Cross Dressing
23 Jun 2019

Late spring and early morning Spanish sunshine heralded the start of a new and promising day.

As the online radio played memorable tunes from a while back and so provided welcome listening, I wondered what the new day might bring.

When I opened up my mailbox there as usual were the protracted conversations from those who are full of desire though still uncertain about meeting, requests for just one more image from picture collectors and all of those were interspersed with adverts that were without relevance to me. One message straight to the point if rather gruff stood out.

“I want to fuck you this morning. I have a good cock and I will send photographs to you”.

Immediately interested I promptly responded asking for more details and evidence of his claim (fake guys can never provide photographs).

After only a few minutes though it seemed much longer he replied. First I opened up his photographs, the first showed his body thick set and somewhat hairier than I prefer, but waxed around the torso and interesting parts. The second showed his erection which was substantial and a good girth too. Just what I needed!

Although he was another man of very few words he went on to tell me that he was working in a hotel for the season and had the morning free. He was unfamiliar with the area but if I visited him at the hotel that morning we could use his room. His name was 'Peter' and he told me he wanted me to dress for him as I was seen in my photographs, he also said that he wanted to bend me over in front of his hall mirror and that he would fuck me hard from behind. It sounded good to me and we agreed a time for our rendezvous that morning.

Excited by the prospect of a new lover I showered and dressed as instructed. The problem was hiding who I wanted to be from being discovered by those I knew well. My girly clothes hidden by oversized outer garments was not the most comfortable solution on an increasingly warm day but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

The drive to Peter's hotel had my heart racing. I parked a few blocks away and strode as boldly as my nerves would allow towards my girly destiny. My phone was now out of it´s data allowance and so I counting on free Wi-Fi in the hotel or maybe nearby cafe. Gosh it was hot it seemed unseasonably so whilst everybody on the street was in swimwear or shorts here I was in two layers of clothing.

Thankfully the hotel lobby was somewhat fresher the air conditioning working wonders in the heat of the day. As cool as I could muster I took a seat on a granite bench welcoming its firm cold touch. I tried the Wi-Fi, it worked thankfully - no codes needed.

Responding to my message confirming my arrival Peter gave me his room number and told me his door was open for me. He told me he was sat on the balcony playing with his cock and once I was ready for him I should come to the balcony. I do like a man who can but can also takes a lead.

I shared a lift with guests of the hotel but did not feel out of place and shared the usual pleasantries tourists do during our brief encounter.

Reaching the hotel room I saw that the door was slightly ajar I entered and closed the door before locking it. I could see my new friend as he described stroking his pride and joy on the sunlit balcony. The bedroom was in the shade was thankfully much cooler than I felt. The en-suite bathroom allowed me to discard my outer clothing to freshen up and then present myself to the macho man on the balcony.

“Hola” he said and then let out an appreciative moan and groan as he studied my dressed persona.

He stood up and moved towards me cock pointing upwards with that back curve I find attractive in a partner. We kissed and he then turned me around pulling me tight to his naked body walking me back into the bedroom as a singe entity. His hands then cupped my boobs squeezing and releasing repeatedly as he kissed my neck and cheeks. As his right hand stroked my thighs before they crossed the giggle band above my fishnet hold-ups to my knickers I felt an almost uncontainable excitement.

Peter turned me back to face him and then pushed me back to sit on the bed before offering me his hard cock which I gratefully accepted. He thrust ever more strongly throat fucking me and the sight of my lipstick on his thick shaft I´m sure pleased us both.

Without any further conversation he pulled me back to my feet and whilst teasing my panties down with his right hand he began to push his middle finger on his left hand into my mouth I sucked on it firmly whilst looking straight into his dark eyes. He pushed that finger straight to my tight pussy thankfully lubricated in anticipation of a rough handling. He made me kneel upon the bed and pulled me by the hips manoeuvring his hard cock towards my pussy grateful for my preparedness..

Peter raised me to my feet so that he could nuzzle his cock against the crevice of my ass. Then holding me as close he could he then walked me to the desired position he wanted which was just inside the entry door where a full length mirror adorned the wall of the hallway. As promised in his earlier message he bent me over and entered my pussy from behind, all the time gently easing himself inside of me. He felt huge but so satisfying. As he built up a steady rhythm I could feel him deep inside of me and it was heaven. His left hand on the back of my neck guided me to bend down further towards the ground adjusting his position to see his cock entering and leaving my hole till he reached orgasm thrusting hard and fast into me as he cried out loud in ecstasy. As I looked between my knees back towards Peter I saw how really hairy his legs were it looked like I had been fucked by a goat a gentle beast though a man of few words.

We parted with a brief kiss, and once again composed and in possible public view with a firm handshake at the door.