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Attending a Wedding

"Husband notices a man taking an interest in his wife and where it leads"

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Author's Notes

"It seems some people don't know what they like until it slaps them in the face."

“Oh no John Key, you naughty, naughty boy, you’re not allowed to spank a lady...” scolded Dorothy flirtatiously over her shoulder, with a cheeky giggle, as she continued to shake her bouncy bubble bottom for him. Her husband Alan hadn’t expected this, he wasn’t sure what he was expecting but it sure as hell wasn’t his lovely wife Dorothy, wiggling her sexy peach, for a complete stranger and only teasingly scolding him for smacking her jelly bottom...

... Alan liked watching his wife Dorothy dancing, she really was ‘poetry in motion’ as they say; he just wasn’t so keen on Weddings. He found them rather boring. So there he was sitting all alone, drinking a fairly bland whiskey, amazed at his gorgeous wife’s ability to literally, dance the night away.

A young man sat down next to him, in his wife’s seat. Alan hadn’t seen him before but he was dressed in a sharp suit, shirt and tie, so Alan asked if he was with the Bride or Groom?

“Oh I see, no, I’m a business man, I’m staying here at the hotel.” replied the stranger.

“That must be tough, working away from home and having to listen to this racket?” said Alan sympathetically, pointing to the noisy band, churning out yet another cheesy wedding number.

“No, I love it.”

“Really?” Alan asked, surprised...

“Oh yes I like a good wedding,” he chirped, “I love seeing the ladies, all dressed up and on the dance floor ... after they’ve had a few ... too many.”

“I mean, just look at that sexy babe over there, what a tasty feast of eye candy she is...” he said pointing towards the dance floor.

Alan looked over where he was indicating and thought, ‘that’s my wife he’s pointing at,’ with a sudden burst of pride. He knew full well his wife Dorothy was a ‘sexy babe’ but he liked being reminded of just what a hot little, pretty young thing, she really was.

Alan was about to proudly declare, ‘that’s my beautiful wife, I’ll pass on the compliment... ‘

When the stranger added, with a lecherous grin, “I’d love to give her a good seeing too...”

Alan thought he better tell this gate crasher that the ‘eye candy’ he wants to ‘give a good seeing to,’ is already spoken for, before it’s too late and this gets more than a little embarrassing...

But it was already beyond the pale, as the stranger added lecherously, “look at the tits on that honey, her lovely pointy nipples are so perky too, she just loves showing off those sexy puppies.”

And it got worse, much worse, as if on command, Dorothy swivelled round, bent her knees and stuck her bottom out, as she sexily wiggled her shapely hips, in time to the music...

“Oh wow yes,” the stranger chuckled happily, “what a bottom, that’s an absolute peach, look at her thrusting that yummy bum, right out there, on display...”

Mercifully, that was the last dance, the music stopped and the lights came on, as Dorothy made her way back to their table. Alan had forgotten the leering letch was sitting in her seat, as she came right up to the stranger and looked over at Alan expectantly...

“Oh, this is your wife?” said the stranger standing tall, seemingly not in the least bit put out...

Alan thought the stranger would look shame faced and apologise as he made a hasty retreat, but no, he never even blanched, this was one cool customer.

“Charming to meet you...” said the stranger grandly, before theatrically bowing and kissing the back of Dorothy’s hand.

“Oh, a real gentleman,” gushed Dorothy, beaming from ear to ear, “I’m Dorothy, pleased to meet you kind sir.” she countered, with a cute little mock curtsey.

“Your husband...” he said, looking over at Alan...

“Alan.” replied Alan helpfully...

“Yes, your husband Alan and I, call me John Key by the way, were just admiring your wonderful dance moves Dorothy.”

“No you weren’t, you silly men,” giggled Dorothy, as her pretty face lit up, secretly pleased with the compliment.

“You might have seen some decent moves,” continued Dorothy, slightly blushing now, as she gazed into John Key’s pale blue eyes, “if they’d played any half decent songs, tonight.”

“I have a great Bose mini sound system in my room, here at the hotel...” boasted John Key eagerly. “I always bring it with me, the sound is exquisite, why don’t we all go up and listen to some of your favourite tracks now Dorothy?”

