Written by Deanne

18 Nov 2014

Recently, a fruitful visit to my local park about 11pm. Dressed as usual in jacket/skirt, black bra/thong, and hold ups. Not expecting much (only 1 car there), I left my car for a short walk and a cig. The other car pulled over to where I stood, smoking. I looked in and saw he was stroking his cock. How could I resist, I leaned into his car and felt his cock – OMG, was it a good size. Where shall we do it, I asked – here or take a walk into the park. “ Walk, slut” was his response, so I followed him down the path towards the bridge over the stream.

There, he stopped, dropped his trackie bottoms and I saw just how big was his cock – well over 9” and thick – so dropped to my knees and licked his balls/cock before trying to get it fully in my mouth, with difficulty but eventually I took almost all down my throat, gagging as I sucked/blew. After about 5/6 minutes, he pulled me to my feet slipped his hand up my skirt and stroked my hard clit, at which point he dropped to his knees and took my clit in his mouth and sucked me dry – receiving my cum and swallowing it. My god he was a good cocksucker.

I thought that would be it but he turned me round, leant against the bridge fence, and lifted my skirt round my waist and pulled my thong to one side. Bloody hell, I thought, he’s gonna fuck me with that big cock. I’d no lube (big mistake), as I felt him press his ‘head’ into my less than damp pussy and forced a couple of inches or so into me, stretching my tight ass, and gave me a few strokes before pulling out. He was not finished, as I felt him force his cock further into my ass to give a few more strokes. Despite the initial pain, I was starting to orgasm, but he pulled out once more. ‘what r u finished I squealed’. ‘No way bitch, you are going to get it all now’, and without giving me a chance he plunged the full length deep into my pussy, and fucked me hard for another 10 minutes stretching me and driving its full length in/out, hurting me yet giving me pleasure and making me cum again. Only then did he filling my ass with his cum. With that, he pulled out and went back to his car leaving me draped over the bridge, legs like jelly, cum running down my legs, and gasping for breath.

Eventually, I tottered back to my car, knowing that was the roughest fuck I’d had. Boy, did I know - my ass hurt for the next 3 days.