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"Steven and I become lovers, however a meeting with friends was about to change all that with a surprise revelation from one of them."

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The first few months after we went our separate ways was, for me, the most difficult. I'd lost my confidence, my ED raised its ugly head, then the sale of the house fell through so we were still financially connected as we rented it out with at least a steady income. Steven, however, really helped and really looked after me. Slowly my confidence returned as did my erections. He was financially well off so he lavished me with beautiful clothes, some quite ‘ eye-catching’ to say the least, for his? benefit, but he loved to show me off to his friends. I wasn't complaining. Our relationship blossomed, we were  invited to meet some friends socially so he could show me off, he never grew tired of that, this I enjoyed but we never ‘ dabbled ‘ sexually, both of us having experienced similar outcomes . Steven was an attentive lover, just as he was when we first met. His choice of nightwear for me was sometimes a real eye opener, apparently he'd been harbouring his feelings for some time, meeting me really turned his head when he and Garry had me at the party. Over the months we enjoyed intimate and relaxed, sometimes very sensual moments, but at the back of my mind , thoughts of my wife, always present  but I'd found my vocation and embraced it tightly, not looking back I thought to myself.

Stevens' passion for silk was pretty obvious given the state of my wardrobe and draws. Slips were a secret passion of his, and mine of course! He knew a seamstress who made sissy maids and panties outfits and more formal evening wear. Yes he spoiled me rotten at times.

Our sex lives were at that time  ‘ vanilla ‘ just good old fashioned love making but one night he introduced me back to DP with the use of a jelly dildo, even though his cock was only eight inches and thick, accompanied by the large fat dildo it was tight, liberally lubed and with some pain as he inserted it next to his cock , it had been a while since I'd been subjected to that but soon got re-acquainted with the feel of two cocks in me, even if only one  was only a dildo! He was slow and gentle as he took me, getting me used to this sensation again, Steven seemed to enjoy himself as he pushed his cock against the veiny dildo, cumming with a cry as his sperm found its way into his lover. he stayed inside me for as long as possible before pulling out, first his semi hard cock then the dildo , we lay on the bed, my sphincter not quite recovered from his ‘ explority ‘ fucking as cool air whipped around my gaping hole. Lying together he asked if I missed the party's. I used to go too ? I had to think carefully how to answer, thankfully he answered for me, ‘ I think it's time we went to one and meet some of my other friends' . Well it was his idea so I said let's think about it. A  sudden panic came over me thinking of past events but also thought, if Steven is happy with that then why not, it'll be fun meeting his friends. From the onset, this would change our relationship as I was quite happy just with Steven but I guess he wanted more, that's what I loved about him, his dominance when it suited.

A few weeks passed and nothing was said until one day I noticed a circle on the calendar, written within, a name , Pauline's 5.30. asking Steven later he told me we'd been invited to a friend's , they wanted to see who had turned his head, more out of curiosity but not known to me, there would be more to it than that!

On the day Steven pulled out one of my red asymmetric dresses, just below the knee so he could show my legs off, low cut top, I loved that 1920’s look!

 I could wear any underwear I wanted plus a silicone filled bra to show off the cleavage of the dress, also I was to bring my sissy maids costume he had specially made for me. Now I knew this was more than just a meet and greet, why I was nervous I don't know but nervous I was, the last party eventually ended in disaster, didn't it.

Sitting In Front of a mirror at the dressing table dressed in only silk panties , black stockings and suspenders and a 34b silicone filled bra I applied my makeup as I transformed into Christine, by now I was really proficient in applying it, blue eyeshadow , black mascara and pink lipstick , I now had no need for a wig as I'd grown my hair, now shoulder length and dyed black , I stared into the mirror at a woman looking back at me, Steven popped his head around the door , his only word was WOW, I guess I'd done a good job as I smiled to myself. Taking my dress off it's hanger I slipped it on, Steven came behind me , kissing me on the back of the neck as he slid the zipper up my back. You look great, he said between several kisses on my neck. Feeling his cock jabbing into my back I knew I'd excelled myself, pushing him off I just said later , what a prick tease I'd become!