Alan definitely didn’t want to go to this creepy guy’s hotel room, after he’d been ogling his wife. Lusting after Dorothy was excusable, he grudgingly supposed, she is a stunner after all, but ‘John Key’ didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed, when he realised, Alan was her husband.

But before Alan could say anything, Dorothy tilted her head coquettishly and smiled at John Key, as she pushed his shoulder, with a giggled squeal...

“Oh John Key, you bold boy, imagine asking a married lady to go up to your room ... no way John Key and I thought you were a gentleman too ... not unless you’ve got my absolute favourite songs?”

“Name you favourite songs Dorothy...” was the increasingly annoying John Key’s, rather clever riposte.

Dorothy brushed her fingertips through her long blonde hair, with a big sexy smile for the handsome stranger, and proceeded to rhyme off three songs, in quick succession, all of which Alan could readily vouch for. God knows, he’d been dragged out, kicking and screaming, onto the dance floor, by his wife, whenever they were played...

“I love those songs too Dorothy, I have them all.” replied a very assured and confident John Key.

“Well that’s settled then.” said Dorothy firmly, with a big cheesy smile on her face. She was obviously delighted, that the impending finish, to this seemingly endless day of nonstop dancing was on hold and whoop dee doo, there might be more dancing to come.

‘Not so fast Dorothy... ‘Thought Alan to himself, ‘when I explain later, why we couldn’t go up to his room, she’ll understand ... I think.’

But John Key must have sensed Alan’s reluctance, as he quickly turned to him and added...

“I have a rather pleasant bottle of vintage whiskey there too Alan, it’s really good ... and I mean, really good Alan, I bet you’d love a tipple or two?” he said, pointing at Alan’s empty glass.

“Oh, all right then...” replied Alan, with a resigned sigh, not wanting to be a party pooper ... and another drink might be quite nice. He didn’t want Dorothy calling him a ‘fuddy-duddy’ again, as she had been, all night long, at Alan’s increasing unwillingness to dance with his lovely but insatiably boogying wife.

‘This isn’t so bad... ‘Alan thought to himself, pleasantly surprised, sitting in a very agreeable hotel room, sipping what proved to be a very fine whiskey indeed. He really felt relaxed now, with the lovely soft warm kick, from the creamy smooth whiskey, soothing his throat and making him feel a little bit dreamy, pleasantly mellow and totally chilled.

“Oh yes this is so nice...” declared Dorothy, smiling happily, as she squeezed in beside Alan, on the luxurious armchair. She was slightly tipsy now, with a fresh and rather large, strawberry daiquiri cocktail in hand, courtesy of their generous host.

Alan liked having Dorothy squished in close to him, she was so soft and warm and deliciously sexy. She nuzzled her head onto Alan’s shoulder and brushed her hand across his chest. He was about to put his arm around her and hug her close to him, when she jumped up excitedly...

“Oh yes, of course, I almost forgot, you promised to play my favourite songs John Key ... I hope you haven’t been stringing me along John Key?” She poked his chest playfully and wagged her finger at him, as she shook her head mockingly. “You better not buster or you’ll find out what happens to a cheeky chappy, when he teases a lady.”

“I haven’t forgotten Dorothy,” responded John Key, charmingly, with a disarming smile, “a gentleman never forgets a promise to a lady.”

‘He’s really milking it now... ‘Thought Alan to himself, a few minutes ago his tongue was hanging out and his eyes were on stalks, gawping at his wife. Now it’s a ‘gentleman’ this and a ‘lady’ that, or was that just Alan being churlish.

And Alan had to give bold John Key, his dues, he had all of Dorothy’s favourite songs, he thought that was just a ruse but he was as good as his word. Dorothy’s lips formed a sexy ‘O’ shape and her eyes lit up, as the first song played, with a deep quality base. She smiled happily, as she stared at Alan and John Key, with a smouldering look on her gorgeous face. Dorothy grinned wickedly as she started to dance, slow and sexy with her arms up and her hips swaying from side to side.

