Written by Santafe2009

14 Mar 2012

Danny and I had been chatting on SH for several months and we finally found a free evening both of us could do. Danny had asked me round to for an eat in date, my favourite, so as we'd been arranging this for weeks I decided to spend the afternoon getting ready.

I had a long hot shower using some wash gloves to ensure there were no rough patches of skin anywhere on my body. I shaved my legs till they were silky smooth and trebled-shaved my face so that there would be no hint of roughness all evening. I'd been using tanning moisturiser for about a week so had a lovely sun-kissed glow to my body as I dried myself. I powdered and scented myself in some very femine impulse then I turned to my wardrobe.

I put on a brand new set of red lace underwear. It had taken me ages to choose the right set for this date as I didn't want a bra with any padding. The one I'd chosen was underwired but had the most delicate red and black lace trim and was as thin as silk. The matching lace-trimmed thong just about held my tiny man tucked away giving me a very femine outline and no nasty bulge when I put my skirt on. I picked out some 10 denier lace topped hold-ups with a seam up the back. It took a little while till I was happy they were perfectly straight before I put on my short black skirt. When standing the hem just about covered the lace of the stocking tops but it was impossible to conceal them when sitting, just the look I wanted for Danny. I picked an elastic material top again in black that clung to my body with a diving neckline showing off my small but acceptable cleavage. I finished off with a pair of 4" pointed black heels with a delicate buckle strap round my stockinged ankle. I always keep my nails long but tonight I decided to put false nails on just for the hell of it. Revlon red. A bit of make up, red lippy and a medium length blonde wig completed the look. Hopefully it would be enough to get Danny standing to attention all night.

By now it was 5pm and Danny's place was about 50 minutes drive away but in the rush hour taffic it would probably take over an hour. As I got into the car I couldn't help my stocking tops showing no matter how much I pulled my skirt down. Perfect I though, Danny's going to get a real eyefull tonight. I took it steady driving up the motorway keeping well below the speed limit. This meant quite a bit of traffic overtook me and passengers in vans can't help but take a peep as they pass. There was one builders van that went past then slowed right back down so they could both get a look. We smiled at each other and I could tell he wanted to do what Danny was going to do to me tonight. I was getting quite turned on and was tempted to follow the van in to Watford Gap services but it was still daylight so no chance of any van action even if I did, so I carried on.

Coventry came up and my sta nav directed me very efficently to Danny's. He had asked that I pop on some trousers and coat over my sexy clothes to get from my car to his house as he had a couple of very nosey neighbours so I slipped on some jogging bottoms and top. I text and he said he was ready and confirmed I had the right house by waving out the window. The porch door was open so I went in and took off the joggers, checked my hair and walked in the front door. Danny was stood their completely naked as he'd said he would be. I walked up to him, gave him a peck on the cheek then holding on tohis hips dropped to my knees and without saying anything took his limp cock into my mouth.

I'm not sure how Danny had kept himself flacid but he had. It's one thing to suck cock but it's another to such a cock to erection. The feeling as it grows is just mind blowing and grow it did. Soon I wasn't able to keep the whole lengeth in my mouth. I could feel every vein with my tounge. I kept my lips tight around the shaft and began moving my tounge around the head. Danny was cut so ti was easy to tease the tip, occasionaly catching it with my teeth as Danny pushed it in and out. We both quickly go into a rhythm, I would pull back till jus the tip was on my lips then Danny would thrust it back in till it touched the back of my throat.

As I moved up and down in time with Danny I began to taste my red lipstick as it rubbed off with each thrust he gave my mouth. I thought to myself this must look really hot from Danny's position, smiled and increased the pace slightly. He was starting to moan now and his pace quicken even more. I started to fondle his balls and gently sratch at the very base of his cock with my thumb nail. Suddenly I heard Danny gasp and the tip of his got became very hot. I looked up at him and our eyes connected. I smiled as best I could with a cock ramming my mouth at a very fast rate now. The thumb clinched it and Danny exploded with what seemed like a weeks worth of cum deep into my throat. I swalled the first two or three spurts then as they began to ease I was able to hold the rest in my mouth. I love moving the cum around the head of a cock with my tounge and savouring the taste before swallowing the last drops. It was less than 5 minutes since I arrived and still not 6.30. We had hours to go yet.

I made sure I had completely cleaned all the cum from Danny's cock before rising to my feet, giving him a peck on the cheek and said "Thanks for welcoming me so nicely but I'm gagging for a cuppa tea now, do you fancy one?"

That's all I have time for now. This is my first ever story post on this site and not sure if anyone will like it. If you want me to write up the rest of the evening I will. It's a true story (I know everone says that but it is, honest) so won't take a lot of typing up.

Bell xXx