Written by tartywank5

3 Apr 2012

I had met the guy a couple of times, - i would dress in minskirt stockings thong , heels, drive off feeling nervous, having bathed and shaved front and back, I am always very cautious, only ever wanked guys off, but i always fantasised about going further, but it would have to be with the right person, - someone i would like to meet regularly, get to know a bit . Ayway after a few times in the car, he said I was to go to his house. i like being told what to do when dressed, i do get very sub, wearing heels really does that for me, makes me teeter about, unstable, and feeling vulnerable, - feels georgous with stocking clad legs, and thong under tiny skirt, feeling the breeze up your skirt, and thong tight up againt a freshly shaved ass.

i got to his place although on a street it was dark, so i took the chance of just opening the car , and walking to his door, feeling like such a slut, here i was, dressed like a woman, wigged, doing as I had been told and turning up to this guys house, what was I doing? i felt strange, kind of detached, but horny, telling myself, - well this is what you keep thinking about , so youre going through with it now, whatever happens..

I knocked and he let me in, the room was cosy, warm, and he was just wraped in a towel..well i was in now, no going back...

i took my coat off to reveal black basque, thong, stockings, heeled boots, (which he had told me to wear)and the see though minidress which just covered my bottom. i walked across the room, and realised i was walking like a woman, swinging my hips,knees slightly together , - he dropped the towel - , he was jsut the type i like, thickly set, with a nice un cut cock, not too big.

He said come on then, and came up to me running his hands over me, and turning me round so i faced an arm chair, where he pushed me over slightly, and lifted the hem of the mini dress and began to feel my bottom, running his hands from behind, through to my still soft cock, feeling me through the lacy thong, saying, mmm lovely... It realy started to turn me on knowing i was turning him on.... remember i havent sucked or been fucked, only fantasised about it...

the next thing i know, i am sitting on the chair facing him, his half erect cock inches from my face, I take it in my hand tenderly,thinking I'll wank him as I usually would, but before I know what i am doing, I am licking along its length, running my tongue over the veiny shaft, noticing the smell of a mans cock, and then simply opening my mouth and taking the length of it to the back of my throat... I cant believe what I'm doing, - this is just what I fantasize, but here i am sat in this guys house, dressed like a tart, my knees apart with his cock in my mouth... I realsied then i was getting hard, with every thrust of my mouth my cock twitched into life, he was moaning saying yeah, yeah, good girl.... god that turned me on so much.

He pulled me up and told me to get on the floor, which I did without question, just amazed how obedient i had become,and so I ended up on all fours, dress hitched up, thong pulled down over my thighs, and him pushing his cock against my bum cheeks, grunting and maoning as he wanked himself, here i was, offering myself up for his pleasure, - he was saying, 'look at that ass', and that made me lower my shoulders to the floor so my ass was right up for him,knees apart, he could see everything i had.. not quite sure how far this would go, but It wouldnt have mattered, i was really up for anything by now, but then I felt him splashing spunk over my arse, and heard him coming,

i stayed there for a moment or two while his fresh spunk ran down my arse cheek and thigh,, then rolled over, pulled my thong down and off, spread my legs and whilst i fingerd my spunky arse , wanked myself off gazing up at his flacid cock. My spunk sprayed alover my basque. i just felt such a slut ,as he watched me teetering upstairs bare assed, to clean up.

I know this is very mild compared to what a lot of you get up to, but for me this was sooo erotic, and if he Instructs me to go to him again, he will be able to push me a little further .