Alan had to admit, it was kind of hot and sexy, watching Dorothy dancing to her beloved tunes, now that she was away from the bustling dance floor, with just John Key and him for company. The heady mix of the wonderful whiskey coupled with the intimacy of Dorothy, dancing alone for them, was sensuous and alluring.

Then Dorothy’s, ‘all time favourite song ... of all time,’ came on and she was in her element. She was really going for it now, obviously determined to show off some of the ‘decent moves,’ she’d promised them.

Alan watched, totally mesmerised, as Dorothy swirled and shuffled and swivelled her shapely hips. The soft sensuous swaying of Dorothy’s wonderful curves was strangely hypnotic. Alan glanced over at John Key and he could tell from his slack jawed, drooling mouth, that he was rather enjoying it too.

Where Dorothy learnt to be such a saucy little temptress, wondered Alan, with a pang of jealousy. ‘Why haven’t I been treated to a foxy dancing show like this before,’ he thought slightly miffed that he’d been missing out. This gorgeous smouldering Goddess was Alan’s wife, he thought happily and she really knows how to get a chap excited, or in this case, two lucky young chaps.

Then she started that super sexy, knees bent, lovely bottom shimmying action, bordering on twerking, which had so enamoured their salivating host, John Key, earlier in the evening.

“Oh wow yes please,” John Key said encouragingly, “you weren’t joking Dorothy, when you promised us some sexy dance moves.”

Alan wasn’t sure his wife had promised some ‘sexy’ dance moves but he was being churlish again, he felt exactly the same, as the audibly groaning, John Key. Dorothy was clearly enjoying herself and she looked so cute and sexy too, with a lovely big smile on her gorgeous face, as she teased them both with her sassy dancing...

“Oh yes that’s nice Dorothy,” acknowledged John Key, approvingly, “stick that sexy bottom out girl, that is beautiful.”

Surely that was almost as racy as his earlier comments, thought Alan, those salacious remarks; he was so keen to keep Dorothy from hearing.

But apparently he was a fool for trying to protect her modesty, as Dorothy didn’t seem to mind them at all. In fact John Key’s lecherous observations only seemed to encourage her further.

She responded to his slavering silver tongue, by sticking her pert bottom out and wiggling her candy sweet cheeks deliberately and rousingly, in their direction. She stood with her back to them and slowed her dancing down, her hips swaying gently while her arms floated above her head as she swirled in time to the rhythm.

Hypnotically back and forth she fluttered like a dancing flame. The thrill of this erotic scene made Alan groan out loud. ‘Just look at those curves,’ he thought as his heart raced and his pulse quickened for this insanely exciting woman, ‘she’s intoxicating.’

Dorothy glanced at Alan, with her lips pouted and her eyes daring and dangerous. She twirled round and arched her back as she pushed her hips out in his direction. Dorothy caught his eye again and wiggled her bubble bottom for Alan, with a cheeky giggle.

She looked over to John Key, with a seductive smile and mouthed ‘oh John boy,’ as she pointed her bountiful booty, in his direction, then back to Alan, then John Key ... Alan should have been jealous and angry that she was so openly flirting with a handsome stranger, but he just didn’t want this to end, it was exhilarating.

Then the third song came on, with a huge grin and a wide eyed squeal of delight from Dorothy. Alan thought the last song, was his wife’s ‘all time favourite ... of all time’ but apparently this one was ‘the best song ever... ‘Could both really exist in the same universe...?

... Alan wasn’t sure and he just didn’t care, as he felt his cock tingle with excitement as Dorothy increased the tempo. Not just wiggling her piping hot bot for her captivated audience now, she was dancing backwards right up to Alan, so her shapely bottom was gyrating right in his face. Then over to the, no doubt, stiff cocked John Key, and wiggling her lovely firm round bottom, right in his face too.

“Oh yes, that’s well naughty,” said John Key cheekily, “I’m loving this Dorothy.”

Alan ‘loved’ it too, somehow he didn’t seem to care that Dorothy was dividing her attention equally between them. She looked so happy and beautiful, as she flirted wickedly with John Key. He’d never seen her being so teasingly pleasing and outrageously provocative before and certainly not with anyone else present and it was strangely liberating.

