Written by Pimlico60

9 Feb 2017

Feeling especially horny, I dressed in stockings, flimsy nickers and basque top. Having covered myself in sweatshirt , tracksuit bottoms and coat - I then drove to a known parking area frequented by men. (This is a cold grey early February afternoon so I wasn't terribly optimistic)

Once parked - I removed coat, track suit bottoms etc. Almost naked, I felt so sexy holding my hard cock and knowing that if anyone came close enough to my car, they would see this slut in stockings & silk top with a cock desperate for attention

I am so hard now as I type just thinking about it.

I waited for maybe 15 minutes before a small van pulled up alongside. I made no effort to hide what was going on with me from view - in fact I opened the car window - pretty soon a man got out of the van. We made eye contact, smiled and he walked towards my open car window. Reaching my car and seeing what was on offer brought an exclamation of joy.

After the very briefest preliminary conversation he followed me to my house. From the point of his first seeing me in my car, to being naked on my bed with each other's cocks in each other's mouths was less than half an hour.

Wow! This man (in mid 30's I imagine) had a cock I could only dream about. His girth was like my wrist and so so so hard - incredible -

The action was frantic, we sucked and wanked and squeezed and kissed and held and licked and probed - I adored his cock it was the most wonderful thing to lick suck and hold. I really wanted him to fuck me and I was desperate to fuck him. As it was he had an appointment to keep so we probably only had 45 minutes together - we came over each other and licked up the cum.

I am so hoping that it and much more happens again.