Written by Bicduk

13 Aug 2013

I've been bursting to write this down after a great evenings "Adventure" last Thursday night, I hope you don't mind my ramblings...

Last Night, I went Dogging at a very well known area locally to me, North of Bolton, Lancashire, in a quiet, rural location.

I had advertised, however, it was with knowledge / comfort of knowing that at least 4 Genuine Regulars would be turning up, at different stages (?) of the evening, which is always the best bet IMHO.

As I was about to get ready to go out, dressed, from around 10pm, there was a slight twist to the plan, in that one of the Admirers, and a friend of his, contacted me, and asked if they could "Take me out to be used"

Well... Being the good Sub I am, how could I refuse? Even though the butterflies I always had, were now fluttering a lot harder, and a lot faster.

So we arranged a suitable and safe, but discreet venue, near the dogging location, where I could essentially swap cars.

As I pulled in, I recognised the car I was to be swapping over to, the driver, who have met on a few occasions, but not the co driver (His friend) but he was of large build and mature, which they know I have a thing for, so that was a good start.

The thrill (?) of getting out of the comfort / security of your own car / space, out into the open, to get into a car, with at least one total stranger is very palpable, so much that I nearly forgot to lock my own car...

As I walked over to their car, they moved a few spaces, probably funny to them, but not me at the time, as I was already nervous enough without being lit up in a car park and walking further is my heels!

Anyway, as I approached, they told me to get in the back (Prefixed with the word Slut) and then the friend, turned round and introduced himself, and paid me some nice compliments on my appearance (Flattery gets them everywhere.)

I was then took back to my previous state of nervousness and apprehension by a conversation that took place between the people in the front of the car about where the best spot was, on large secluded layby, to get the most "Action"

The journey to the site only took around 5/10 Minutes, it just seemed much longer, with what they planned for me, ideal scenario's, locations and numbers dominating the conversation, this was broken twice, by phone calls, which the friend answered, it was the drivers phone, where he replied to both callers that "They had me, in the back of their car" and that would be at a given location in a few minutes, with the make, model and colour of their car (Always amuses me how people ask this of you when it pretty certain that you'll be the only one dressed as a slut, predominantly in latex, with make up, a blonde wig and black PVC heels on... But there you have it.

We pull into the layby and it's pretty busy with at least 4 lorries / wagons parked up in different pull in's, and one part of the the lay by has pull in's adjacent on both sides, and this is where they pull in, behind a wagon on the left hand side. At that stage there were 4 cars on the opposite side, and 2 more on our side, the other side of the wagon, with numerous people driving around and turning round at either end of the layby, which must be a good 1/3 mile long.

I'm snapped out of a bit of dream by another phone call, the courtesy lights going on in the car, as the ignition is turned off, and 2 people getting out of cars on the opposite side, now I'm getting REALLY nervous.

The driver then turns round to me, and with a wry gin he says: "Okay, I want you to get out, and walk in front to the side of that tanker in front of us" his friend then said "I'll follow you in a minute" as I'm getting my stuff together, I'm asked to hurry up, and his friend says "Then perhaps some of the car sitters will come out when they see we are not the police, as it looks a bit suspect with 2 males and female in the car" (Hadn't thought of that)

So this time I'm getting out of a car that isn't mine, in a layby with lots of strangers, behind a Tanker... I'm thinking, Will the car drive off again, oh stuff it, this is wanted, just go for it!

So I get out and do as they ask, the side lights of the car I just got out, come on, now EVERYONE see's me, my heart is going like the clappers, and I see some figures by the side of the Tanker, between the space between the Tanker and a 3 ft stone walk, that has chunks missing out of it, and tracks leading off into the woods, its then I notice, I assume the Tanker driver, with his logo'd overalls on, and I notice how he has cleverly parked his wagon further over to create some space, under several very large trees(Which was just as well, as it had just started to rain slightly)

The Wagon driver greets me by my name, so, he's in on it (Was he one of the phone calls? (Anyway, he already has his cock out, and is slowly wanking it to full size, it's not a great length, but it is thick and it's being offered to me...