It was thrilling to see Dorothy excitedly responding to John Key’s flirty comments; she was positively glowing as she teased them, with her shockingly sexy dancing. She openly enjoyed being the centre of attention and relished the power she had over her drooling spectators, as their hungry eyes followed her every move.

As Dorothy approached John Key, bottom first again, he turned to Alan grinning and said...

“Oh yes, she’s got a beautiful bottom, Alan, that is such a pretty little peach, you’re a very lucky boy.”

“Do you like my ‘bottom’ John Key?” teased Dorothy, doing the finger quotes around the word ‘bottom,’ as she glanced tauntingly over her shoulder at him. With a cheeky grin on her face for John Key, she said seductively, “do you like me wiggling my married ‘bottom’ for you John boy?”

“Oh yes please,” he chirped happily, “I’m mad for it Dorothy...” as he eagerly licked his lips as he reached forward and playfully slapped her wiggling bottom.

“Oh no John Key, you naughty, naughty boy, you’re not allowed to spank a lady...” scolded Dorothy flirtatiously over her shoulder, with a cheeky giggle, as she continued to shake her bouncy bubble bottom for him...

“But you’ve been so naughty Dorothy,” chided John Key, “you’ve been teasing us something rotten, you really do need a spanking for that.”

Then turning to Alan, John Key added, “Perhaps your husband should give your naughty bottom a spanking, for teasing us so mercilessly?”

“My husband’s not man enough to spank me...” replied Dorothy boldly, as she saucily danced backwards to her husband, wiggling her quivering bottom all the way over and stuck it right out in front of him.

“Oh yes, that sounds like a challenge,” said John Key, with obvious delight as he rubbed his hands together and looked at Alan expectantly.

‘No, I’m not falling for that one,’ thought Alan, ‘good try Dorothy, but no.’ Alan could picture his wife’s angry face, staring daggers at him in the morning, during the ‘inquest’ into the night before, with an incredulous...

‘You spanked my bottom Alan, in front of a stranger, you smacked my bum with a stranger looking on, some husband you are... ‘

“ ... I told you he wasn’t man enough John Key,” goaded Dorothy giggling, with her cheeky bottom still jiggling so daringly and tantalisingly well within striking distance from Alan.

‘To hell with the post mortem at the breakfast table, tomorrow morning,’ thought Alan. His naughty wife was questioning his manhood, in front of a stranger, who she’s been openly flirting with; surely that’s a spanking offence on its own?

Alan reached over and landed a smarting slap, across Dorothy’s lovely firm bottom and boy did it feel good, with his heart pumping like crazy as he slapped that naughty bottom, a good stinging smack.

“... no, didn’t feel a thing.” goaded Dorothy cheekily over her shoulder, with a naughty wink to John Key. Her face looked so pretty beaming with mischief, as she continued to brandish her achingly spankable bottom, right under her husband’s nose. She looked back over her shoulder at Alan and pulled a silly face, as she stuck her tongue out and wiggled her jiggling bottom. Her face flushed bright pink, as she teased and tormented her husband; she licked her lips and winked at John Key again.

This earned Dorothy another scorching spank from Alan, on her lovely sticky out bottom. With no reaction again and her husband’s face now blushing furiously, he landed a third resounding slap, that left his palm stinging.

Alan’s cock was good and hard now, spanking his wife, while John Key looked on delighted, with a big leering grin on his boyish face.

After a short delay, Dorothy retorted calmly, “... I told you John Key, my husband’s not man enough to spank me.”

“Allow me to demonstrate...” said John Key, menacingly.

In a split second, he’d taken hold of Dorothy’s hand and with a startled squeal from her; he’d flipped her over his knee. “Oh no, hubby, help me Alan, I’m in for it now,” she giggled, as she squirmed across John Key’s lap, “a real man is going to spank me...”

‘God that looks so hot and sexy, seeing my lovely wife face down, over another man’s lap,’ thought Alan helplessly. After a quick and appreciative rub, from John Key’s large hand, on Dorothy’s delightfully upturned bottom, he landed an absolute stinger on her bouncy buttocks.