Putting on my small open toed heels  and some expensive perfume Steven had bought me as a present I was done, or so I thought. I'd turned Steven on so much with my appearance it would only be matter of time before he would be overcome with lust for me, that happened whilst in the kitchen, coming up behind me , his hands running over my silicone breasts , his hot breath against my ear as he nibbled at it whispering sweet nothings, I knew I had a womanly power over him and it was just a question of who was taking advantage of who. That question was immediately answered as he pushed me face down on the kitchen table and lifting my dress and pulling my panties down, he'd prepared himself for this moment as he pushed his hard cock effortlessly into me, my sphincter hadn't quite recovered from his earlier dp with the dildo! 

He Wasn't rushing as he slowly and lovingly fucked his ‘ bitch’ as he'd call me whilst making love to me. He made full use of his cock as he slid deep into me then pulling almost all the way out before plunging all the way back in, he wasn't going to last long! My assumptions were correct as his hot breath on the back of my neck got  quicker , he didn't speed up his thrusts Into me though as he normally would have , then the moment of his orgasm as he didn't speed up as his cock twitched, just several hard aggressive thrusts into me, causing the table to move across the kitchen floor as he successfully bred me , he cried out loudly as he drove his now spurting cock as deep as he could go, that lovely moment as that warm sensation made its way into my willing body, gripping me tightly like a mating toad in a bid to totally breed me,  Not the best analogy but his grip was tight! as he came into me, once spent , he collapsed on top of me , breathless, kissing my neck telling me how much he loved me then telling me to clean myself up. I hadn't given it any thought as to why he fucked and inseminated me before we went out, I'd find out later, Id be  greatful for that when I finally twigged!

Once Steven had recomposed himself after fucking me and dressed, we made our way to , what Steven described, ‘ a trans friendly restaurant ‘ 

It was a lot posher than I'd given it credit for when we got there. Located in the country with its own hotel it was above lavish! On our arrival the hostess greeted us and showed us to our table, there were six people already seated. One of the women introduced herself as Pauline, mid to late 40’s attractively slim size 14 with silky long blonde hair, she  invited us to sit and introduced me to the other guests. Slightly nervous, I glanced at the menu, all in French, although I'd lived there with my ex wife, I'd never really picked it up so slightly panicked at  that, thankfully Steven was more of an expert with the language. The hostess handed us all the menus, looking at it, the  prices were eye-watering to say the least, but we were guests, unless we were going Dutch! 

Steven elbowed me, ‘ you'd never guess she's not a woman would you’? I looked again. I honestly couldn't tell, she looked every inch a woman. I was soon to discover Pauline and two of her friends weren't either, the room was sparsely occupied and we didn't get any ‘ curious looks’ from diners already there, all in all it was a very relaxed atmosphere indeed.

I was really taken aback at my present company, they all looked stunningly beautiful, something I'd struggle with but I must have been passable as they complimented me on my dress and makeup. 

That did the trick, suddenly I was more relaxed, although Stevens' roving hand on my leg helped. Thankfully, Steven ordered for me, the presentation of the food was amazing, the chef really took pride in his work , oh perhaps the Michelin star on the menu had something to do with that, I smiled to myself.

What started as a nervous situation, meeting new people turned into a really enjoyable evening. The wine flowed as we chatted away like old friends. Conversation turned to me, what business I was in, asked Pauline. I explained I used to be a joint owner in two hotels in Spain, Pauline looked interested as I explained how it came about and how we eventually sold up and moved back to the UK. Pauline came back with a surprise statement when I enquired what she did for a living , ‘ oh I  own a hotel too, small world isn't it!

