Written by taximan

31 Dec 2008

Now I never intended to ever get involved with Gays or TVs, so it was just another fare to pick up - when I arrived at the Pub, I hope you dont spew up I said to this pissed up woman - no she said but I might want to stop somewhere for a pee - well I said your a £20 fare so thats ok - taking her money first before we set off, I set the sat nav to her address and away we went - she sat in the front - good night I said - no she said I fancied giving this bloke a nice hand job or maybe a blow job but he did not want to know - Oh I said what a shame - well there\'s always me I joked, do you mean that she said - well yer I said I wont say no - pull over onto that MFI car park she said it aint got a barrier.

Well I unbuckled and said lets get in the back - she followed me and was busy undoing my trousers, slipping my pants down she worked her hands over my cock, giving it a bit of spit she pulled me into a lovely hard on - then her mouth came into play and she was sucking away lovely, her tongue busy all around my cock head.

I moved my hands to her tits and although they were not very big - I could feel her hard nipples, tender with my touch.

I then came my lot holding her head hard I shot my lot into her mouth which she swallowed with a gulp - then sucked me for several more minutes - till all my sperm was gone.

I said that was fucking lovely babe and gave her a deep long kiss - putting my hand down to feel her cunt - only to feel a cock in my fingers - despite this first gay experiance for the first time in my life I never flinched

I put my fingers around that cock and pulled the skin right back, lifting up her dress I saw for the first time my hand and his cock - and I just wanked him off gently - he had shaved all his hair off and it was silky to my feel,

I put my other hand over his bollocks and felt them as I continued to wank him - he was laying back enjoying all this - so I thought fuck it - what the heck it was a great BJ -and wanked him till he had come.

I got invited in when we arrived at the address but I turned him down.

Now under normal circumstances that would be it - but \"she\" has become a regular fare sometimes with a fellow sometimes on her own - which always means a BJ for me - might even try a bit of anal one day - never had a bloke before.