Written by Motaro

5 Mar 2012

This a my first submission and is about my visits to a very well known TV in Northumberland

The first time I'd visited Linda we had started chatting on this site, to be honest after seeing her on cam playing with her toys I knew I had to have her. As we were chatting she invited me over, and told me she was expecting another 'girl' so we could all have some fun.

It took about an hour to drive to Linda's town and the journey was made slightly uncomfortable by my cock trying to escape from my boxers! I parked up and spoke to Linda, she gave me directions and was quickly nervously knocking on her door. She answered the door looking as smart and sexy as I'd seen on cam. She welcomed me in and got me a drink while I checked out her peachy arse. Following her upstairs was a kodak moment! I'm sure she added a little wiggle for my benefit.

Once upstairs I met with the other girl who was just getting ready, Linda was still on camera and announcing to the room she had a visitor. Someone in the room suggested Linda sucked my cock on cam, she crouched down, adjusted the camera to give the room a great side view of the cumslut in action, released my cock and started working those perfect lips around my tip and shaft. At this point the other girl was ready and she joined Linda on the floor.

The view of 2 girls using there mouths on my cock and balls was something out of a porn movie. They were both swapping between tip and shaft and my cock was rock hard and dripping in a mixture of precum and saliva. I knew I wasnt far from cumming and Linda sensed this and took the lead; legs spread, skirt riding high, great cleavage, one hand wanking my cock, lipsticked mouth open ready for cum, and eyes looking up into mine was all too much and I started to empty my balls. I completely forgot about the webcam as Linda caught the first jet in her mouth then clamped her lips around my shaft and milked my cock dry.

On my 2nd visit I was ready to go further and was determined to fuck Linda. After we had spoken online I had told her to stretch her pussy by inserting one of her toys and leaving it in until I had arrived. Like a good girl she obeyed and showed me the tip of the toy on cam before I left home.

Another erection filled journey and I was at her door. She welcomed me in and we went into the dining room while she got me a drink. I struggled to see the outline of they toy as she bent over so I told her to bend over the dining room table so I could check. Court shoes spread about 1 metre apart, black stockings, above the knee skirt riding up to show some stocking top all in the dining room with the blinds open. I lifted the skirt further and pulled her underwear to one side to see the tip of the plug. I unzipped my jeans and released my cock, with one hand I slowly removed the toy and then started to rub the tip of my cock over her pussy. The appreciative moans were all i needed to slide my cock into her pussy. With 1 push I was balls deep inside a slut over her dining room table.

I started slowly and built up a good rythmn, her pussy was very wet and was gripping my cock and wanting more. As I continued fucking the slut she spread her arms and grabbed onto the table and started encouraging me to fuck her harder. I grabbed her by the hips and gave her everything I had, I could feel my cum rising, I told Linda and she got even louder. This was all too much and with one push my balls were touching her and I was unloading inside the slut.

Like a good slut she straightened her underwear, outfit and hair then invited me upstairs to perform on cam........

Thanks Linda, next time I'm in the area hopefully we can arrange something.