27 Sep 2018

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When Jordi dropped his message into my inbox he peaked my interest. Although older than me he offered me a cock like a good cigar and a gym fit body to boot. His second message attached two photographs backing up his claim, and it was then that we then agreed a meeting on an an afternoon for the following week.

He cycled down the mountain a distance of about 12 miles to my house, and he was so fit he was fresh as a daisy on arrival. Parking his expensive cycle inside the house he unclipped is shoes and took off his helmet. Next he unzipped his Lycra cycle costume and we kissed. He almost sucked my tongue out such passion. The feel of his Lycra costume so hot! We felt each other through our clothes and continued in a passionate embrace for a few moments before I had to take him to my bed.

We stripped ourselves and I gazed at his huge cock as he walked towards me offering his bell end to my lips “do you like my cock “he asked .

Without reply I sucked at it greedily until it filled my throat causing me to gag a little! He fingered my ass with lubed up digits readying me for his entry. His cock was big and it felt enormous as he pushed into me I gasped and even yelped as he went deeper into my ass, pain giving way to pleasure. He thrust ever deeper and withdrew slowly before sinking again deep inside me.

When I was well and truly fucked he withdrew and surprised me by telling me that he had had an operation for prostrate cancer and not could not ejaculate, although he still had intense physical orgasms. He demonstrated this by wanking furiously and spitting on his own dick for lubrication whilst jumping up and down as he reached a crescendo

Older guys full of surprises!

Next story in series: Hotel meet as a closet crossdresser

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