Written by Nancy2

23 Mar 2009

This is about My Lucky Day, I was dressed in my black very tight mini skirt and dark blue top with a low cut neck which showed off my cleavage and to complement I had black Suspender belt & stockings & thongs & shiny black high heels.

I forgot to mention that I am a ts girly with verry slutty looks heightend by my make-up.

Anyway it was a lovely evening and I was walking on Highgate Woods near Bobbington when I came to a path running off to my right so I took it and came to a dead end, or so I thought, just as I turned I noticed a small path through the bushes and went through it and found myself in a small clearing with the birds singing, it was beautifull there, so I sat down on the grass.

I must have fallen asleep for when I woke there was a Man looking down at me but I noticed that he had a big hard on in his trousers.

He said hi! then said can I join you?, I agreed but I soon agreed to more that he said, as I was very excited and flushed.

He then started to remove some of my clothes and proceeded to then rub me across my Bra which started me itching so I asked him to remove it and he went on to remove all my clothes so I was naked and before I knew it so was he.

He then sucked one of my nipples whilst rubbing my other nipple then when I was so excited he said "this is where we join in union" I said "what" and then he got me to lift me legs high and he started to rub my arse all over, I started itching between my legs and he then pushed his tounge into my hole and I could not stop wriggling then he put his cock against my arsehole and started pushing into me, it was then that I realised how big he was.

As he pushed through my hole it hurt and stretched and he entered me and started fucking me harder I relaxed and he penetrated my fully, I itched so much I squeeled with pleasure, He said "do you like being baby fucked like a real girl loves", and I nodded so he went hammers at me untill he unloaded inside me.

After he dressed and said if he ever found me there again he would fuck me even harder as I am a girl for him to baby fuck till I am and then he left. I was still naked laying with my legs still up but I never had a chance to lower them because another man came on top of me and fucked me again and then told me that he loves it when a girl such as me has been fucked before him so he could add some more then he went.

I got dressed and left and drove home thinking that if there was ever a time that I enjoyed so much as that and I would do it again if the chance was offered.

Love Nancy2