It's then that the other passenger of the car I came in appears at the side of me, and the driver and him greet each other, the passenger says, "See, I told you" and the Tanker driver says, well you are a man of your word! This is followed up by various descriptions on me, some complimentary, most rude.

The passenger then says "Well suck the man then" I reply "Yes Master" as I bend to kneel down, i notice I've got quite the little audience, of at least 6 people.

As I negotiate under his considerable frame, I find a lovely clean cock to suck, and I don't mess around in taking its full length, although the girth was a test to be honest, and I settle down to pleasing my Tanker driver, who to be honest was making some pretty complimentary compliments, I he starts thrusting his hips which indicates to me that he is close and I vigorously pursue my prize, which materialises quickly, and what a load it was, his last words / shout was "Ahhh You clever girl!" which is nice.

My Master has re appeared, he tells me to swallow, which I did, I then have to show him my tongue, which I did (Not sure he could see much, as it's only partly lighted as and when cars go past) but he says "very good my slut" regardless.

The Tanker driver retires to the side, and talks to my master for the evening, commending me on my oral skills..

An open invite then goes out from my Master's friend, some of the crowd already have their cocks out openly masturbating them, and they are lovely variety of shapes and sizes, then a hand on my shoulder from my him and some encouragement from my Master means that our passenger, and part of my escort for the evening requires attention.

He is average, again washed, which is nice and shaven, even nicer, this one really was a grower and blossoms into a considerable size, made worse by the somewhat forceful nature of the now face fucking I am receiving, accompanied by comments of, ohh that's it, or take my length / load etc.

I then feel a hand under my rubber skirt, first one side and then the other, I'm being moved by hips from a crouching position to a bend over and make yourself available position, fingers invade my hole, 1, 2 maybe 3, more lube is applied which I assume came from my clutch bag I take with me, and I hear a condom wrapper, Hmmmm Bliss, I am to be roasted...

The face fucking relents slightly, he is trying to last, which just spurs me on, but he pulls out and warns me, yes master, is the reply, another cock is offered, so I have to re start, this one did not last long and didn't produce much, but did take me by surprise, I had no warning... Again, before I can take any instruction, my Masters friend re asserts his ownership of my mouth, which is when I feel a cock at my pussy, first trying to get his aim, then pulls out, more lube applied, thankfully, then re enters, this guy knows what he's doing, and the cock feels familiar... I look back, and it's one of the original guys who said they'd be here, at last, a familiar face...

He says, "Hello Dee, thought I'd find you here" and before I could answer he goes in to the hilt, I then remember how big he feels, it has been months since I felt him penetrate me, and weeks since I took cock, so it did take my breath away, and I did feel very full, the face fucking then goes up a gear, I am being pistoned between the two, it feels like I'm being used in a competition, the encouragement and language deteriorates into lots of continuous vulgar language about how tight I am, what I slut I am etc, in honesty, it was bliss.

My Master's friend has hold of my cheeks and is making me gag, and when I thought it couldn't get any worse, he cums, on a deep stroke, I nearly choke off, it was a big load as well, and I spill some of it, the friend is satisfied and very complimentary, I'm still recovering breath and taking a really hard fucking, not long after, he finishes, cums in the condom, and slaps my arse really hard, reminding me not to leave it so long next time...(Like it was my fault he has been away for ages)

My hole feels empty, and i take the opportunity to tidy myself up, have a mouthwash and a drink and stretch my aching legs / ankles.

The roasting was repeated, but by a guy who unloaded in my mouth very very quickly and my master being unable to cum, which was a shame, as I was thrusting back on him in an urge to take his load (Albeit Condomed) but it was still a great shag.

Whilst recovering, a guy just walks up and sucks me off (Like you do) which was an added bonus, I'm then taken back to my car, good! Because I was tired, needed to remove my make up, have a shower get some kip for an early start, but a sluts life never stops....

You know who you are, I think at least one of you is on this site...