Written by Jayneslutcd

22 Aug 2018

Before I continue with this account I’d like to respond to a couple of comments written in response set to story 5. This was the first comment.

“I really struggle to understand how you can love someone who has treated you with such disdain and possibly even cruelty at times. I understand the roles etc.

Maybe you can explain fully what you mean when you say deeply in love. I guess everybodies idea of love is different”

First of all, there is no cruelty or disdain for the simple reason it’s consensual. The conversations we have as a couple away from the encounters described in these encounters include making sure we are both happy with what we do and our roles within those encounters. Away from the sex, and the reality is the sex takes up a very small amount of our time together as a couple, we are a ‘normal’ couple, whatever that means. We share an incredible amount of intimacy in the form of kisses, cuddles, holding hands etc. We adore each other and have nothing but respect for each other. That might seem strange to some but, if you think about it, our relationship is honest. What we do satisfies both our needs without feeling the guilt that goes with cheating or going behind each other’s back. When it comes down to it, it’s roleplay. No different to what many couples do to keep the spark in their marriage or partnership.

This site is used by many for casual sex, sex without love. What’s so strange about love without sex? Maybe one way of viewing it is to think of it as being celibate with each other. Whatever it is, it works for us but if either of us wanted to stop then it would stop without doubt.

I hope this clears up the confusion for the person concerned. For those following this story, the next instalment will be posted in a day or two.