Written by 4451

17 Jul 2009

after a long contact with a older guy on here we seem to get things right at last

i have sent him many pics of me dressed in panties stoskings suspender ect also horny drawn pics of sissy men they have always turned me on from the visits to horny toilets while dressed

he asked me to meet him at a bowling club as it was quite in the morning

i set of dressed under my norm clothes and arrived just before him

we had a few drinks to loosen up and then he said for me to go to the toilets and wait for his signal to open the door and show him my how i was dressed which by his face he was loving it

i followed him to his garage which was his place to entertain

he turned from being a gently older guy to a very demanding one which got me harded than ever

making me suck and lick the whole shaft on his prickl

he then showed me the pics i sent him and said he promised that if he ever met me he would carry out what i liked and lusted

fingers in my arse while sucking on his hard cock i was loving it

calling me all the slutty things in the world and with his cock in hand he started spanking my arse first soft and then hard

he then gave me a good hard fucking which i found out later that he had taken viagra which kept him hard for quite some times

giving me a hard fucking spanking me as well he pulled his prick and shot all over my bum and stocking tops

we a now going to meet again which i said worth waiting for