Written by Bungle1961

7 Mar 2010

I was sitting watching tele one day when my phone went and it

was my Dominator.

He stated he wanted to come round and fuck the arse off me and

i needed to have the flat clean and tidy and be ready for him

within two hours.

this was totally unexpected but as i was now slowly becoming under

his control my role was to please him so things like this were

going to happen.

anyway i done as he asked and was ready and waiting for him to arrive

as he buzzed the door i opened the inner door and latched it

then buzzed him in.

as he entered the flat he found me on my knees in my stocings and panties

red top and black boots, blonde wig and bright red lipsick

without a word i pulled down his pants and sucked on his cock

he was totally surprised, and pleased.

after a few minutes still without a word he [ulled me to my feet

pulled a dog collar from his jacket and placed it round my neck

he then attched a lead and pull me into the bedroom.

I was then pushed onto the bed, face down and with my bum high

in the air he proceeded to fuck my arse like i had never had it done

to me before, every time i tried to berry my head in the pillow he pulled

the lead and my head came back up, aching my back and giving him

something to push against.

after what seemed ages he pulled out and came all over my arse

and then pushed my to the bed got up and walked out

leaving me totally wasted and used.

my tv friend had been in the living room all the time this was happening

he came in saw all the cum, licked it off my arse and then pulled the lead

making me jump back to my knees.

i like this he said, and pushed his cock up my arse, that was still

feeling the dominators size, he pushed into my slow and deep

pulled out after a while and wankes over my arse as well.

they had both used my and i loved every minutes of it.

Part 4 - The dogging trip and the Trucker