18 Aug 2018

Like my first true story this is a bit long but sets the scene.

Following on from my fist story I was sorry that the guy did not want to meet again. It was either me or he just wanted a one off...I shall never know.

Like others either on here or the former Craigslist it takes me time to get to know someone. Emails, text that sort of thing, plus the fact the feelings come and go a bit.

Anyway, having had quite a bit of cam fun, phone wanks and the like I found another guy who seemed quite keen, had a bit more expereince that me and he seemed "normal". He was married and needed discretion , and we chatted, text etc for a while. Eventually we decided to meet, at a hotel in Gravesend. I would arrive first and sort out the room and he would arrive about 7 in the evening. Like me he enjoyed wearing lingerie but said he wanted to dress as a maid. I was ok with that and I got a few new items and with a beating heart I booked in late in the afternoon. Had time for a lovely shower, so all clean and tidy, and changed into a suspender belt, black lacy stocking with seams, and a very nice pair of tight blue knickers. I kept my Tartan skirt to one side should I want to wear it. I put my suit back on and ventured into the lounge / bar / restaurant area and had a snack. Felt amazingly sexy sitting there. I am sure that I wiggled a bit to get a second drink!

Back to the room and I waited, feeling anxious, a touch nervous but wanting the meet. He called to say he was on his way and 15 minutes later he arrived. I said I would have the door off the latch so he could just walk straight in as opposed to knock, it would seem he was going to his room if anyone else was in the corridor.

Not knowing what to expect he was excatly as he had described. About 5" 9" quite slim, greying hair, brown eyes and well, looked ok.

After a few awkaward minutes we had the inevitable cup of tea and he said he would shower and get changed. That was fine by me and I would also be in my undies when he came out. I dimmed the lights and sat on the sof watching the television when the door opened and wow what a sight. Typical French maid outfit, short showing thighs and stocking tops, and he had a wig on which covered his face somewhat. The outfit was complete with a feather duster. In the darkened room, you would think he was a woman. He looked quite amazing, and I felt that I looked a bit silly in comparison.

He had already said that he wanted to act a bit like a maid and he wandered around dusting on tiptoes, exposing lovely black knickers that hugged his bum , and showed a nice expanse of soft thigh. I was hard already and he asked me to put my short tartan skirt on which I did but does nothing to hide my underwear.

Above the sofa was a small shelf and he reached up to dust it and his dress rose up giving me a full frontal view of his suspender belt, stocking and well fitting knickers and I was memserised. I put a hand out and tocuhed the tops of his stocking and he sighed slightly, and went up on tiptoes. I ran my hand over his soft thighs whilst the other ran up and down the belts on his suspender. My God, I was so horny. He moved away and told me to stand up and walk about, which I did and we walked towards each other and we just kind of hugged. It sort of happened. really. My hands were over his back running up and down and quite naturally seemd to slip under the dress and I felt the warm soft flesh of his bum cheeks encased in his lovely knickers. His hands were doingt the same to me and we stayed like that feeling and touching for a few minutes and found myself on the bed with him, our bodies intertwined and kissing each others neck and arms. I started to remove his outfit and he got up and stood by the bend and I sat on the edge as he dropped the straps of his shoulders and the maids uniform dropped away leaving him standing there in lingerie and a small bralet. His cock was quite hard at this stage and I just sat looking at it. Moments later I was on my feet behind him and pulled him into my body, his warm bum up against my cock and my hands running over his chest, further down, down until I felt his knickers and gently ran my hand over them. I felt his cock. It has harder now and was poking hard at the fabric and my hand ran up and down its length. I used both hands an cupped his balls whilst holding his now throbbing cock. His hands were behind him carressing me and it was great. He pushed against my cock and I pushed back and we bumped and grind for a while before i took him to the bed and sat down. Kissing his lower back I nibbled at his knickers and kissed his bum cheeks and licked them. I used my hands to turn him round and he moved slowly. I continued to lick and kiss as he moved sideways and his cock came into view, complete with wet patch of pre cum. I could see its outline just inches from my face and kept kissing and using my tongue until I touched it. I stopped for a moment and looked up to see his eyes closed and it seemed so natural to flick my tongue up and down his shaft, moving closer to lick his balls and back up again. I did this for a minute or two and then kissed the head of his engorged cock. I put my hands inside and lifted it out and it was glistening slightly with a droplet of pre cum. Without hesitating I took his cock between my lips and felt him enetr my mouth. He kepy saying fuck yes, fuck yes, as it slipped in and out of my mouth with my lips making close contact and what I thought was the right suction. I seemed to be doing something right as he held my head with one hand and started to give me a face fuck. God it felt great. I pulled his knickers down and I placed both hands on his bum and pulled him towards me, cock going ever deeper. I got my own cock out and sat on the edge of the bed sucking a guy with us both wearing knickers etc. A few minutes later he got on the bed laid me down and teased me with his lips as he circled ever close to my own cock. Slowly he took it in his mouth and began wanking and sucking it gently, his hands on my balls and exploring my buttocks. I loved it. Something about hands running over buttocks that drives me crazy. We were soon in a 69 position, him on top, me below. I could see his balls swining away so i kissed licked and put them in my mouth and he did the same. My knickers were alo off and we spent quite some time, sucking each other, both together or one at a time.

