Written by vicky4cock

17 Jan 2011

hi everyone ive got a storey that is totaly true and happend in the summer,

it was a monday morning and i had the day off work so i showered,shaved and got ready for some fun, i put my stockings, suspenders, knickers and bra on under my male clothes got my bag of girl clothes and went to my car,

i got to the spot where i get dessed, chainged clothes put my makeup on and there i was (miss vicky swallows, secretery).

i went to a dogging spot out of my usual ones, it was near sedgfield, a big layby with some trees and a few paths that ran in all directions,

two cars and a van where already there they where empty so i grabed my bag with my lube and condoms in and walked into the trees, just as i was walking around some thick bushes i saw them, three men wanking each other, i walked up to them with my very short skirt, high heels, blouse, jacket and black wig in pigtails, and i said can i help empty those ball sacks please, they surounded me, touching me and feeling me, i was as horny as fuck, i was soon bent over and had one cock in my mouth, wanking another while the third man was wanking his cock end at the entrance to me fuck hole,

he asked if i had any rubbers and i passed him my bag, he took one out and roled it down his shaft, he spread some lube on and in my ass and started to fuck my willing bum hole,

they all took turns shafting me and cuming down my thirsty throat until they where finished with me and they left, i hung around the trees for a little while and after ten mins i decided to move on to another spot, so i walked back to the car, i came out of the trees at the wrong spot and had to walk about 30 yards along the layby at which point a car pulled into the layby behind me, i kept walking to my car and the car behind me was still moving slowly about 25 feet away,

i got to my car and looked in my mirror, at this point i realised that i was as turned on more than i had been for months, i decided to go for it and i got out and walked passed the car, i thought i recognised him but just thought it was some guy i had been with before, i knew my stocking tops where on show and i was swinging my hips like a pro, then i went into the woods and heard his car door go, i went to the place i was at before and hiched my skirt up spread my legs and bet over waiting fo the touch of a strainger on my arse, then i heard him say oh-my arnt you a little slut, i said "im a slut for hard cock and sticky spunk" in my tartyest voice and i pulled my ass cheeks apart opening my bum hole up, he said he wasnt in to fucking but needed his cock sucked, i said ok then and turned around, as i bent down to suck his impresive 8" cock i realized where i had seen him before it was the father of one of my freinds from ten years previose, that turned me on even more as i knew i was sucking someone who i knew but they didnt know it, anyway after 15 mins he came bucket loads in my mouth, i swalowed some and used the rest as lube to wank my own cock and even fingered my ass with some, i came hard and was finnished for the day so i got changed, went home and had another wank about it.