Written by lacelover

3 Feb 2007

one day i was out with my dogs on our local beach when i needed to take a piss.on entering the toilet there were three men at the urinals two were very close to each other and i saw that they were wanking each other off as the third man was watching and wanking off himself. they jumped and moved away from each other as i came in and moved to allow me to take a piss, looking out of the corner of my eye they were still rubbing their cocks which got me quite turned on as i was wearing my wifes worn thong under my jeans my cock started to swell up and stated getting hard the men noticed this and caught me looking at their cocks which stared them wanking quite openly as they smiled at me and looking at my cock the bloke by himself was wanking like crazy as he looked at me starting to toss off so there we were all four of us wanking off at the same time so i walked into the cubicle and dropped my jeans to my ankles and pushed the door too and pulled my wifes thong right up my arse it was a brilliant white lacy one made out of lace and worn by her the night before my cock was sticking out of the top by the little white bow sewn on the waistband and the pre cum was oozing out and had started to run down the shaft next thing the door opened and the three men were standing there wanking as thet feasted their eyes over me in this little white lacy thong with my steel hard cock sticking out of the top which must of been to much for one of them cause he groaned and said he was going to shoot his load and moved closer to me his hand was going crazy wanking off his cock then he closed his eyes as a massive jet of thick white spunk shot out of the end spraying it all over my wifes thong my stomach,legs and cock ive never seen so much spunk come out of one cock at one time. he wiped the end over the front of my thong winked at me and left. next thing the two other guys moved closer both of them wanking their purple helmet cock with cum leaking out of both and they too shot their loads all over me and my panties, i was drenched in spunk from my waist down to my ankles with bits of spunk on my shoes as well as all over the floor. when they left i had to close the door to clean my self up with toilet paper next thing i felt a hand on my ankle so i looked down and seen a hand come under the partition between the cubicle on descovering a tiny hole that had been drilled in it i looked through and seen a bloke with his cock out wanking off so i put my back against the partition and crouched down so he could put his hand under and he pulled my spunk soaked thong to on side rubbed his fingers in the spunk on the floor rubbed it on my now stretched arsehole and slipped his thick finger right up my arse and started to finger fuck me, then he grabbed hold of my cock with his other hand and started to wank me off slowly then he got faster and faster till i could not hold back any longer and shot my load all over the floor, my wifes thong and all over his hand. i have never had such a strong cum in all my life and have been back for more under the partition since. anyone interested who lives in north wales send me a message and we can meet for some sexy wifes undie fun.. more to follow