Written by Deanne

31 Jan 2013

I smiled at M, as I swallowed J’s load. M beckoned me over, telling me to pleasure her pussy with my mouth – how could I refuse. I knelt before her, and proceeded to lick her lips and pushed my tongue into her wet pussy. I continued licking that delightful pussy, as I inserted 2 fingers and rubbed her g spot. She moaned with delight as I brought her to a climax, and she soaked my mouth and face.

As we recovered I watched J rubbing his cock back to hardness, and I knew that soon I would feel his 7+” in my ass – my cock twitched at the thought. M said we that we would be more comfortable in the bedroom, and taking my cock in hand she led me upstairs, followed by J. M. now naked except for her hold ups, and me lay on the bed kissing and playing with each other, before M moved underneath me in 69 position and starting licking my very erect cock, I fingered her soaking cunt and licked her once more. AAAGGGHHH I felt the cold lube being rubbed in my crack, and J’s cock touching my willing hole – M licking my balls. Then, the ultimate pleasure as J sunk his cock slowly into my willing ass, and started fucking it with long strokes. M continued playing with my balls as her hubby fucked me for a good 10 mins. I felt him speed up and his strokes got shorter and shorter. His body stiffened and with one last thrust he emptied his second load deep into my love channel. M gasped and had her second climax of the evening.

Now, you bitch, its my turn said M. I laid back and she lowered herself onto my cock, and rode me hard. As I fucked M, J told me to clean his cock. So there I was satisfying husband and wife, until M climaxed for the third time and I shot my spunk into her pussy. Afterwards, I cleaned them both, and thanked them for a wonderful session. Put on my coat and returned home, showered, just before wife returned. Little did she know that I had a good night, too.

Here’s hoping I meet M&J again – real swingers.