Written by Slut Sharon

19 Dec 2008

For years now I've been cross dressing in secret, however now that has all changed. A female friend of mine has changed everything, she is just a work colleague who I see from time to time socially, we've never had sex or anything like that it's just a platonic relationship.

A couple of months ago I was around her house having a drink and a chat when on the television there was a programme about transvestites and cross dressers. She was fascinated by it which made me feel uncomfortable which she seemed to pick up on immediately. She then questioned me asking if I had ever cross dressed which to start with I denied. We she pressed me further I eventually confessed that I had and that I'd been doing it for years. Now Lorna is quite a domineering woman and said she wanted to help me in my private pastime and to be her bitch slut. How could I say no, this is what I've always wanted, but I did ask her not to tell anyone at work or who new us, which she agreed to "it would be our little secret" she said.

Being a similar size to Lorna we immediately went upstairs so she could transform me into the girlie that I'd always desired to be. I couldn't wait. She told me to strip which I did whilst she found me a lovely matching bra and panties set. When she turned around I was standing there naked covering my tiny cock. She "barked out" in a domineering voice "put your bloody hands behind your back", which made me jump but I dutifully obliged and bowed my head. "I want to inspect my slave first" she said. "Hmmmm very nice I'm impressed" she commented. This was because I was smooth and shaved all over and I had tiny little boobs that had developed through creams and a breast pump. However, my tiny cock was now getting erect so she gave it a couple of sharp slaps and said "we'll have not of that".

I put on the bra and panties and then a silk robe which she had also handed me. The next 30 minutes or so was taken up with her making me up and finished me off with a shoulder length brunette wig. I must confess when she had finished and I looked in the mirror I hardly recognised myself.

She then laid a white blouse, black skirt, tan holdups and stiletto shoes out for me and told me come down stairs when I had finished. I quickly changed and looked in the mirror and must say it's the best I've ever looked. When I walked into the lounge Lorna was sat with a glass of wine. She looked me up and down and shouted "get over here slut and on your knees in front of me, you're my mine to command now". This I did and again submissively bowed my head in front of her. "From now on I will be in total control of you and you will be at my beck and call is that clear?" Yes madam I replied. With that she put me across her knee pulled my skirt up and my panties down and spanked my bottom until it was red and stinging.

The rest of the night she explained my duties and what would be expected of me and she was going to turn me into a purely submissive slut that I'd always wanted to be and eventually she would introduce me to some more of her other man acquaintances who were gay and bi. I was to going to be their slut also, but before this my first duty was to my new Madame who would totally control me in everything I did.

To be totally honest I couldn't wait to fulfil me new role. I'll keep you posted with the forthcoming events.