Written by Soggy Panties

4 Aug 2010

I'd been swapping emails with a chap for a week or two, but neither of us could accommodate. However, the other day I had the house unexpectedly to myself. He was free so he came round.

He'd said he wanted me to wear some undies so I bought some new nearly black nylons and wore a black suspender belt with some pink lacy panties. I wore a lacy bra and a sort of purply coloured slip.

He was quite nice looking, clean shaven with close cropped hair.

He came in and we sat together on the sofa. We stroked each others legs and crotch.

After a little while I got up and took off my trousers and T shirt to reveal my undies. I stood in front of him and he started to lick and kiss my cock through my panties. This made them very wet and soggy.

Then he got up and took his clothes off apart from a pair of white lacy panties. I stroked his cock through his panties. We kissed and he kissed very well, nice and soft. He started to play with my nipples which is a real turn on.

Then he dropped to his kness and took out my now hard cock. He put it in his mouth and started sucking. He was very good, again, nice and soft, just the right amount of suck!

Then I sat on the sofa and he knelt between my legs and sucked me long and slow. I could just reach his cock but he wasn't that bothered if I played with it or not. At one point, he moved up to kiss me and I could feel his cock against my bum. MMmmmm! I would have loved him to have fucked me then but his cock wasn't really hard enough.

So he carried on sucking me. At the same time he was able to reach up and give my nipples a jolly good squeeze. This really got me going and I said, 'I think I'm going to come soon. Where do you want it? He said he didn't mind but that he'd really like it on his cock down the inside of his panties.

After just a few seconds more, I felt myself coming. So I pointed my cock and came all over his cock inside his panties. I hadn't come for a few days so there was loads of it. It made his panties very wet and soggy. He rubbed it in so that it was all sopping round his balls. Then he got dressed and went. I bet he had a good wank when he got home!