17 Dec 2017

Went to Primark to look in the sales and found a lovely mini dress and some heels. Got home bathed, shave my legs and anywhere else hair was sprouting from.

Slipped my nylons on and a bra. Slowly slipped into the new dress! oh my god it was so perfect. Heels on, lips on and out the door.

Made my way to the local cruising area in Stoke to see what was occurring as I was really horny.

When I pulled up i for out and adjusted my dress as it had ridden up my arse during the short drive.

Got back in and checked out grindr to see if anyone was local and a mere pulled up next to me. Middle-aged smart guy got out of his car and walked behind mine to a small pathway.

My heart was pounding, i usually get worked up teasing guys but just need some fun.

I opened the door and put my legs outside, stood up and readjusted my dress and waked over to him. He must have been excited as he grabbed me, turned me around lifted my dress up and pulled my knickers down to my ankles. Bent me over the small fence and stuck his tongue straight up my ring...oooooh lovely.

He then pulled me up and turned me around and got on his knees and licked my all over taking my cock in his mouth deeply. His tongue working the magic and in my excitement and the fact i hadn't had an orgasm for 2 days i cum in his mouth.

He wasn't happy with just that, he wanted to fuck me. Luckily this girl carries condom and lube. With that all sorted, i was back over the fence and his cock finding his was to my lady hole. In it slides balls deep and he slowly lovingly made love to me. I thought i was in for a hard fucking but no, he gently slid his cock in and out kissing my neck and feeling my boobs. He didn't last too long and i felt him cum and his cock throbbing in me.

Pulled out, i obliged with a little suck to clean him up and he kissed me farewell.

So from start to finish in 15 mins. I need some more of that..........offers please :-)