Then I must have asked the dumbest question ever. Having been in the business I asked her where her hotel was located , a few giggles from her friends, Steven included, her reply really did shock and amaze me simultaneously. ‘ Oh darling, you're sitting in it right now’ I wasn't aware as my face went bright red. ‘ oh Steven, you are a naughty boy not telling Christine’ Thankfully we all saw the funny side and laughed. Steven replied ‘ well I didn't want you pair talking shop all night  now did I’ another few giggles, we all saw the funny side as we polished off our drinks. It was about 9.30 and thoughts of going home, however both Steven and myself had possibly too much to drink to drive home Steven said as much, now I never knew if this was a set up but his announcement sounded a little rehearsed! ‘ Oh dear we can't possibly drive home now, if only we knew a good hotel we can stay at’ a round of laughter as Pauline stroked his cheek. ‘ oh you silly thing, I'm sure I can put you both up for the night’ the others looked at each other with a knowing look, I'd seen that look many times! 

Like most hotel owners , we had our own private area away from the public, Pauline was no different as she led us to her ‘parlour’ as she called it.

It was no parlour, it was like the whole top floor!

Here Pauline said to us, showing us a door , make yourself at home and freshen up. I'm looking forward to seeing you later. With that we went in ,  showered but I wasn't allowed to clean out Stevens' spunk he'd left in me from earlier, things were starting to add up. Once done I came out to see my maids outfit on the bed waiting for me. ‘Pauline and her partner would like you to wear this please’ when Stevens this polite I know he's up to something! 

Slightly confused but equally intrigued i put my stockings and suspenders back on and slipped on the pink maids outfit with my sissy panties. The hem of the outfit sat tantalisingly just above the tops of my stockings, Intentional? Maybe.

A quick glance on the mirror , I combed my hair , Perfect I thought to myself 

Steven held my arm and like the perfect loving couple went into Pauline's living room. Oh wow! It was massive, a few sofas and scattered cushions , a bar. The other two couples watched as we came in. The women all sat on a sofa together whilst their men kept looking me up and down, the bulges in their trousers now gave the game away, there's no such thing as a free meal I suddenly thought. Pauline and Steven sat together on another sofa waiting to see me deflowered by these men. NOW I realised why I was not allowed to wash Stevens sperm out, lube! 

Pauline, now in charge ordered me into the centre of the room ‘ let's see if you're worthy of my steven she said. Now I was confused, he'd never mentioned Pauline before but it turned out it was her who took him off Garry, I couldn't figure it out but Pauline held a secret which I would find out soon.

Now in position, she said to the men ‘ she's all yours' 

Looks like there was more to Pauline than met the eye.

The three men moved in, within seconds I had hands everywhere, my bottom, cock pulling and twisting my large hard nipples which were the focus of their attention. They'd obviously got the memo about my sensitive nipples as now two hands had made their way into my top , softly rubbing them into hard cones, the sensation had the desired effect as my cock reluctantly went solid, this pleased the men but that wasn't their goal. My panties were swiftly removed , cock shooting upwards, a hint of pre cum on the tip. All three men snogged me, tongues explored my mouth as they played with my nipples.  it was now I realised Steven had whored me out to his friends, well it was a surprise but at this point , like the men, I had one thing on my mind ‘yes, ‘the slut was back!” As I grabbed a cock then held another firmly as I gauged their sizes all around eight inches except one, well longer than the other two, I hoped this wasn't going to be too much for me but I hadn't realised that Steven had ‘ trained me up' earlier with the dildo.

