Written by fordwater

31 May 2014

Back in 84 I was coming to the end of my time in the Royal Navy. I had been married for about two years at this point and driving for about a year.

HMS Drake in Plymouth was my last draft, a shore establishment. From here I used to keep fit after work and then pop out for a light drink and do things anyone would do to avoid getting bored wile away from home in the services.

Sometimes I would go into town and meet mates for a drink on the Barbican where there used to be a pub which was known for its liberal drinkers. I turned up late to meet my mates one day but they were nowhere to be seen but there must have been a TV/Drag convention as there were about 30 men dressed as women. I was fascinated and also excited as I loved to crossdress a little when home and this was something I had not seen in the open and only read from stories in magazines and all mostly surrounding Soho in London.

So after staring fascinated for some time an idea sprang to my mind. Soon after going home for weekends to see the Mrs I started to secretly borrow/pinch clothes from her, she was a size 12/14.

Shoes were also important and I found a place also in Plymouth called Saxon which went up to size 10 in some styles. The only problem was buying larger size shoes sparked

an interest from the shop staff and customers alike!

I chose some beige open sandals with a 3 1/2 inch heel and after showing off my new sun tan look [blush] at the cash desk I got outside the shop and started to breathe again. The blue colour in my cheeks and lips then started to dissipate quickly and I headed back to the car. It seemed like everyone was following me after I had bought my shoes so I drove back to my RN base like a paranoid pop star trying to avoid a stalker!

As it happened, the 450 cars I thought were following me and wanting to tell everyone `HE'S BOUGHT SOME GIRLY SHOES FOR HIMSELF', were in fact, normal Janners going about their business and more than likely trying to avoid mine. [But you can never be too sure can you! lol!]

About a week later I had collected from home via the wife what I thought was a comfortable outfit for my first venture. I decided on some nice tan sheer stockings, white suspender belt [Yum! Yum!] a knee length beige skirt, some white silky knickers borrowed off the Mum in Law, an old white bra my wife thought had gone in the bin and a nice light brown blouse. [Hey! This was the early 80's] and of course not forgetting my nice new 3 ½ inch beige sandals. [Who said I couldn't colour co-ordinate! My mother actually!!!] 

It took several more days to decide a safe and decent place to walk. About two miles out of Plymouth I found a lay bye and parked up. The air was thick with nerves and there were

several rare species of butterflies flittering around inside my stomach. I just hoped David Attenborough was not in town, he'd have spotted them a mile away!!! 

So after getting dressed and probably looking like to several passing cars that I was wrestling with myself when in fact I was trying to get my knickers and tights on I stepped out! After five more passing vehicles and several bumps to the head where I dived head first back into the car trying not to be seen, I managed to walk, what to me at that moment in time was a great distance – around the car! Conveniently I had a hooded coat because I didn’t have a wig or makeup on so to all intensive purposes I was a woman ish!

I was now exhausted but I felt it went pretty well, especially when I got passed the boot of the car and saw the finishing line. A slight mistake with my heels nearly cost me the race though as I forgot I had to put one foot in front of the other for a split second but I recovered and made it to my driver’s door!

Three hours after starting out I made it back to the base and planned my next expedition, somewhere closer and a little more risky!

Hmmm! Where is it easy to walk and ample parking space, ahhhh, the Tamar Bridge car park on the edge of Plymouth!

By the side of the Tamar Bridge there is a nice car park and picnic area and even better, some toilets, male and female! I thought if I went there late at night around 10 ish there would be nobody about and after a few nights driving past it seemed as I had thought, ideal!

I drove to the bridge the next night and parked at one end of the car park, about 70 yards or so from the loos. A nice walk I thought, plenty of chance to feel the wind against my nylon covered legs and the adorable draft up my skirt and I needed a pee too. Hmmm! It couldn't get any better!

I took my male clothes off dressed fem slowly and while I did a car or two pulled in to the car park, looked across the moon lit river and left again…

Ah, the sheer romance, how lovely and what could possibly go wrong when things were going so right! [Plenty!]

