Written by lucy

15 Dec 2008

this is a true story-and my last one was also.

i think i\'ve always had a thing about panties. i have three sisers, two older than me, and the other my twin. As soon as pubity hit i loved to smell moist pussy from fresh worn panties.it didn\'t help when my twin liked to play show me yours-i\'ll show mine games. i was soon addicttied to sniffing panties &wearing knickers.

i had a good pal in my teens (70\'s) called Ian. We often went to see bands together and often i would end up sleeping on his floor at his parents house in chingford. Ian was slim with long blond hair, and so were his sisters [6 or 7 of them, i forget]i stayed there so often they often used to walk around in thier underwear while i was there. we sometimes had camping hoildays with our dirrerent gilsfriends over a few years. On one trip while we were on our own, after a night in the pub, he told me he was feeling horny and wanted a wank. i told him to go to it and turned on a lamp to watch. his erect cock was about 5inch. but it was turning me on to watch. he soon got hold of my hardening cock and before long were 69 ing each other, and before long had spunked down my troat. he didn\'t finish me.

Some time later back at his family home after another night . i\'d got one of his sisters panties with me (white lacy ones -still warm-smelt sweet) when he said he felt horny, did i want to wank. so i got him to wank & suck me while i wore his sisters used panties, he spunked all over his sisters knickers. i put them back in the laudry.never did know which of his sisters wore them .

we didn\'t have many episodes- we were busy screwing as many girls as possible- well i was.

A coulpe of years later i was seeing an older married woman called Stella. See looked a bit like Bo Derrick in the film 10! i was in my twenties , she would be in her later 40\'s! What fantastic sex we had.

We were working at the same place and i had had a crush on her for many years since i had started as an apprentice at a factory . After a couple of years away working at a different site to finish my apperticeship i was posted back to the department where she worked. I used the old trick of meeting at the coffee machine and after a while she agreed to come out to meet me. She was married and very careful at first. the first time . we just sat in her car and talked. She was not happy in her marridge. i was co-hapiting with a girl and that wasn\'t working either. so there was a lot to talk about. As we parted, i clearly remember that she gave me a very tender gentle kiss on the lips. i said \'what happens next\'? \'Nothin\' she replyed

About two weekes later i took a day off work. traveled from London by train to to new forest where we had sex for the first time.

i soon spilt from my girlfriend & Stella & i became regular lovers. i intrduced her to anal sex. her husband had tried it, but she declined him. With me , she couldn\'t get enough. After i gave her a key, i would wake up on a morning with her sucking my cock until i was hard and then she would she would put it up her pre-lubed arse!

Often she would take off her silk panties and wrap thm a rournd my cock to wank me. one time, she dressed me up in her panties and sucked me while she had her fingers up my arse. she really went for it! so did i.

After getting married to another girl, who was a big dissapiontment sexually i found my way into the swinging mag thing. next story