6 Oct 2017

Once through the front door the old man ordered me to go up the stair to his flat . I pushed the door open to reveal what looked like a photographic studio. A tatty bed with a pink shiny satin like cover was surrounded by photographic lighting. In the corner was a hanging garment rail with lots of women's outfits from dresses to lingerie

Next the bed was a small table with an assortment of sex toys clearly the old man and Jane had a set up they used regularly for their fun.

Both Jane and the old man followed me into the room . Jane turned and said "Eric, (Talking to he old man), our sissy sub seems to be surprised at our little set up here , don't you sissy !", as she looked towards me.

" we are going to have some fun with you, sissy, although you may find some of it humiliating, but that just too bad, as you are for our pleasure now !", Eric barked at me.

Jane went over to the clothes hanging in the corner and selected a long white satin and nylon negligee, and and some matching French knickers and wandered out of the room. Eric told me to strip off my male clothes and sit on the edge of the bed. I nervously took off my clothes and adjusted my stockings to ensure the seems were relatively straight. I sat on the edge of the bed trying to take it all in as I looked around the room - what were they going to do with me and what did he mean by humiliating me ? Both worried and excited by the thought, I wondered what they had instore for me.

Eric turned on a Screen and announced he wanted to have some porn playing to get him horny again. The film playing on the TV looked familiar - the actors seems to be in a setting that was clearly somewhere I knew - the seedy toilets I was planning to visit in Malvern before I bumped into Jane and Eric. My look must have given it anyway - "do you know this place?" Eric said as he pointed to the screen. "Yes"I mumbled, "it's the gents toilets in malvern hills !"

The actors were two oldish blokes , one who was dressed in stocking and suspenders and the other as a male bull. They were wanking each other at the urinals. " bet you never seen Jane and myself filming when you have been there ?" "no", I muttered.

Eric proceeded to watch the film action as the mutual wanking turned to the crossdresser going down on his knees infront of the urinal and sucking sensually the other blokes cock. Eric unleashed his cock started to wank whist watching the film.

After a few minutes and with his cock hard he turned to me and said "now it's your turn to audition for the part. Iam going to take some still photos of you on the bed in your lingerie". We may then progress from there to more explicit pics and possibly filming if you please me " he said sternly

I had always wanted to pose for a photographer and just the thought was making my cock strain against my panties

Eric picked up a camera and told me to lie on the bed with my legs slightly apart , just enough to show the lace of my stocking tops . He kept the shutter clicking as he directed me for poses - I was getting incredibly turned on and hanging on his every order. " lift your slip higher at the front , show me your pretty panties , stroke your cock inside your panties , push your bottom out , pull your panties down to your knees" and so it carried on til I was putty in his hands obeying every order.

I noticed his cock was now fully errect - he obviously enjoyed what he saw through his lense !

" right, good sissy !, now I think we will move onto you touching yourself , but I want to see you enjoying it , I want you looking desperate for a big cock to suck ! Think you can do that ?"

" yes master" I responded and started to rub the tip of my aching cock , he encouraged me to go faster and soon I was getting so carried away it just flowed naturally. Now on all fours, he instructed me to hold me bottom apart with both hands stretched around my back , as he wanted close up of my anus. I did as he demanded.

I notice Jane then reappear into the room - she had changed into the long white satin negligee which now revealed a

Black lace slit on both sides from her thighs, showing her stocking tops and suspender belt straps. She looked stunning and had ample breasts providing a nice cleavage .

She came ove to the bed and said to Eric " do you need me to assist ?"

" pull the sissys buttocks apart and put a drop of lube on her outer rim of her anus"

With this I felt a cool lube lightly applied to be anus - it felt delicious , she then worked the lube around until her finger easily slipped up me

" mmmm, do you like that sissy ? " as I sighed with pleasure

Eric continued to take pictures but had now turned on the video camera on a tripod. " gets some toys, Jane" Eric instructed . Jane wandered over to the table and picked up a small vibrator , she then went to the hanging clothes rail and took a pair of red and black nylon crotchless panties off the hanger. " I think our sissy would look good in these whilst taking a toy up his arse". With that she pulled off my white panties and helped me put on the crotchless ones . A perfect fit with my cock sticking out of the front lace lined slit.