Some cushions were placed on top of each other as they now pulled up my maids dress to reveal my cunt. Get on there you tart , one said, getting down I could feel eyes staring at me. The first of the three men slapped some lube over my hole and his cock, pushed me forwards so my bottom was pointing upwards then started to run his cock up and down my crack, teasing me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Pauline and Steven, down to his boxers, her hand down them playing with him whilst they watched me about to be skewered by a large cock. ‘ ‘ready bitch’ he said then the inevitable penetration. He slid in quite easily thanks to Steve's improvised DP. He got to work on me immediately, nice long steady strokes, the remains of Stevens sperm in my now enveloping his invading cock which became evident as he now started to slide effortlessly into me he turned to the people watching saying ‘ oh my , what do we have here? She's really up for this' a few giggles as he started to push into me in earnest, each plunge into me now being accompanied by a squelching sound as Stevens sperm now coating his shaft as he fucked me. I think the feel of my maids dress sent him into sensory overload! He suddenly quickened his pace then pushed hard into me as he yelped out as he came in my sissy cunt. He was pulled off me by the other two men, they wanted me desperately. Pauline broke away from sucking off my Stevens cock to give the men instructions, ‘ not there, take her to the room ‘ from that point thing's were about to get serious, if not a little painful. The largish room only contained a single divan bed with two mattresses. That would be for extra comfort. Once everyone had made their way into the room and picked a vantage point, the two men continued, firstly just kissing and caressing me, my hard cock tantalisingly just above the hem of my outfit but easily accessible but frustratingly they wouldn't touch it, that would be Pauline's later. The men now increased their attention to me, firstly by pulling down my maids dress, my cock sprang upwards like a jack in the box, absolute silence as the men continued to caress me, my nipples now the focus of their attention, one each side taking one in their mouth , sucking and flicking their tounges over them, that was the point I lost it and shouted out for them to fuck me, a few raised eyebrows there, especially Steven!

That was the signal they were waiting for as  one of the men with the largest cock got onto the bed and lubed himself up, the other man put some gel into me, holding my hand. He helped me onto the bed as it was unnaturally high but for a reason. I was to ride him, odd I thought but I was soon chastised for assuming that as the other man turned me around to face the small group, this was a position I don't think I've ever done before. The man held me as I carefully lowered myself onto that monster cock , a good 10 inch but would prove to be invaluable as the night wore on. It wasn't easy but with the help of the other men holding onto me  I was slowly lowered onto the monster cock, stretching me as it forced it's way deep into me. ‘ there' said Steven , ‘ I told you she could take him’ a few giggles as the man now pushed his hips upwards to skewer me. It took a while to get used to him in this position, they could see I was struggling, the next thing I was presented with small bottle of poppers,  lid removed I knew what to do, I inhaled deeply, the sudden rush of wooziness hit me as my body relaxed, my sphincter, stretched but now comfortable with that cock buried deep in me. A few more thrusts from his hips which made my cock dance around but this is not what the group were waiting for.

Now I was placed in possibly the most uncomfortable position as I was told to lie back onto Ian,Paulines partner, his friends helped lower me down onto the man, the cock in me now slipping out slightly but with still a good length still embedded in me, the unusual position made his cock push into my abdomen, a strange feeling indeed! I got it now why they needed a long cock in me first. Once I'd got into the position they needed me , the second part of my deflowering commenced, this is what the assembled group wanted to watch. The second man now lubed his cock and onto the man's exposed shaft. Now I understood Stevens' fascination with DP. ‘ right slut, let's see if you really are what Steven tells us’ with that he placed his solid cock on top of Ian's cock. From the onset I knew this could be painful, I was right , the tip of his cock struggled to open me up enough push in, trying several times before a small bottle of poppers was waved under my nostrils, I sniffed in deeply with almost immediate results as the tip of his cock forced its way in, the group watched in silence, the look on stevens face looked concerned, had he pushed me too far with his fetish? Gritting my teeth another couple of inches now slid inside, then I'm not sure which of us was more surprised as with  his next push  the rest of his cock slid  into me, I heard a gasp from one of the group as he hit home, I guess the poppers had now fully kicked in as there was little pain as my sphincter finally relaxed. Ian stayed still as the other man did all the work, the friction from his cock would soon have him cumming as his cock slid over his glans.

