Written by Katy49

2 Apr 2010

Many years ago newly married and out with my wife for the day i had to make an urgent visit to the toilet.

After sitting own i noticed a hole in the wall and a lad in the other cubicle wanking.

He saw me looking and pushed is cock through the hole, i paniced and hurriedly left the toilets.

Over the years i thought about and became very curious.

plucking up the courage i bought some underwear and went out one evening to some toilets in stafford.

A couple of chaps went into the next door cubicle and started playing,they noticed me watching and indicated tha we should meet outside.

Once outside we went to the publics toilets at milford on going inside we fondled each other then while older guy went outside i went into a cubicle with the younger one.

There was no lighting on only the lights from outside, i then kissed another guy for the first time.

He pulled my trousers and knickers down sucked my cock for a while, it was fantastic.

After a while he dropped his pants put some lube on his bottom sat me down on the toilet then lowered himself onto my cock.(Yes bareback no condam this was before HIV)

All the while i was inside we were kissing then i could hold out no longer and amd inside of him, he lifted off gave my cock another suck then we both dressed.

I have had a couple of experiences since then but othing like that first one, i have often wondered what happened to him and if he is still in the area.

If he is and reads this and remembers the experience he might get in touch