" oh very nice , now back on the bed on all fours " Jane instructed

Jane picked up,the vibrator and nudged the tip against my receptive anus , a gentle push and it slid in about 3 inches . I gasped as she worked it in and out of me . After a few minutes , with her other hand she leaned underneath me and cupped my hard cock and started to gently wank it paying particular attention to my very wet end .

She sensed I would soon be cumming and stopped her touching .

Eric suggested that he might like some pleasure whist Jane took over the camera. They quickly swapped places and Eric walked around to my face , where he instructed me to suck his cock. This I willingly did as Jane came in close for some explicit photos .

Eric reached over and continued to pump the vibrator in and out of my anus - I was in heaven . As Jane stood over me with the camera in her hand her negligee hung open at the slit revealing her shaven cunt inside her French knickers . She noticed the opportunity and said " do you think the sissy could finger my cunt whilst he continues to suck your cock , Eric ?"

Eric smiled and said "let's see".

Jane guided my spare hand up her inside leg and pulled the knicker to one side so I could touch her cunt lips - she was dripping ! As I made contact she let out a large moan of pleasure and then ordered me " push a finger up me sissy ! Finger fuck me hard"

All the time she kept taking photos and the video continued to record.

Soon I felt Eric start to jerk his hips " I'm going to shoot my spunk" he shouted " take my cock out of your mouth and wank it over your face til I cover you and in spunk" he shouted. I did as he instructed whist finger fucking jane

For an old man he gushed spunk from his cock, the first shot went on my chin , whilst the second went in my open waiting mouth. Jane was about to orgasm and handed the camera to Eric to capture the moment. Jane ordered me" slip a finger in my arse too" I did as instructed and she came in a huge orgasm that last a few seconds.

Once Eric and Jane had got their composure back they instructed me to stand infront of them both, put on my own panties and tuck my cock out of the side of the gusset. I did as instructed - I felt very vulnerable stood infront of them with my hard cock sticking out.

Eric asked" have you heard of swinging heaven website ?"

" Yes master" I replied

" we are going to link the webcam up to the chat room and I want you to wank yourself until you cum , so all those men, women and couples can watch you humiliate yourself on line."

With this, Jane positioned the webcam infront of me and turned it on. On the tv screen that was playing the porn film was now myself on the webcam in the chat room . I could see the audience tuning in to our webcam. People were starting to mention me in comments and private messages encouraging me to start wanking.

Jane then said " right sissy , wank that cock til you cum and before you cum I want to you to ensure your spunk goes inside your panties - nothing on the carpet! Do you understand ?"

" yes " I replied

" yes what !" She shouted at me

I hadn't considered her as my mistress til this point, but clearly this is what I was expected to say

"Yes mistress" I said softly

" good and don't forget to address me as mistress in future" she hissed

" now start wanking " Eric interrupted

I started to wank my cock conscious that the whole chat room was watching and messaging me

Within a couple of minutes the excitement was too much and I asked my mistress and master for permission to shoot my spunk into my panties

" shoot your cum sissy" instructed Jane , " but don't forget, put your cock inside your panties "

With that I pulled the satin over my cock and continued to wank inside my panties jerking spunk inside , soaking the satin material.

I was instructed to stand infront of the camera for a few minutes as final humiliation whilst the spunk seeped through the material and the chat room could send their messages of appreciation to my master and mistress

i drssed back into my male clothes but still with my cum soaked panties on and was instructed to leave by Jane and Eric . They told me to join swingingheaven and they would contact me about future meets and scenarios.

To be continued following other meetings with Jane and Eric