Written by natathome1975

31 May 2011

Here is what happens when you turn up out of the blue and no one is expecting you, Well I was in the area of my daughter and son in law when i took it upon myself to visit them as they had been to visit us at the previous weekend I knew my daughter was working and it was my son in laws day off work.

On entering the road where they lived I saw his car on the drive but there was another there also which I did not recognise but as he has friends and I dont know them all i figured it was probally one of them, so a bit off piss taking was going to take place as he acts like not the sharpest knife in anyones drawer.

The front door was unlocked and with a gentle knock I entered as i normally do but on entering there was a pile of clothes on the couch and grunting noises coming from the kitchen, my first thought was he was playing away but I ventured on as quite as i could and there leaning against the kitchen sink with his hands on it and outstreatched arms was my son in law and a lingerie dressed friend giving it to him up the rear end but the lingerie dressed friend was in fact a lingerie friend of mine also and he turned slightly to face me and wink but I held my fingers to my lips and ushered a hush, he turned back to the matter in hand and that was to ride the backside of him and show no mercy and judging by the grunts from them both it was hard to tell who was giving or recieving it the most or extracting the greatest amount of pleasure.

I stood there for another few moments taking in the scene and wishing I could run my hands over his lovely stocking clad legs and feel the satin chemise he was wearing but my son in laws naked body done nothing for me at all.

I left after that short while and made my exit but I texted my friend who was doing the banging away and wearing the lingerie as I did not recognise his car, but if I had would I have gone in or just left, nope you are right I would have still done exactly as I had done but been a little discreet had the been on that couch taling, anyway my friend text back later to say his car was in having an mot done just around the corner and had arranged the meet in a chat room earlier the week before, and he was now asking if i was another lingerie friend to my son in law or just a friend.

nat xx