Written by Bungle1961

6 Mar 2010

I had made contact with a few Tv and Cd friends after a while

and it was becoming clear that i like being the sub person more

than the dome one.

So with the pushing for one friend iwe arranged for a Dom male

to come round one day to her/His flat and we both see just how

far i was willing to take things.

My friend suggested i try wearing some stockings and panties

for the occasion asit would please the dom male, who had been

round before and had fun with my friend.

I tried some on and to my surprise found it rather sexy, so when

the male arrived he found one fully dressed tv and me in stockings

and panties.

after my friend had told him i was a willing partner and our safe

word to call a halt to things, i was tld to get on my knees and

suck the guys now very large cock.

This I did and even though i had done this before it was something

i was not good at so i found myself in trouble from the off.

my TV friend was ordered to spank me and without any more pushing

to my surprise a sharp slap came across my arse cheeks.

anyway that soon sorted me out and i made sure i did not bite

him in any way again.

we played together most of teh afternoon with me being the play

thing for them both, i only gave oral on that meeting and never

swallowed at all, something i have said i will never do.

my dominator is returning soon and has stated he wants my arse

something i think he may well get.

My tv friend has now taken over some of my training

(for the want of a better word)

i have progressed to dress in some great outfits and love being

hugged tight in red leather boot, cat suit gloves and long flowing

black wig.

part 3 - The Dominator Returns and gets a surprise