Just as a precaution I had also brought along a large parker coat. Real nice and big hood so no need for a wig, not that I had one anyway! For effect I also had an old handbag, the wife would never know I borrowed it and ideal for my keys but just on the safe side I left the door open for a quick entry and I'd only be a few minutes anyway!!!

Sitting in my car I waited for the right moment. There were about several hundred of them, I think, but I choose one of the ones that happened by after half an hour or so of plucking up some courage.

I got out of the car, vehicles passing over the bridge, oblivious to me and the wind blowing lightly. It must have been about ten minutes before I pulled up my hood and with my chest beating like a drum I started to walk towards the toilet! It seemed wonderful and a little wobbly too. Hey, its not often I get a chance to walk in high heels… Oh but how extremely satisfying it is!

Reaching the door of the loo entrance I pushed it open and peered inside slowly and then it dawned on me, I was now a woman going into a mans toilet!!! I hadn’t planned for this massive complication. What the hell made me think I could just go up to a man’s urinal lift up my skirt and start to pee, actually I just didn’t think at all!!! Realizing the error, [im even thinking like a blonde woman now… just a joke ladies!!!] 

So I went around the other side of this little brick building and reached the door. To say I was nervous would have been the understatement of my life. I knew from watching the toilet there was nobody in there but it still felt very strange but strangely a massive turn on. My now giant clitoris proving the point!

I slowly walked in, there were 4 cubicles. All empty and just shouting out for me to go in one. I thought I would be daring and go to the last one but as I past the others I saw they were all out of order and with no doors except the one I wanted. Excellent! I walked in closed the door and stood there facing the door! A split second of thought came into my mind, like `what the F*** was I doing here' then my excitement caught hold again and I remembered I actually needed a pee.

Now imagine this. I'm wearing a knee length pencil skirt and

stockings. In my forgetful minded excitement I decided to shimmy the skirt up around my waist [I know… the creases!!!] and pull my knickers down like a woman would! Ish but the suspender clasps were outside the knickers and there was no room to maneuver them! After fighting with one of the clasps I then realized there was a bigger obstacle, my erect cock!!! A complete nightmare, I couldn’t sit down as my cock was so erect and pointing up and I could not stand to pee as my cock was… yeah you’ve guessed it facing UP!!! 

So I couldn’t relieve myself and I was desperate. Arrrrrgh!

Then there was the one think that on this night would make any eretion disappear, there was a click and a door opening! S H I T ! Someone had walked into the loo, obviously a woman!!! I didn't over panic until I ‘realised’ there were no urinals for women and they like to sit down. S H I T ! I had the only bloody toilet that was working!!!

I sat down and started to think how long a guy gets for impersonating a woman in a public toilet. I could just see the Plymouth Evening Herald! "Matlow Caught impersonating a woman in local toilets, Police believe he was taking the Piss!" [Groan!!!] 

My erection became an acorn, I sat down almost at the point of fainting and managed a pee trying not to sound like a torrent! I finished and suddenly realized it was all quiet, I didn't hear anyone go out. Maybe when your nervous you just don't hear things as well… W R O N G !

There was a haunting billowing voice suddenly right

against my toilet door. "HURRY UP LOVE, I'M PISSING MYSELF HERE!"

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! I almost jumped out of my skin and fell off the loo!

What do I do now? I sat there for seconds but it seemed like hours. Then the woman got very impatient and asked if I was Ok in there and banged on the door. I tried my best high voice and replied like a squeaking door mouse.

She asked what I had said but I was already off the seat, knickers up,skirt down. I zipped up the coat and pulled up the zip so the parker hood looked like a funnel leading to my face, opened the door and walked straight past knocking her to one side and huffing as I went. Well, I thought that's what my Mrs does so what works for her… 

I got to the door and heard the woman say "Well thank you too!" PHEW… I was out and facing the bridge! I walked around the toilet and started towards my car when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks and made me want to weep and wave a white flag!

