Written by J_bic

15 Oct 2013

This is the story of my first meet a couple of years ago. I've been dressing in lingerie for a while and enjoying being naughty online, in the chatroom and on messenger and had struck up a friendship with a member on here. After some fun cam sessions, dressing and being a naughty girl, I plucked up the courage to meet and explore my bi side properly for the first time.

We arranged to meet at his flat and I was nervous as I drove round. I rang up when I got there and he came down to greet me and took me up to his flat. I'd bought some new stockings on my way over so went into the bedroom to get ready. I rolled them up my legs, black opaque hold ups, put my black g string on and black court heels. I'd got some slutty purple lipstick to make sure my lips were coated ready for what I was about to do...

I strutted into the lounge to see if I looked the part. He smiled and said I looked nice in my stockings and gave me the once over as I did a twirl for him, then he came forward and slid his hand into my knickers to feel my freshly shaved cock. He squeezed it gently then told me to get on my knees and take down his trousers. It was time for my first real cock. I knelt down and slowly pulled his pants down, gently gripped his cock and stuck out my tongue. I licked the end and swirled round in a circle, he seemed to like that. Then I opened wide and slowly slid his shaft into my mouth, sucking and licking the head as it went in and massaging his cock with the other hand. It started to grow in my mouth which felt nice and he encouraged me to be a good cock sucking slut! After a while of sucking he got me back up and bent over. I pulled my ass cheeks apart so he could lube my tight little asshole and he started to play with it, running little circles round it then slowly sliding one finger inside. God that felt good. He fingered my little hole then got a vibrator, turned it on and slowly slid it in and out of my ass, teasing his new little slut.

He said he wanted to move to the bedroom and fuck me, I hadn't known how far i'd go the first time but was enjoying it so I tottered in with him close behind. He stripped naked and told me to get on all fours while he rolled on a condom. He grabbed my hips and I could feel his cock sliding up and down my ass and slowly pushing. I was very tight so asked for some more lube which he got and fingered me some more, putting two fingers into me and pulling my hole apart a little to stretch it. Then he gripped me again and slowly slid his cock into my ass. It was tight at first and took a while to get used to, but he slowly started to slide in and out and I started to push back onto his cock like a good slut should. My ass was in the air for him to use and he was encouraging me all the time, I think he liked his new girl! I was wimpering in pleasure and after what felt like ages he pulled out and told me to flip over, pulled off the condom and was close to coming. Cum on me baby I urged him and with one last stroke he shot his hot sticky cum onto my belly which i swirled with my fingers and rubbed down onto my smooth cock, rubbing it in while he watched.

We went back to the lounge to chill out and watch some nice porn, I was very hot after that! He has some great latex books which has given me some more ideas so I hope we can meet up again and continue to explore this new bi side of mine and try some more outfits too and hopefully more cocks!