The first few thrusts were more ‘ explority ‘ as he judged my pain threshold, thankfully the poppers had taken most care of that. This was obviously not his first time! Once he was happy, his cock started, slowly at first to slide into me and over the other cock inside me, he must have been rubbing his cock over his glans as I could hear how his breathing changed every time he pushed into me. By now I think Steven felt a little guilty as I was now being taken simultaneously by two over amorous men, he came to my side and held my hand as his partner was now being fucked and stretched in front of him. A sudden realisation hit me, is this how my wife felt sometimes when she was being fucked? 

Suddenly I came back to reality as both men now started to fuck me, ian, being in the position he was could only move a few inches but the other cock now started to fuck me with some force, now playing with my nipples as he fucked me, a bit more lube was poured over his shaft by Pauline as he sped up, he was getting close, they both were, Ian  came first, thankfully he could push all his cock in me as his hot spunk did it's best to force its way into me but denied with their cocks filling the space it needed to swim deeper into me. His cock pulsed away as he shoot a couple of good spurts of sperm into me, his friend was only seconds behind as I felt is cock twitch away inside me, that last push as we all sank deep into the mattress’s, that wonderful feeling as his warm sperm finally shot into my willing man cunt as he grabbed my nipples and pulled at them really hard, stretching them as far as he could, that did it for me even though he hadn't touched  my cock, it wouldn't take it anymore, maybe with it flopping around as they fucked me helped but one thing I do know is when my nipples are played with in that manner it's like a chain reaction I can't control it

 I'll! never know what barry  did to me  to do that but i'll be forever grateful for it. Stephen had a relieved smile on his face. I smiled back in a show of reassurance. One by one they withdrew their semi hard cocks, a torrent of sperm followed, 

Ian,it turned out,  was a heavy cummer, what a way to find out as it dripped down over my balls! My own little puddle of sperm welled in my belly button.

I think the uncertainty of the situation added to my, and their excitement, however , they weren't finished with me yet, well Pauline and ian anyway  as the others prepared to go home, they'd seen what they came for.

Pauline invited me to shower in her ensuite whilst , as she said, while the men entertained themselves. 

I had absolutely no idea what would happen next, it would also be a first for me as I showered, more sperm now dripping down my legs , washing  off and watching it swirl down the plug hole.

All clean, I dried myself, going back onto her bedroom , there she was , dressed in a silk front tie nightie, her breasts, barely covered by the material I just looked at her in all her beauty, her legs silky smooth,  well the one I could see seductively poking through the gap. She patted at the bed, ‘ here, put this on, you'll catch a cold’ there was a black baby doll, someone had told her of my passion for them and in my favourite colour, black. Slipping it on and dusting myself down I looked for the panties, ‘oh no sweetie, you won't need them’.with a smile.

Well so far I'd only come to meet Stevens friends , not be fucked by them, hopefully she only wanted to play with my nipples which were poking through the silk material. climbing onto her four poster bed, sashes draped from the top,’ here, lie next to me’ pattng the mattress next to her. I slid  up next to her not quite knowing what to do next, thankfully She couldn't help herself  her fingers were straight on my nipples  starting the sensations, I was hoping she didn't stop,  my cock was probably thinking the same as it started to poke up the bottom of the baby doll, seeing that she laughed, she undid the tie on her nightie, it fell open to to her waist to reveal the most amazing breasts , nice pert 34b’s.  I stroked  them first before sucking on her amazing nipples. I couldn't believe this amazingly attractive woman was about to take full advantage of me but I was going to have some fun first!

One hand softly squeezing a tit as my other hand now explored the rest of her body. Her nightie still covered her hips as my hand gilded down her leg, she went in for a kiss, I had one eye on her and the other on the door in case her partner came in ‘ don't worry, he's ok with this' she reassured me. She came in and gave me another longer kiss, I responded as my hand went down her leg, her eyes locked on mine as my hand slid up her inner thigh, she never took her eyes off me as my hand found a vagina not a cock! That's when I first realised she was a post op transexual. She looked at my facial expression, I wasn't shocked and she could see this, she smiled, you ok with this, I smiled at her, we continued intimately  stroking each other like lovers, my fingers explored her fanny, moist, now wasn't the time to be asking questions and possibly ruin the moment, then she said those words I'll never forget, ‘ please make love to me’ she said that with sincerity in her voice, I never in my wildest dreams dreamt I'd be in a situation like this, my passionate kiss was my answer, to be honest I didn't think I could refuse her, I was smittened from the onset. 

