Written by slutlover777

14 May 2012

Always enjoy reading the stories on SH - years ago I wrote about my exploits at a well known club in London where I've had some of the best sex of my life at 2 in the morning where TV and TS go.

Its definitely not the most salubrious of clubs - some would say its a dive - but for full on debauchery, Limehouse is a gr8 place to go for something different. You get all sorts in there men, women, gay, straight and some who love to experiment.

I work abroad now but try and get there occasionally with or without the missus, who's also had fun in there on her knees in the back room - but that, as they say, is another story.

Was there a few weeks ago when it was a bit boring until a South American walked in - I've been with her before years ago - she's a regular so she must have had some dose of cock since I last got my hands on her.

I think she's from Colombia and my Spanish is terrible but she recognised me and we had a little chat, bought her a drink, she had a fag outside in the alleyway, while I enjoyed a quick feel of her legs to see if she had her usual stay up stockings on - yes she had and I knew we were going to get sticky soon.

She grabbed me by the hand and went through to see who was in the back room - a couple of her friends lolling on the bed waiting for action.

So we opened the little door to a cubby hole type room and locked the door.

We couldn't keep her hands off each other, snogging our faces off, inhaling her perfume, she feeling my leather trousers and what was growing inside.

Me falling to my knees to feel her nylon legs and see her stilletos, then peeling up her tight skirt over her taut ass to see if the bulge was as impressive as I remembered.

Out came her bottle of poppers - she loves them and handed them to me...I hit a high as she gobbled my cock.

This was not going to take long - I bent her over and stuck my face in her gorgeous squeaky clean ass...was calling her "puta" and she was moaning as I rimmed her - then turned her round and got her cock down my throat.

After years of pussy eating, I am now discovering the joys of sucking a meaty cock.

She said she wanted fucking so I scrambled out of my clothes while she leant back on a chaise longe chair and got lube out of her bag.

Another big hit of popper and we we both wanted it - lovely, raunchy and lustful - quickly on with condom and in to the hilt.

She loves getting fucked and I get off on knowing how many men she's been with since me the last time.

Looking into her eyes, smiling at each other - lovely sex and just different to a woman.Not better or worse, just a different dynamic if u let yr head get round it.

Ready to pop big time so spun her around, another hit of amyl for both of us - both on the boil now.

"Mi amor" she kept saying while I reached round to stroke her impressive cock.

Wanking her hard, she came all over the cement floor as I exploded in my condom deep in her - fabulous.

Just in time as one of her friends knocked on the door - she wanted in with a guy she had picked up.

So got dressed, peck on the cheek, told her I hope she gets lots more cock that night (and she would).

And off to the bar for a cool down beer - which by this time was busy and more TS had arrived, a couple looking sensational - dark and sultry South Americans are something else.