Written by fannyfitzcock

1 Jun 2008

When I finally got to sleep early on Saturday morning I did not wake up until about 11.30 to find Darren, Jeff\\\'s friend shaking me awake. He gave me a large drink of beer and I felt more awake. I felt really shagged, my tits were sore because of the clips I had had on them, my arse was red with the belt and cane which had spanked me, and my cunt/arsehole was sore with the many cocks which had been up it. I wondered what the day had in store for me.

Darren said that Jeff had plans and I hoped they would not prove too energetic. Anyhow I had a lot of beer and felt better as I was young then. It was not long before Jeff came and told me what was happening, he said I and the girls were not to be putting on any further entertainments instead we were to have an easy life as the official camp cheap whores. We would each be given a tent and a mattress and would be expected to service for a fee anyone who wanted sex at any time until Sunday evening. He said I could back out if I wanted and would be taken home.

Well I wondered a bit about becoming a tart but finally figured that if I was going to be fucked etc so much I had better make something out of it, and I agreed. I got my tent and my mattress and lots of beer, so that I was very relaxed, and waited for business. I had been told I must be cheap so starting at a blow job I worked out a cheap tariff right up to the full works which included a full fuck,rimming, spanking,etc.

Business was slack at first as many were just gettin up but the word got round and it picked up so that by early evening I was very busy. The were all young men in their 20\\\'s and 30\\\'s, usually powerfully built, many with lots of tattos, and certainly with big cocks and lots of energy. Long ones, thick ones, ones like piston rods, they all went in my mouth and up my cunt/arse. On my knees, on my back with my legs in the air, as a doggy, lying on my stomach I took them all.

Many wanted my tongue to explore their arseholes and excite them by probing and licking. Some fortunately few wanted to spank me with a belt or cane. That hurt but excited me. I drank beer and smelled of sweat and spunk but felt sated with sex.

As night came it got even more frantic, and I carried on in a haze of beer and

sex. Even in the early Sunday morning fairly drunk men would come wanting to be serviced. I wondered how the girls were getting on as after all they were women, I was a tv, and most of the men were straight. I expected they would be even busier. Their big tits, hairy cunts, soft arses, and nice curves would certainly be getting lots of attention. I wondered how they felt about being tarts.

Sunday morning was slack so I got some sleep, but as things ended in the evening

the afternoon was very busy. Jeff and Darren came together and soon I was licking Jeff\\\'s balls, sucking his big cock and licking up and down the shaft, while Daren pushed his hard cock spunking right up my cunt/arse. I licked both their arses, and every drop remaining on their cocks. My mouth and my arse were both running with spunk.

The day came to an end, I was taken home stinking of beer, sweat, and spunk. I had a bath, a long rest, and felt better.I did not think I would ever have quite so my men again. But it was not only a wonderful adventure but very lucrative.

Well it was long ago but they say once a whore always a whore.