“Oh...” yelped Dorothy, as her head shoot up in surprise, “John Key knows how to spank a lady.”

Alan wasn’t sure he liked having his manhood questioned by his wife and then confirmed by a stranger’s demonstration. But he couldn’t deny, seeing Dorothy’s lovely quivering bottom jiggling across John Key’s knees, was a dick hardening delight.

It was a strangely engrossing sight too, Dorothy and her beautiful bubble bottom, seemed to be totally separated now. She was way over at the far end of the couch, with her pretty face buried in a silky cushion, while her adorable bottom was at the other end, languishing over John Key’s lap.

From where Alan was sitting, there appeared to be a completely unattached bottom, squirming and wriggling delightfully over John Key’s knee. The fact that it was his wife’s bottom, just seemed to add to the rapidly mounting excitement.

John Key was holding Dorothy’s only free hand firmly in his, with the same arm resting on her back, which left his ‘spanking’ hand totally unfettered and free to roam at will.

“That’s how it’s done,” goaded John Key, looking at Alan and smirking, “that’s how you spank a naughty wife...” he hissed, as he landed another resounding slap on Dorothy’s quivering bottom. The sound of his huge hand, spanking down hard on Dorothy’s springy buttocks, echoed around the room, like a pistol shot. A loud squeal and a throaty moan from her signalled how the stinging slap had struck home with a vengeance.

Being draped over John Key’s knee had the effect of stretching Dorothy’s light blue pants, tight across her firm round bottom, so the lovely quivering mounds of her beautiful booty cheeks, presented a tantalisingly teasing target.

There’s something incredibly intimate and outrageously exciting about a spanking, Alan marvelled to himself. He was captivated by the sight of John Key eagerly rubbing his wife’s buttocks, in big swirling motions, and then peppering her jiggling bottom with pats and slaps and hard spanks.

Alan’s cock was blatantly at full mast now, watching enthralled, as John Key played patty cake with his wife’s bottom ... but an enraged Dorothy, appeared in his mind’s eye, with a very annoyed...

‘And you sat there Alan, you just sat there, doing nothing and you let him spank my bottom, you let a stranger spank your wife’s bum. With his big strong hand, slapping away at my married bottom and you did nothing to stop him, what the hell’s wrong with you?’

Alan had that awful alarm clock moment, when you feel like your head just hit the pillow and the buzzer goes off, to tell you it’s time for work and you have to drag yourself up. This was sensationally arousing and he just doesn’t want it to end but he needed to put a stop to it, or he’d be in big trouble with Dorothy.

Alan’s stiffening cock was swelling against something else hard in his pocket. Realising it was his phone, which Dorothy had bought for Alan’s last birthday, he begrudgingly thought, ‘I know how to get us out of this pickle... ‘

“Oh no Dorothy,” he called out, “I must have left my phone at our table; I’ll just nip down and get it.”

John Key’s smile disappeared, as he looked up at Alan disappointed and stopped slapping and fondling Dorothy’s bottom and released his grip on her ... but there was no response from Dorothy. Alan thought she would jump up, glad of the excuse to wriggle out of her, rather well deserved spanking...

... But no, clearly she was OK with being bent over a stranger’s knee, for a damn good spanking, in front of her long suffering husband, thought Alan feeling hurt and frustrated. ‘I should just let this go on, see where it ends up, my throbbing joy stick could definitely do with a wonderful adventure. A sexy little escapade is just what the doctor ordered, to relieve my severe case of swollen cock.’

But again Dorothy’s angry morning face, was shouting into his crystal ball, for not doing something to stop this ... he better end this now, before it was too late...

“OK, I won’t be long...” He called out over his shoulder, as he opened the Hotel room door and slammed it shut, with Alan still on the inside.

He tiptoed back over to the couch, fully expecting to see a flustered and furious Dorothy leaping up, ‘effing’ and ‘jeffing,’ that her husband had left her and what a moron he was.

Only for Alan to pop up and say ‘ah ... fooled you Dorothy,’ and she’d giggle and they’d head off home, arm in arm, just another happy young, loving couple.

