Written by Joseph_Pat

22 Nov 2013

I posted some while ago, my girlfriend wanted me to fuck her while I wore her knickers. It was all a bit of a new experience for me as I had never given it much thought. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I hadn't realised the the sheer joy of soft knickers about my body. She obviously enjoyed the episode because she was anxious for me to dress up more and suggest I dress in her basque and stockings.

I didn't give it much thought until last weekend when she visited with a bag of her clothes.

I have to say, I was astonished.

She had a full dressing of her underclothes and wanted me to dress in them.

First impulse was, I couldn't but she said it would really turn her on.

OK, has a drink or two then she said, come on, I'm dying to dress you.

From this point on, I have to say pure joy ... there's me standing naked while she dressed me in her clothes.

Now, I'm not sure which one of us is Bi, but she explained she thought I was Bi and she was Bi curious so got excited from seeing me in her underwear,

I see many tales in here about men dressing in womens clothes but this episode blew me away.

I loved being in womens underwear while I had sex with my partner but thought half way through what if a man could see me now. It added so much to my excitement.

I would have loved a man to be there simply to watch if not participate.