Written by fuckpuppettv

31 May 2010

I’ve been a tranny slut for a long time, and have had sex with lots of guys in lots of places. Now I’m mostly into gangbanging, dogging and zipless fucks with strangers that my bf gets me to do in semi public places like toilets and one hotel lift.

What happened last week was a step beyond. We were playing in a porn cinema, just sucking off a few guys in the seats, one quickie fuck in the ladies’, when my bf showed me a crowd of five or six guys sort of hanging around the men’s toilet. While I was busy getting this sweet young Asian guy off, he had formed the crowd. They had been peeking in the door of the ladies and were playing with their cocks and laughing.

My bf kissed me (I still had spunk on my chin) and just sort of lowered me on my back onto the damp tile floor of the men’s toilet. I was a bit worried about my frock, but just gave over. The floor was pretty gross with little puddles and sticky smears of semen. He and all of the guys were standing over me jerking their cocks and he was encouraging them to talk about me. He told me to pull my dress up so that they could see my pink pants and my embarrassing hard on. He was calling me ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’ like he does when we role play. He played with my cock with his toe and some of the guys started to cum. I closed my eyes, because spunk was flying everywhere and it burns your eyes.

Usually my bf and I go somewhere and have sex privately after a session, but I could see he was in a wild mood. One guy asked if he could piss on me and my bf said yes. The guy pissed on my legs and all over my cock and then started spraying my top and finally my face. I kept my mouth and eyes shut, but them my bf told me to open my mouth. I did—just a little-- and the guy’s pee went straight in. It didn’t taste very strong but I didn’t swallow. Another guy tried to piss but couldn’t get started.

Everyone was quiet, but I could hear my bf making the sounds he makes when he’s about to cum. He told me to masturbate while they all watched. It was a kind of delicious feeling of complete humiliation, but I did and they all watched. One guy scooped some of my spunk off my belly and rubbed it into my face.

I saw that my bf had cum too. He wiped me down, buttoned me up in my mac and we left without a word. I went into the loo of a pub quickly and cleaned up as best I could. When I came out, he asked if I was OK, sounding a bit guilty. I gave him a kiss and we went home. Later we talked about it for hours and both came, really hard.

Now I just want to do it again. And again.

Maybe I'll swallow next time..?