But Dorothy remained draped over John Key’s lap, as a wickedly smiling John Key resumed the big hearty hand rolling rubs and playful slaps on Alan’ wife’s beautifully upturned bottom. Dorothy gasped and moaned and wriggled her curvy hips as John Key eagerly slapped her quivering bottom...

“Of course, to really sort out a naughty bottom, good and proper like...” teased John Key, “I have to be able to see the target...” He glanced mischievously at Alan, as he took hold of Dorothy’s elastic waistband and yanked her pants right down to her knees, in one quick movement.

Alan’s cock literally squirmed with arousal, as his wife’s creamy white thighs, flashed into view. Shapely bare legs and above them, the glorious globes of her jiggling buttocks, with just a tiny pair of light blue panties, barely covering her full firm round bubble bottom.

“Oh no, no, no John Key...” gasped Dorothy, squirming and wriggling frantically, as he peeled her pants down.

But lots of long soothing caresses interspersed with friendly little pats and slaps on her panty covered bottom, pacified Dorothy’s urgent cries of complaint. Her pleas of ‘no, no, no’ faded into ‘oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,’ until her moans and groans were a distant whimper.

Alan could see clearly now where John Key’s, marauding hand, had slapped and spanked Dorothy’s buttocks, with his big red hand marks peeking out on both sides of her pretty little bottom hugging panties.

Alan’s cock seemed determined to burst out of his trousers, watching transfixed as John Key continued to massage and pat and spank his wife’s scanty panty bottom.

John Key’s hand started landing big hard slaps on Dorothy’s bottom again. They were real stingers too, with just the thin wispy material of her panties, the only protection, for her jiggling bottom cheeks, from his smarting palm.

John Key had a rhythm going now, a spank on Dorothy’s left cheek, a gentle rub to ease the nasty stinging, then a hefty slap on her right cheek and a soothing rub again, with Dorothy sexily wriggling her bouncing bottom, with every smack.

Then John Key subtly upped the tempo, still caressing Dorothy’s booty cheeks between spanks but moving faster now, spank, rub, spank, rub, faster and faster. With Dorothy wriggling frantically between stinging slaps. The effect of John Key’s ‘handiwork’ made Dorothy’s panties, creep in towards the crack of her bouncing buttocks. Alan’s wife didn’t seem to notice that her panties were disappearing up her creamy bare bottom, as she continued to wriggle her shapely hips, shamelessly, while John Key spanked and caressed her smarting buttocks.

Alan moaned out loud as Dorothy’s wriggling bottom made her tiny blue panties slip right up her blushing pink bottom cheeks. Before long Dorothy’s panties had completely disappeared up the crack of her bare bottom and her lovely creamy pink and white cheeks were fully exposed, jiggling and bouncing delightfully, with every smarting spank from John Key’s, stinging hand. She groaned and gasped breathlessly as she wriggled her bottom and her curvaceous hips writhed in time to John Key’s spanking rhythm.

‘God this is just so achingly arousing, watching my wife’s bottom being manhandled by a stranger... ‘Thought Alan groaning in frustration. He couldn’t explain why, his heart was pounding as he watched the scene unfold in horror. It was a total car crash and yet he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the shockingly appalling spectacle.

John Key must have known he was rooted to the spot and totally captivated, by this wicked exhibition. With a quick glance at Alan and a big stupid grin on his face, he grabbed hold of the elastic waistband of Dorothy’s panties and lifted them straight up. Dorothy’s bottom rose up like a sexy puppet on a string, as her panties flossed between her bare bottom cheeks and rubbed against her throbbing pussy.

He lifted his arm up and down, toying with her, as Dorothy’s bottom bobbed up and down. Dorothy’s panties disappeared into a tiny little G-string, lodged deep in her happy valley. Her creamy bare buttocks danced and jiggled, for puppet master John, as he pulled the panty strings.

Another wicked leer and an evil smirk from John Key, as he yanked Dorothy’s panties down. He just whipped Dorothy’s knickers right down and bared her bottom. Bold as brass he nonchalantly pulled Alan’s wife’s panties down, like he was peeling the wrapper off a candy bar and exposed her creamy bare bottom goodies.

