Written by Both-up-4-fun

31 May 2009

He shows me into the living room, to the beautiful vision of his wife, dressed in a short black skirt, white blouse tight against her nakedness underneath and her long hair falling over her shoulders, she is sitting on the sofa, a glass of wine in her hands looking up over her glasses at me too see what I looked like. He sat on the chair opposite and picked up his glass of beer, as I sat next to her on the sofa and took the glass out of her hands and placed it on the occasional table next to me.

"Hello" I said, "My name is John and I am here to pleasure you, is that your wish?"

"Oh Yes" she responds with a huskiness to her voice.

"And you wish this to be done in front of your husband?" I query.

"He needs to see it", she replies.

With no more preamble I push forward and kiss her, softly but with an open mouth and true to her word, she kisses me back to show her eagerness, with her tongue and mouth pushing at mine so I put one hand behind her head and kissed her forcefully, crushing her lips with mine and pulling a groan from her as we sink into the cushions. My hands start to caress her body, her nipples stiff against the cotton material of her blouse, so enticing that I tweek and pull at them as my mouth wanders from her mouth down and around her neck before my tongue finds her ear and my hands pull at the material of the blouse, the buttons popping open and allowing me free access to her body. My tongue and mouth follow the curve of her neck and I suck at her nipples properly now, my teeth pulling them harder and my tongue flickering against them and she gasps to tell me that i'm doing the things she enjoys.

I continue my ministrations to her breasts, my hands and mouth pulling and sucking and biting at them and as I feel her push her lower body up in antisipation, I get up and place myself inbetween her thighs. opening her legs wide and noticing that she is naked beneath the skirt with a nicely shaved smooth pussy that looked as if she had been playing with herself she was so wet. I placed a finger at the top of her slit and rubbed it up and down getting it nice and wet, and then put it on her lips getting her to suck it in and lick her juices off of it before I dipped my head down and started to lick and nibble on her lips, pulling her towards my mouth with my hands on her arse and lifting her slightly off of the sofa.

I sucked and licked and delved my tongue into her cunt as deep as I could, her squirms and wriggling making it difficult to keep her where I wanted her, but as she shuddered to an orgasm I took the opportunity to push a couple of fingers deep into her and with fast frantic movements frigged her to another shuddering climax while my tongue and mouth were glued to her clit.

I let her calm down and took this time to take off my clothes and looked over at her hubby who was sitting with his trousers off and slowly wanking a decent sized cock, so I went over too him and took over the wanking movement for him which made his wifes eye brows arch but her never stopped me so I asked her if she minded. She replied "No, can he suck you while I watch" " After you have been sated he can help keep it up for you by sucking it clean of your juices" "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she eplied " I've never seen him do that, but I'd like too"

Gotta go , more to come