Written by TVNylonstouchme

21 Apr 2007

Since my divorce I had rekindled my desire to crossdress, in fact not long after I moved out into my rented cottage I started to buy sexy things off the internet. Soon my collection was considerable, ranging for seamed fully fashioned nylons to tight skirted business suits and of course lot and lots of high heels!!

I also started to shave my legs, then my arms and chest and now I am smooth all over.

The first time I dressed fully over my smooth body I 'came' so hard I nearly passed out!!

I masturbated every night for weeks, changing outfits and shoes at least 3 times a night! While I was doing this I was also communicating with horny men on SH. Even more so once I joined and payed my membership which allowed me to place pictures onto my profile.

The response was very encouraging. I quickly learned what 'turned them on' and went about making sure that I gave as many men a wonderful cum as possible by telling them and showing them my profile pictures, but that wasn't enough. I wanted to be touched and appreciated 'in the flesh'.

After some soul searching I decided to invite a kind sounding man to my cottage. He was to play out the 'housewife-salesman' scenario ( which I adore . The arrangements were made and on that afternoon I prepared myself for him. At the precise time a car pulling into my drive. I made sure I was in position, sat crossed legged on my sofa, showing a glimpse of stocking top...I had unlocked my front door and I heard him enter. The next I knew he was stood there in my lounge looking at my legs and he ALREADY had a very large erection in his trousers..he could not take his eyes of my tanned seamed nylons. The dark part of my stocking tops were only just beginning to show below the hem of my dress. I uncrossed and recrossed my legs by which time he had taken out his hard cock and was rubbing it very firmly..

I wanted to encourage him more so I uncrossed my legs and stretched them out as far as they would go towards him. He quickly got the hint and moved closer, in fact he put one leg either side of mine and straddled me. His stiff and huge cock was now only inches from my face and very soon it was being offered into my mouth......

to be continued if you want it to be????? x x xSusan nylon legs