Written by Nylon_pylon

3 Sep 2009

It has been almost 2 years since my last crossdressing episode, I\\\'m 48 now still sexy when dressed but not sure have long I can keep it all a secret. As I have said before I am no TV just a kinky guy who likes the sexy outfits without the wigs or make up. Tony was the first and only guy I ever invited to my home, I was due to move so for once took the risky of inviting a stranger. As with all my previous encounters I met him through a chatline. He was happy that I wasnt a full or very fem tv as he had a passion for muscular legs in nylon, I dont care how you dress it up its still a guy in a dress.

We had several very hot phone wanks over the weeks and Tony always seemed so nice and polite and he often emailed me asking for pictures which I never took, I\\\'m just a normal guy that dresses up and didnt want pics of me floating around the internet.

After a good session on the phone, I told him I looked better in the flesh than on a photo, not sure how it happened but for the first time ever I arranged a meet in my own home, a little secluded back to back in Beeston, Tony must have been keen as he travelled a long way to meet me in Leeds, mind you he did have a business meeting in Sheffield later that day so I suppose he killed 2 birds with one stone.

He parked in a local supermarket car park one I could watch from my bedroom window and give him directions when he arrived. As usual Tony looked 10 years older than he claimed and the red BMW was a rust bucket, but what the hell.

He was to knock on my door and enter, I chose black sheer tights no panties as I adore the feel of nylon on my bare arse and cock, very high patent heels, lycra mini skirt, black lace top and sexy leather jacket. In all honestly it was to be a meet to view me, maybe the odd kiss and fumble but thats all, I was taking a risk in my own home.

When Tony entered I was stood in the middle of my living room trying to look sexy, the tight skirt clinging to my muscular bum and thighs, legs stiff to show off the muscles. He was a few inches shorter than me due to the high heels, and he seemed pleased at my appearance, he walked towards me and we both smiled in greeting,he kissed me full on the lips, not everyone is into kissing but I love it. I was more surprised at his passion , he practically pushed his tongue down my throat and gripped both my buttocks in a vice like grip, it was the start of the most comical sexual experience I have had. I pulled free and told him this was just a coffee meet for him to view me. I quickly went to the kitchen to make a drink, to my horror when I returned Tony was totally naked in my room, the front door unlocked.

I was about to protest when he fell to his knees arms around my waist hugging me tightly from behind his head resting on my bum. Please he said let me feel your powerful legs. Now I am a sucker for anyone feeling my legs and enjoyed his wandering hands all over my bum and thighs. From behind he slipped a hand between my legs up my balls and stroked my now growing shaft, pulling the waistband of the tights down to just under my balls. Tony gently nibbled my buttocks and asked if I could wrestle.

I came out of my dreamy state thinking did I hear him right. When he painfully bit my buttocks like a savage dog. I could not free myself as he was behind me arms tightly around my waste. Any hopes I had of the neighbours not hearing through the paper thin walls went up in smoke as we some how crashed to the floor.

For a second I escaped him but found it impossible to get to my feet in six inch high heels and a very slippy laminate floor. I tried to crawl across the room on all fours with him still clinging to me, Tony somehow worked his way under me so we were now in a sort of 69 position. He reached up between my legs and pulled my cock backwards and raised his head to wrap his lips around it. It felt so good I stopped fighting and eased my knees apart so I lowered my self onto his mouth. Tony\\\'s own cock had grown before my face and eagerly went down onto it with my own mouth.

It was plain crazy had anyone walk through the door they would have seen me face down on his cock, my nylon arse gently mouth fucking him, whilst I moaned in my slutty little outfit. Then he completely changed again, slapping my buttocks with his palms and making very loud grunting noises.

That was enough for me, this guy is nuts I thought and tried to break free, this only encouraged him more as he kept trying to make me get him in some kind of head lock between my thighs. As I crawled away he mounted me like a horse and spanked my arse so loud the customers in the supermarket across the way must have heard.

I managed to flip over onto my back when he grabbed my feet and lifted them high, I thought he was going to get me in some wrestling hold when he unfastened my heels and pushed my feet together. He placed his cock between the nylon soles and fucked my feet after a few minutes he asked me to turn over quickly as he wanted to cum on my arse, never have I agreed so eagerly just to get rid of a guy. He dumped his load all over my buttocks. He dressed in silence not even bothering to clean himself, just left me on all fours covered in cum. I asked him to pass me some kitchen roll which he didnt seenm to hear or chose to ignore and simply walked out the door not caring who could see into my room.

I\\\'m not sure whether to put that down to experience or if it was a lucky escape, or indeed if it was one of the strangest moments ever. I certainly look back and laugh at it now, but avoid home meets