Written by vicky4cock

27 Mar 2010

hi boys its your horny cum slut here, and ive got some news for you all, for the past 5 weeks ive been getting fucked silly by two rampant black men.

it all started on one of my visits to the cinema at huddersfield, i was being fingered in the main room by an old guy of about 65yo, when i noticed in the dark room a black guy watching and wangking, i got up and walked over to him, still with my mini dress around my waste and my hard cock sticking out in front of me, he smiled at me put his hand behind my head and forced me down to his long black cock, i put up no resistence and took his meat into my mouth, after about 5 mins he puled me up and took me to one of the couples rooms, there he told me what he was going to do to me and he said if i liked it he had a freind who loved tv's and he would arange a meeting later on that night, i said i would do what he asked. it involved him fucking me in several posisions and taking pictures as he did it, (i was thinking to myself, that is what i like to do anyway) but there was a twist he said he wasnt gona wear a rubber and he was gona cum up my ass at least twice and make me cleen his cock inbetween fucks, and maybe get a couple of the older guys fuck me aswell, my head was spinning.

he grabed me kissed me and started fingering me, he spun me around, bent me over lubed his cock with some spit and proceded to fuck the living daylights out of me, after he came in my unprotected fuck hole, he forced me to suck him cleen, he then left the room and i thought that was it until he came back with two men both about 45, he told them i was his whore and they could do what they wanted to me while he made a phone call,

he was gone about 15 mins, in that time one of the men fucked my mouth until he unloaded in my mouth and on my face while the other fucked my ass using the black guys spunk as lube, he added his muck to my dripping hole, i felt soo dirty and i wanted more, (mind you i always do) when my black lover came back, he wasnt alone, he had another black man with him, they told the other two to fuck off, and locked the door,

they both came at me as though they had not emptied ther ball sacks in a month,

i was man handled to the sofa and in no uncertain terms i was fucked like a rag doll, being spit roasted nearly all the time, they were swaping ends and all the while taking pictures or video, with me on my hands and knees or on my back,

the rest of the day is a bit of a blur, and with the long drive back to newcastle, i had to put a bin liner on the seat because i had that much spunk up there it was leaking out all the way home, ive met them every friday since and yesterday they told me that they are gona make a porno of me getting gang banged by black and if i dont they are going to send a copy of the video they already have to my wife and my employer,

so i gues im gona be in a film or two,

that was a dream i had a few weeks ago, im still going to the cinema in hope of geting some black,

vicky xxx