Right next to my car a full coach load of people had pulled up and everyone was disembarking and coming my way for the loo’s! S H I T ! Now what do I do??? They started walking towards me and in my panic `again' I had to think! There happened to be only one exit or option at this point and it was to go past the loo’s and up onto a path that led to one end of the Tamar Bridge! 

The wind picked up a little and my legs started to get cold… oh! And did I mention that my feet were killing me in my strappy heels??? I reached the beginning of the bridge and cars were passing in there plenty. I just stood there leaning over a stanchion looking out at the river until another horror confronted me, the worst yet! Two young blokes walking towards me from the Plymouth side of the bridge. MY BLOODY SIDE OF THE ROAD! OH NO, Could it get any worse! 

I started to walk quickly across the bridge. Any of you who know the length of the bridge will also appreciate that in high heels my feet were justifiably convinced they were going through some sort of sick torture like walking over hot coals!

By 1100 feet later I reached the other side of the Tamar Bridge on the Saltash side and in doing so sussed how to walk fem and almost like a cat walk model! Well there are some plus points to this story, ish! I darted towards some shops, another 100 yeards and thank god the guys had crossed over the road and were now walking in another direction and not bothered, thank god, with me in the slightest.

Time to go back! 

I got pretty much all the way across until to my Horror, YET AGAIN! I saw another bunch of guys, four of them walking towards me. I was buggered if I was going to walk back across the bridge and my feet and legs were as close to being numb as they could get so it was not an option!

I found that where the main stay/stantions of the bridge came down there was a walkway/viewing platform that enabled you to peer out over the river, so I made for this!

I just tried to act casual and look out, hood well up and ready to smack anyone who came too close to me! [in a sort of girly defensive kind of way of course!] 

I thought they had all gone past until I heard from about 20 feet behind me all of the guys wolf whistle and one even shouted out, "lovely legs baby!" Then another said "Don't do it love, it's not worth it!" meaning don't jump off! [this bridge is famous for suicides!] He started to chat to me like he actually thought I was going to

jump. Come any closer and I bloody well would have!

I turned slightly to see where they were and let out a Whimpering high pitched "Fuck Off!" I was that nervous I just couldn't help myself! They all got the hump with that and one said "Sod you then!" I was so relieved I could have gone up to them all and

kissed them on the lips… er! OK maybe not! lol! 

They walked on and when I felt they were a safe distance away I came out from my safe area and went back down the path that led to the toilet and car. The car park was deserted again and my car although an old heap looked like the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I pulled open the door and practically collapsed onto my seat and then with what little strength I had left, got changed. I didn't drive off straight away. I had to look back to where I had just been and couldn't believe what I had just put myself through!

I giggled, but nervously. So many things could have gone wrong and almost did in a massive way! 

I tidied up but felt semi erect and a little turned on from the excitement so I took my cock out and using the stockings slowly wanked closing my eyes. 

Soon I was groaning loudly and shooting a heavy load of cum, my hand soaked, the feeling inside very satisfying. I opened my eyes and like a moment from a horror movie my mouth and facial expresion gave out a mighty scream!!! There standing with her face next to my car window looking in was the woman who I had rushed past in the toilet and now holding my hand bag and of course my car keys. ‘IS THIS YOUR BAG AND KEYS?’ I wound down the window, grabbed for the bag and keys accidentally smearing her with loads of my cum, her face was one of utter disgust. 

I started the car up and sped away thinking NEVER AGAIN!!!

Weeks later I was still feeling the effects of the heel’s on my feet but It was months until I went out again. It proved to be a very short walk and adventure compared to the last one. I had decided to walk down a secluded road next to a housing estate on the far side of Plymouth, next to the Marsh Mills roundabout in fact.

I say I had only gone 50 yards down the road when three bloody cars had pulled up asking me how much my services were, one old guy offering me £50 until I pulled back my hood and he saw not a lovely looking woman to match the legs but a macho bloke! He shouted 'FUCKING HELL!', then quickly apologised and drove off! Needless to say I never ventured out in Plymouth ever again!