Written by Don

11 Mar 2013

I first went to Sweet Wednesday in the summer of 2010. I was quite nervous as I had read so much about it and was desperate to go. It was a hot bright day and it took a minute to adjust myself to the surroundings when I entered. The smell as I walked in was quite strong but I soon got used to it. I bought a drink and had a look around. The cubicle area was an eye opener as I walked around and I got quite aroused looking at some of the goings on. There seemed to be plenty of business men or men in suits at least. In the side room with the big orange leather bed type thing there was a guy being sucked off quite greadily by a dirty slut. Across from them another girl was kissing and groping an older man who she proceeded to suck off. I walked around some more, there was quite a scrum at one cubicle and a lot of noise I could just about see a girl bent over being fucked by another girl. A guy slid in front of her and she sucked him off. For the next few minutes a few guys got hand or blow jobs from the two girls. I was really horny now and went to the toilet for a piss. When I came back I walked around some more when I noticed a nice blonde girl dressed as a school girl following me. We smiled at each other and we sat down across from the harness on one of the couches. I stroked her leg saying I liked her hold ups and skirt. She wasn’t really interested in small talk and asked if I wanted to go to a cubicle. I was shocked but excited at her brazenness and agreed. We walked in and she drew the curtain before I knew it she had her tongue down my throat. I don’t know what I had expected to do or not do but I didn’t think I’d kiss a girl as I’d never been with one. I lost all inhibitions and we were really going for it and started groping each other up. She had flimsy panties on and her cock was quite hard and it was the first time I’d stroked one apart from my own of course. I then surprised myself by grabbing her and spinning her around against the wall. I lifted her skirt and started to grope her arse. I said she was a dirty girl for teasing me like this. She loved this and said yes sir. I don’t know where my dome steak came from but I told her she must be punished and that she would have to get the rod. Again she loved this and agreed. She turned around and unzipped my fly and took my cock out. She bent down and gave me what can only be described as a magnificent blow job. She really took it deep down her throat and stroked by balls as she sucked me off. This carried on for a minute or two when she stood up and asked me if I wanted to suck her. I eagerly agreed and she took a condom and lube out of her bag. She gave me the condom which I rolled on and she applied some lube wiping her fingers on a wet wipe. She asked me if I had fucked a t-girl I said no so she said to take it easy and let her lead. She put a leg on the little plastic footstool and told me to get behind her where she took my cock and positioned it at her bum. She told me to enter her slowly which took a few goes with me eventually putting my right foot into the glory hole allowing me to get a good position. It felt tight but not dramatically so but different to a pussy. She let out a light moan and told me to just hold it inside her. I did this for about 30 seconds when she said to start fucking her slowly. It was a bit awkward with nothing to grab onto but I got a decent rhythm going and managed to get a hand round to stroke her. We did this for a couple of minutes her moaning and enjoying it. She then told me to stop and said just let her feel me inside her again. I did this and she was really pushing back into me grinding into me. I had stopped stroking her by this stage and she said she wanted to suck me off so she told me to hold still and backed off me. I got a good look at her hole closing up which was quite a horny thing. I took the condom off and she got on her knees again and said am I a dirty girl. I told her she was and she said keep saying it then slipped my cock down her throat. We were looking at each other as I kept saying it and seconds later I had an intense orgasm firing a load of spunk down her throat which she swallowed without flinching. I was breathless for a few seconds and she kept my cock in her mouth with me eventually laying back against the cubicle wall. She stood up and said that was great for a first timer. I thanked her giving her a kiss and having another feel of her cock which was not fully hard but not soft either. She said she was saving her cum for later and that she’d love to see me again. I recovered myself and had a good grope of her bum as we left the cubicle. I thanked her again and we went our separate ways me leaving the club shortly afterwards. What an introduction to Sweet Wednesday!!!!