Written by Brabrook

29 Aug 2011

I'd describe myself as a fairly ordinary guy in pretty much everything, sex deprivation and my ordinaryness have led me into bi-sexuality at an older age. I'm slimish but have a bit of a pot but like to be smooth and hairless I've always been a bit disapointed that I'm not female as they appear to have more fun if they're that way inclined. I've always liked to dress in female clothes, stockings and underwear especially. This week I treated myself to a pair of killer stiletto heels that fit, a PVC mini skirt,a fishnet all-in- one body stocking, some black thongs and false nails, plus a latex female mask plus a wig

I digress,taking the opportunity of a few spare hours I was off to the local gay sauna in search of cock, I've grown to love cock over the last few years harder and bigger the better I love to suck cock. lick balls rim and be to duly rewarded for my efforts with a really good fucking.

I wanted to try on my new purchases so I locked myself in one of the private rooms on the third floor, I hasten to add I've never done this before,so I got myself done up up, body stocking, high heels,nails, & wig ( the face mask didn't quite work as i couldn't see out of it, but hey ho!) probably looked a right sight but i felt really horny standing up in my heels and feeling my self through the finery

I opened the door just about 6 inches and stood with my back to it, the sauna wasn't very busy but a couple of guys looked in, and ran a mile but then I felt the door open and a hand caressed my botton whilst the other hand gently fingered my erect nipple through the fishnet and with no word spoken I felt a hard cock press into my upper thigh nudging its way towards my hole. he was a youngish man he pushed me over onto the bed and ripped my panties down and exposed my arse. It was a large hard cock it slid into my well lubed arse-pussy easily. it was exquisite he pumped me hard and energetically for few minutes and when he lost mometum I began to fuck him by gyrating my hips, he groaned he sighed, he kept going building up another head of steam as he fucked me deliciously harder and harder until I slowed it down, just teasing the tip of his prick with my arse until in one huge groan he thrust his full length up me and came. Again without a word he removed his condom and left the room closing the door. Wow that was good! and then within seconds the door opened and an older guy came in with a huge erect cock about eight or nine inches and thick! "you want cock?", "please" I mumbled although i hadn't fully recovered my breath from the previous encounter, he turned me round and buried his huge cock deep in my sloppy receptive bum hole and fucked me over and over again, withdrawing occasionally to regain his breath and then thrust again the full length I was loving it, encouraging him "come on big boy" fuck me big boy",I love cock, don't stop!".Then he did after about ten mintes with an explosion he gasped, muttered his thanks and left.

"Oh no, thank you, big boy" I said.

As I recovered from the sublime twin assault, it was quiet enough for me to totter on my heels to the nearest loo to tidy myself up, I hadn't realised big boy hadn't worn a condom and my bum was leaking cum deliciously down the insides of my thigh as I walked along I felt a right slut.