“No, no, no John Key, you mustn’t, oh God no, no, no, no, no, no...” gasped Dorothy as she wriggled her hips furiously, making her bare bottom squirm and jiggle across his knee...

But a long tender and comforting caress from John Key’s, big strong hand, on Dorothy’s freshly bared bottom; made her “no, no, no’s” gently fade away ... until they’d petered out completely.

‘Oh my God, John Key just bared my wife’s bum, right there in front me and I didn’t even flinch,’ thought Alan shaking and gasping for breath. It was electrifying to see Dorothy’s bare bottom over John Key’s lap, totally exposed and so shockingly vulnerable. With her freshly juiced honey pot, peeking out so shamelessly below, her creamy pink and white marshmallow cheeks.

John Key was now spanking Dorothy’s bare buttocks, hard stinging slaps between intimate strokes at her candy sweet bottom. His spanks weren’t playful anymore and it was truly shocking to see Dorothy’s creamy bare cheeks, completely covered, in his big red hand marks.

The harder spanks were countered with long soothing rubs, not just on Dorothy’s bare bottom but John Key was also intimately caressing the back of her legs too, lingering wilfully between her silky smooth, velvety soft, milky white thighs.

John Key looked up at Alan again, with a big hearty chuckle and an evil grin on his face. He teased his hand between Alan’s wife’s inner thighs and Dorothy gasped out loud, as his finger slipped deep into her piping hot pussy.

Dorothy’s hips squirmed with arousal, as John Key tickled her warm, moist honey pot. He slowly rolled his tongue over his lips as he played with her. He slid his finger out of her juicy pussy and rubbed his glistening digit, all over her cute little chocolate starfish, with Dorothy’s love juice lubricating her most secret and intimate parts.

Alan watched transfixed, as if in slow motion, as Dorothy raised her bare bottom up. She blatantly lifted her bottom, right up in the air, seeking John Key’s tender touch again but he cruelly landed a stingingly hard spank, on her lovely upturned cheeks.

“Oh you like that don’t you Dorothy, you like it when I tickle your juicy bits, don’t you girl?” goaded John Key...

“... Yes...” whimpered Dorothy, in a gasped whisper, fighting for breath and losing control...

“You really are a naughty little wifey aren’t you?” Teased John Key as he wickedly slapped her quivering cheeks again, followed by a full force, open handed smack that left Dorothy’s bare bottom jiggling from the stinging blow.

Another furious flurry, of scorching hot slaps, in quick succession, rained fire down on her pretty bare bottom. ‘Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank,’ before John Key relented and caressed her stinging cheeks. He sneaked his finger back inside Dorothy’s tingling juice box and Alan was shocked and stunned to see his wife spreading her legs for ease of pussy access. She determinedly pushed her bare bum back up in the air again, desperately seeking the approval of John Key’s teasingly tickling fingers.

Even John Key’s, mercilessly hard spanks, didn’t deter Dorothy from raising her bare bottom, right up and spreading her legs wide for him. John Key leaned over to get a damn good look at Dorothy’s soaking wet pussy and her bare brown eye, which were now shamefully on display for him.

“Are you a naughty wife Dorothy?” asked John Key in a deep angry voice.

“Yes ... oh God yes John Key, I’ve been a naughty wife...”

“What happens to naughty Wives Dorothy?”

“They get spanked John Key...”

“Do you deserve to be spanked Dorothy?”

“Yes, oh yes John Key, spank me, spank my bottom, spank my bare bottom, and spank my bare married bottom...”

‘Spank, spank, spank... ‘

“Harder John Key, spank me harder ... I’ve been a wicked bitch...”

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank’ John Key slapped Dorothy’s bottom increasingly harder as she gasped and moaned losing control...

“What did you do, you wicked bitch...” goaded John Key in a strict, no nonsense tones.

“I showed myself to our neighbour ... naked, John Key ... oh God it was so exciting. I knew he was looking into our bedroom window, when I came out of the shower. I let the towel drop and showed myself to him, stark naked. He’s so cute and handsome, John Key and it was so exciting, knowing he could see me; I went right up to the window and gave him a good show. My bare tits and pussy, on display for him, oh my God, my heart was thumping, fit to burst and my pussy was throbbing, as I turned round and bent over, so he could see my bare bum ... and that’s when Alan walked in and almost caught me...”

