Written by tampon

30 Sep 2008

I told her I did not want to but the size of her cock straining against her blue panties, caused me to stand in front of the computer as she sat down on my chair and stroked me between the legs my own girly cock sprang to attention inside my own white knickers. \"Start typing,bitch\" she commands me and I am, oh she\'s stroking my stocking clad thighs and making my nipples ache inside my bra.

Now she is oh this is diffiicult she\'s kissing my bottom and taking my knickers down, she\'s pulling me down onto her cock oh my god it probing into me and she\'s tweaking my nipples oh help she big and it hurts but oh oh oh thats so nice difficult to to type .................

she\'s ccccccccccccccumming inside my man fanny She\'s told me to st stop ttyping now and is taking me off to the bed room.

Shes told me to tell you that I am her bitch and when we have changed into our frilly night dresses and I have fucked her Iam to go outside in just my bra stockings and suspenders and stay out there until she is hard again and that if I am a good girl she will bathe me and dress me in the new underwear she has brought for me and then if iam really good she has said that she will suck me off while i write to you all and tell you what Iam wearing and how much of a slut I am. Must do my lip stick before i put my nighty on. I dont think my girly cock is going to last long inside him owww sorry her I hate being smacked but that was my mistake oww