Written by legsinylons

13 Jun 2008


This is true.

I am a mature Tv who lives alone in a small but cosy cottage. Although it is idillic, I do not have anywhere to dry my washing. I bought a small clothes drier which I place outside ( weather permitting ). This particular day the weather was sunny and warm. That morning I had washed 3 pairs of my very best nylon stockings, one black, one coffee and one grey colour. I had placed and pegged them on the airer outside my front door together with 2 pairs of french knickers, both black and lacy. A tight pencil skirt and black stretchy girdle. It was a Saturday morning about 11:00 o\'clock when I heard a car pulling into the long driveway. Before I had a chance to get the airer in a man dressed in a suit and tie was at my door. I quickly went upstairs and watched him out of the window, through the net curtains. He rung the bell twice. I did not answer it but continued to watch him in secret. He was looking at my underwear all the time, and when I did not answer the door bell, he looked around and slowly touched one stocking. He held it up and took it off the airer. All the time looking around to see if anyone was looking. I was but he did not know that. He raised the nylon stocking to his face and rubbed it over his mouth. I immediately became hard watching this. I quickly stripped and changed into a short summer dress with tanned nylons and high heels. A pair of medium size french knickers and placed my blonde wig on my head. Quickly sliding into a pair of high heels I went down stairs. I could see him through the glass of the front door but was careful not to let him see me........ YET.

He was very clearly wanking off over my stocking, I could tell he had removed his cock from his trousers and was rubbing MY nylon stocking over his erection on my doorstep. I was so very excited at this but wanted more.

I slowly went over to the window which looked out onto the door and porch. Luckily I had drawn the curtains that morning so as I walked across his line of vision he saw a glimpse of me, enough for him to drop the stocking in his hand.

I stood with my back to the window, my breathing was very low and fast. I just knew he was watching me, you can tell. I wanted to turn and look at him but that would have \'blown it\'. So I remained with my back to him but turned a little, then raised the hem of my dress and adjusted my suspender clip to my stocking top. Giving him a near perfect view. I couldn\'t resist and quickly glansed out of the corner of my eye to see him, with my nylon stocking pressed firmly up against his face in the final stages of an orgasm. I stayed with hem raised and hand on stocking top as he came. I left very quickly afterwards but not before he wiped his cum covered cock all over my clean nylon stocking!!

x x x Shy Housewife x