Written by Nancy2

24 Mar 2015

Hi I am Nancy, (Nancy by name, nancy by nature) A TV/TS Girly and I want to tell you about the fantasic ride I had recently when I met a horny man.

A guy called Jim sent me an email to meet up at his place and the message was that he was looking for a Girly like me to pleasure, anyway I went wearing a short (just showing part of my arse) black dress, Black Knickers, Black Stockings and suspender Belt, Black Wig, and High heels to Jim's place and he gave me a lot of complements a girl cant resist, well I cant anyway, Jim then took me to bed and took of my dress leaving me in my Bra, Knickers and Stockings, he then stripped off and when he did it took my breath away.

Standing before me was Jim bollock naked with a huge Cock sticking out in front, Jim told me that he hoped I could take it and to measure it before he mounted me, so I got his measure and found out that his Cock was nearly 12 inches long but the girth was worrying as it taperd from the tip at 2 inches to the base of his cock at 8 inch girth, he then said not to worry as he would be gentle and if it hurt he would stop but thought that he would get 3 - 4 inches up me, and I said I would try.

He then kissed my neck whilst he removed my Bra and then licked and sucked my Tits and nipples while he slid his finger between my Arse cheeks then as I was getting over excited he bent me over and started to push his small finger with lube into my tight hole to losen me up ready for his cock into my tight hole (so he said as he entered his hard cock into me) and began pushing in and out of my pussy (as he called my tight hole), he did push it in me about a couple of inches and continued pushing till he cum, then after about five minutes he withdrew his cock and asked me how I felt and several other quetions all the while whilst he fingered my tight hole, then he turned me on my back and said would I like to try more deeper fucking, so I agreed as he was making me very randy.

He said that he was going to fuck me deeper just like a girl gets but he would stop if it became painfull. He then raised my legs up and open wide and pushed his hard cock back in me with him on top of me, he then told me he would push his cock deeper up me until half his cock was in me as he did this I could feel his cock get wedged in my tight hole this got me very excited as he cum in me filling me up then he rocked backwards and forwards and said now that he was this far he could not stop giving me more and because I was so excited I found my legs right up to my shoulders as he pushed his hard cock in me deeper.

My hole was very tight and a tear squeezed from my eye as he said this is how you should be fucked but you need to be baby fucked and as he said that he began to push his cock very deep through my tight hole and it hurt, stretching me wide as his full 8inch girth forced into me and then he cum and cum and cum untill I was flooded with his spunk he then withdrew from me and told me I was now a true Tranny gurl who would need a regular hard fucking and need the full operation and have a womb and overies transplant so I can be Baby Fucked for real.

So who wants to give it to me, more regularly, so I can get the operation eventually to get Baby Fucked for real.

Love Nancy2