Removing her nightie I could now see all her body , she was beautiful. She reached for my cock, hard and ready thanks to my pills. She said only one thing, ‘ please, I want you ‘ . It was like I was in a dream but this was very real!

I wasn't sure how to do this, would I hurt her? , yes I know I've only got a six inch penis but this was totally a new experience for me.

She gave me another reassuring kiss then some KY on my cock .

Well this was it as I lowered my hips to meet hers, the tip of my cock now nudging her pussy lips , she closed her eyes as I pushed ever so gently into her, watching her face , eyes closed as I pushed more of my cock into her , her smile was telling me it was alright as the last inch sank into ‘ new territory ‘ her nails threatened to puncture my skin as she dug her nails into me. I hadn't started to make love to her yet, I was trying to gauge her reaction as my cock now filled her. Again she reassured me with another long kiss, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth, now I slowly and carefully pulled backwards then push in again , her face said it all, she was in heaven! That encouraged me to be a bit more assertive as I now plunged my cock back into her, her moans and tight grip on my back, nails like talons as she dug them in. I was a little too excited to last long and I was right as I sped up, then something I wasn't expecting as she had an orgasm seconds before I came in her, my sperm now filled her as she came down from her orgasm. I certainly was learning very quickly. Once my cock had finished spewing it's seed into her, we remained ‘ locked’ I wanted to stay in her as long as possible, Pauline had a similar thought as she held me tightly but as I started to go limp, I slowly slipped out of her, she kissed me and said thank you as she slid off the bed and into the bathroom to freshen up. I just lay there on the bed, my heart still beating like a drum, what had just happened? I thought to myself, thanks to the pills my cock awoke , stretching to full hardness again with just the thought of what just happened. Pauline came back into the bedroom, looking at my revived hard on she looked Intrigued as I watched her come back to me , seconds, I thought but disappointed that wasn't on the cards right now, lying  next to me, playing with my nipples, she knew I liked this as I turned to her, putting my arms around her and softly caressing her. She opened up about what just happened, she'd known about me for some time, STEVEN! 

I'd fulfilled my purpose being there, that sounded harsh to say the least, although she'd fully transitioned, and had a partner, he couldn't make love to her as his cock physically wouldn't fit into her, a frustrating situation I'd experienced myself earlier and still stinging. tonight though she got to experience being made love without any fear of potential ‘ complications’ as she eloquently put it ,she thanked me for that, then the bombshell, ‘ I'd love to see you again ‘ she blurted out. I couldn't believe it, neither would Steven or  Ian.

We kissed like lovers, suddenly, all thoughts of my wife vanished. Pauline was the one, impossibly filling that void, a fact that would set things into motion with Steven and myself, in the meantime, Pauline would ask for me when she got  ‘ the itch’ to pop over. Until Pauline, I thought I'd got the perfect relationship with Steven, maybe on the rebound, for me though, this was the happiest I'd been for some time.

Now back into my baby doll we both walked back into the living room, we both saw Steven had something on his chin , we both laughed, Pauline laughed as she pointed out he'd missed a bit, pointing at his face ‘ oh dear Christine, your Stevens been a naughty boy’ his face went bright red but then the laughter as he saw the funny side. The rest of the evening went as expected, a foursome, I'd get to fuck Pauline again that night and I'd pay the price as Steven and Ian fucked the living daylights out of me I think Steven must have been frustrated at what had just happened as he fucked me harder than normal, my sphincter took a real battering as the pair of them filled me with sperm. From that night, Steven would be more assertive than he'd been previously which would end up in a party that would define our relationship, till then I was enjoying Pauline's company, maybe a little too much!


Written by Christine63

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