Written by Ashleigh

16 Jan 2016

I always considered myself straight but I've always been a cross dresser i'm always owned more winnings clones then men's

One night I went out for away from where I live and dressed as a woman I would never say I would class as a woman but I didn't care it felt right when the evening ended I went home and a friend of mine was at my door I New no one that I was a cross dresser when he saw me he just laughed we went indoors and I said I was going to change and he said no I like it we were sitting there having a drink and a laugh by this time I was pretty drunk he started to rub his cock through his trousers and out of nowhere he kissed me I was taken back by this Instant up and said he was going to the toilet he came back and he was naked next thing I knew he had shelf his cock in my mouth and started to make me gag I was so turned on by this point he said I'm going to make you my bitch if you tell anybody I will show them pictures I have of you dressed up Cameron out again and started to take pictures of me sucking his cock he then stood me up pulled up my skirt and before I could say no he penetrated me it was the greatest feeling of my life is hard cock slowly getting deeper and deeper the next thing I knew I was getting the shit fuck out of me I had wobbly legs could not move I was totally in his control is then was getting faster and faster and faster I came about three times throughout this then he came in my arse and we finished we woke up in the morning and I was a bit worried about what he was going to say do he said that was fine last night and ever since then he's been round all the time to fuck me I am a fuck slut to him