Written by Bungle1961

5 Mar 2010

I start this story with some facts about me and what has been happening over the past few months.

Firstly you need to know i have been a straight male for 45 years and only in the last 3 years have i found i have a bi side.

It came as a surprise to me and was something i was unsure of at the start, but now i have taken it on board and feel much better and i must say i am totally enjoying it now.

I am a single male in my late 40's and live alone, so for years since i joined this site i have always had plenty of fun, and with my new found othere half it ment things have chanced quiet a lot.

anyway, i have had some meeting with guys and found they are not what i am looking for, so moved onto the tv/cd area and have met some great people, which has meant getting myself into some strange situations.

the strangest so far being tied up in a flat in north london, dressed in the biggest pair of granny knickers i have ever seen, and being groped by the most manly tv you will ever find.

she was nice kind and very gentle and someone i will never forget.

so the adventure continues