He asked if anyone had come in my mouth and I said no and he said he would like to and was it okay. Yes I said if I can cum over your bum. He nodded stood up and I again sat on the edge of the bed, taking his cock as he wanked it a bit. I tongued the tipo and then placed my now very wet lips just in the underside, which was sensitive and stimulating for him. I kept them there as he moved it slightly and said he was coming. He was wanking away with his cock just on the edge of my lips when he stiffened, I put my lips around the tip and a flow of hot liquid spurted from the end into my mouth. Then another and another. I swallowed as a reflex and then a final squirt or two. I took it out of my mouth and gently kissed his balls. After a few seconds he asked me to put it back in my mouth and suck out the rest of his spunk, as he put it. I did and enjoyed every drop.

I was almost on the verge of cumming myself when he shot his load and it was obvious that I was not going to last long. He got onto the bed on all fours and I wanked standing behind him. He moved back until our bodies touched, my cock against his bum. He moved up and down and I did the same and slid it between his legs, then back again, getting him all went. My cock was moving between his bum cheecks, over his sexy bum. He laid flat and i got on top of him and humped away until I came. Not inside him but all over his buttocks between his legs. Wow, I said that was amazing.

Much to my surprise he said that he wanted to do the same to me so I bent over the bed but he moved me to the edge and rubbed his cock with purpose over my cheeks until he was rubbing it against my virgin hole. He pushed once or twice and I could not believe that I spread my legs slightly apart, or further apart and his cock was pushing hard against me....and I was pushing back.

I told him i wnated to be a slut and we talked really dirty to each other, him calling me a cock whore and slut and me saying I wanted to be his bitch and fuck toy. Suddently he came again and right up against my boy pussy. He kept pushing whilst cumming and i could feel him there. Being ultra sensitive all around there my head was swimming with desire. I think if he had pushed it in me i would have let him fuck me, and fuck me hard.

As it was he fell to one side and we laid spent for a few minutes and then he got up and silenty and had a shower and got changed. I cleaned up a bit and waited for him to come out,which he did after about 15 minutes, bag in hand, dressed as normal. We said good bye and he went.

I guess like me, once the climax had arrived and the heady aroma of sex, horniess and lust had passed with cumming the feelings of wanting cock quickly subside again.

I showered left and drove home. Telling my wife I had to leave early I arrived back at the hotel, walked through the back door and down to reception to check out.

Done. My first cock in mouth and cum expereince. I have not met him since so still looking for that elusive chap who wants a longer term affair really. You can either wear knickers or not and to be honest I am not looking for much in return. I am looking to satusfy a guy on a regular basis. Car fun would be good, as would an outdoor meet, but all under very safe circumstances.

One fine day maybe, one fine day.