Written by Slut Sharon

23 Dec 2008

The entire previous goings on happened a couple of months ago, and as far as the day to day routine of looking after Lorna and Steve that was pretty much it. Lorna was now always nice to me treating my like her little sister, whereas Steve would always treat me bad with the occasional slap here and kick there. Also by now the hormones were starting to do their thing. My breast tingling, my nipples were tender to the touch, I had less facial hair and my skin was feeling softer.

Last Saturday I was at Lorna's in my normal Saturday day clothes of skirt, blouse, bra, panties, tan tights and heels when Steve came in and said "get your maids outfit, I've got a job for you". What put it on you mean I said. "No you fucking halfwit" he barked, get your cleaning clothes, and put them in a bag then get your coat and handbag we're going out. Where are you going? asked Lorna. I've got her a cleaning job at old Bert’s 3 streets away. Lorna looked at me and said off you go sweetie, do as you're told, you don't want to be punished. I was in a panic it was daytime and they wanted me to go outside dressed. I quickly got me stuff and Steve pushed me into his car and drove me the short distance to Bert's house.

When we pulled up outside it was a scruffy old house with dirty windows and overgrown garden. However that was the least of my worries there were people in the street with shopping bags and blokes cleaning cars. Come on Steve said, grabbed my hand and marched me up the drive to the door. I'd never felt so self conscious I could tell everyone was looking at me and smirking.

Bert opened the door and let us in. He was about 68 unshaven, scruffy and smelt of stale tobacco and urine. Well Bert will it do? Steve said. Bert looked me up and down and said yes it looks fine to me. They kept calling me it. Off you go said Steve go to one of the rooms upstairs and get changed into your maids outfit Bert wants his house cleaning. I quickly ran up the stairs, got changed and came back down. They were still in the hallway chatting when I stood there with my head bowed ready for my orders. Okay Bert send it home when you've finished with it. With that Bert handed Steve a £20 note which was for my services. Again my mind was racing, what was expected of me? How was I getting home? Steve just walked out and left me to my fate.

"Get in that fucking lounge", Bert shouted at me, "I want to have a good look at you". I stood there while Bert looked me up and down. My my he said stroking my stocking clad legs, aren’t you something. You'll find all the cleaning stuff under the sink in the kitchen. I found them and started dusting in the lounge. The whole house was filthy just like its owner.

I'd only been cleaning for about 20 minutes when he stopped me. That's enough of that, I here you're a submissive slut now bend over the arm of that chair. With that he took off his leather belt, pulled down my knickers and belted my backside about 15 times. I yelped with pain as it brought tears to my eyes. He pushed me down in front of him and offered me his cock to my mouth. It absolutely stunk; I don't think he'd washed it in ages. He held my head and fucked my mouth, I thought he was going to cum there and then, but he pulled out turned me over pulled my butt plug out and replaced it with his own smelly cock. No lubrication just straight in, I was in agony not only from the dry fucking I was receiving but he kept also slapping my stinging bottom. "Shut the fuck up you whore" he said "I've paid good money for this". With that he fucked me for about 5 minutes before cuming what seemed like buckets up me.

He pulled out and punched me in the stomach, "now fucking clean my cock you whore", I obviously did as I was told. "I've finished with you now, you can go and get changed". When I came back down after cleaning myself up and re-applying my makeup,he was in my handbag and took out £20. I'm taking this back as you weren't any fucking good. He threw me my coat and handbag and pushed me outside onto the street. I had to walk all the way back to Lorna's house past lots of people who stared at me, I'd never been so embarrassed. When I got to Lorna's and told her and Steve what had happened, Steve just laughed and said you deserve it all you dirty little slag whereas Lorna cuddled me in her arms saying "there there". They were like good cop, bad cop.

I'm being aloud to got home to my family for a couple of days at Christmas but I've got to be back for Lorna and Steve on the 29th. They've told me that they're having a New Year's Eve party and I'll be serving drinks and looking after their guests, I'll let you know what happens in the New Year.