemed to relax into the boy/girl situation and asked if I minded if he put his arm around my waist as we walked. "Whatever you are comfortable with, please think of me as a girl and not someone you have just met. Really I enjoy being in the company of male admirers so nothing really phases me apart from someone calling me names or wanting to shove me around for kicks".

It felt nice to be have a large mans arm around my waist. Heels are not really condicive to country walks so the pace has to be quite tame, which, on a nice day like today made for a very pleasant stroll. Eventually, and I was half expecting it, his hand moved further down and rested on my bottom. With only skimpy knicks on under my flimsy material skirt I could feel his interest was improving. "Are you wearing knickers"? he asked" "it all feels so smooth"!

"Yes I am, very skimpy tight lacey knicks actually, which hold in place the bits that I don't wish to use. I wear hold up stockings, which is a preference of mine as I find suspenders tend to show through, especially when wearing light coloured skirts and especially when wearing tight dresses and skirts. I just prefer the feeling of a good quality hold up. It feels good to me anyway" I said as we continued to stroll toward the grassy area at the end of the road.

"Feels awfully good to me too" came the reply.

"Good I'm so pleased you approve". swaying my tush just a little sassier to accentuate the sensation of his hand on my butt.

Having reached the area I had picked out he was happy enought to find that it was secluded but in quite an exposed location. I leaned against a fence and was sure he was a little uncertain what to do so I took his hand and pulled him in front of me. "You are uncomfortable aren't you" I asked.

"Not really" he replied " but you seem to know what you want and look absolutely amazing. I haven't been with a real girl who looks as good as you do for years and I am a little confused as to what I'm expected to do" came a very honest explanation.

"I don't want or expect you to do anything sweet pea. Just relax, as I say in my mind I'm the girl and I won't put pressure on you to do anything" so we stood facing one another. I so wanted him to take me in his arms and kiss me but I didn't want to put pressure on, although I knew he couldn't run away as he needed a lift back to his wagon.

Then quite unexpectedly, as if able to read my thoughts, he put his hands onto my hips and moved in for a kiss. Wow, and what a kiss. I felt him press into me with his groin and he kissed me softly and gently, eyes closed, and I could feel his heat from his groin.

As he pulled away I said"My where did that come from. That was just so nice. Thankyou"

I didn't feel I should expect him to go the whole nine yards and was happy that he felt comfortable enough to go as far as he had. So i asked if he would like to return to the car and we could get him back to his rig as we had been away for a half hour or so already. He seemed to accept that suggestion and pulled away. I could see he was erect and was finding it difficult to keep his enlargement in check.

"My goodness, that looks hard" I said unable to take my eyes off it.

"Honest" he said " I nearly came while I was kissing you".

Reaching out I took hold of his firmness and said" Look I said I didn't want you to do anything that was uncomfortable, but ...." leaning back once again on the fence I drew him to me, unzipped and released his manhood then looking him in the eye I said "kiss me again". As he moved in, hands on my hips again I guided his erection between the top of my thighs and enjoyed the sensation of his hot cock as It slipped between my legs.

He didn't need any further persausion and leaned in to kiss me again only this time he was quite happy to go in the direction I was leading him. He swayed slightly back and forward and started to groan with pleasure.

Wham!!! he came. I could feel him tense up, then his lips clasped tightly against mine, breathing laboured as his ejaculation exploded between my tightly closed legs. I milked him to a full conclusion enjoying the feel of his warm juice as it flowed from him and down the inside of my stocking clad thighs.

" Now that" I said panting from the pleasure "was very very nice".

I thought that would be his final act, obviously expecting the guilt pangs to cut in, but no. He leaned in to me again and kissed me again. Pulling back eventually he said that he thought I was a superb lover and whould it be possible to get together again whenever he could get time in this area again.

No problems my love - i passed him my email details and contact will no doubt be something we will both enjoy again in the future.