‘Spank, spank, spank... ‘

“I bet you husband knew, Dorothy, Alan knew you were showing yourself off, flashing for your handsome neighbour. I bet it turned him on, knowing you were showing off your bare tits and pussy, to a stranger. What did you tell Alan, when he saw you, with your bare bottom, at the window?”

“Oh my God John, I thought I was going to die with fright, my heart hit the floor and my pussy quivered like crazy, when Alan came in and saw me at the window, naked and exposed. I just mumbled, something like ‘sorry ... my towel slipped... ‘ and he never said a word about it John ... I mean, how could he not know, I was naked, at our bedroom window, my nipples where rock hard and I was rubbing my pussy, at the thought of our handsome neighbour, stroking his big hard cock, to me...”

“Oh yes, that’s well naughty, Dorothy, I love thinking about you being a nice and naughty little teasing minx. Showing off your bare married tits and your bare married pussy and wiggling this bare married bottom, for a stranger, while your husband pretends he doesn’t know, that is so sexy and exciting.”

‘God I just can’t take this anymore... ‘Thought Alan hopelessly, with his face burning bright red with anger and shame and embarrassment and feverish arousal. He whipped his rock hard cock out and started stroking it off, as a stranger spanked and fingered his bare bottomed wife.

John Key glanced up and caught Alan, desperately rubbing at his bloated cock and with a lecherous chuckle he continued remorselessly spanking and tickling Dorothy, as she started gasping ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ breathlessly.

It was just so degrading and humiliating for Alan, standing there with his dick out, as a complete stranger spanked and fingered his wife’s bare bottom and pussy. Right there in front of him, another man was abusing his lovely wife. While she confesses to him how wicked she’d been, so shockingly intimate as she brazenly moaned and groaned with unabashed pleasure.

Alan’s nemesis, John Key, had just caught him with his cock in the cookie jar and it mattered not a jot. He just couldn’t control this over powering urge to satisfy his hideously engorged penis.

John Key started brushing his moistened fingertips teasingly up and down Dorothy’s wide open honey pot, playfully pleasing her pretty pink pussy lips. Wickedly lingering over Dorothy’s hot little clit, which was swollen plump and gently quivering with excitement and arousal from his tantalising touch.

As Dorothy’s ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ were rapidly overtaken by cries of ‘oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,’ Alan just about ripped his cock off. He creamed his knob, spraying his cock juice, all over John Key’s carpet and it just felt so good, so shockingly gratifying. A fantastically satisfying release, for his achingly swollen penis, as it bobbed up and down and pulsated with pleasure.

When Dorothy slapped her legs together and came, crying “... oh Jesus Christ...” through gritted teeth, Alan tiptoed backwards towards the hotel door. Still watching enthralled, as John Key lifted his wife off his knee, like she weighed nothing at all. She stood up straight, with her back to Alan, visible shaking and gasping for breath.

How astonishing to see Dorothy standing there, bare bottomed, with her trousers and knickers down to her knees, in front of a stranger. Shamefully, as if to add insult to injury, her pants and panties almost immediately gave up the struggle against gravity and slid right down and puddled around her ankles, vanquished and defeated.

Quietly shuffling backwards as he admired his wife’s shapely legs and beautiful bare buttocks, freshly spanked and glowing a lovely rosy pink, his hand fumbled against the door knob and he slipped out into the hotel corridor, unseen and unheard.

He pressed his eye to the key hole and watched, shocked and horrified, with his heart thumping wildly in his chest, as John Key unzip his trousers and out popped his swollen cock. John Key thrust his hips forward towards Dorothy, with his huge, mushroom headed shaft, squirming for relief.

Dorothy reached out her dainty little hand towards John Key’s hideously engorged manhood and teasingly stroked his pulsating love pole, up and down with her finger tips. His cock writhed to her tender touch and stood to attention. She squeezed his big thick penis and pulled his steel hard shaft towards her and then let go, giggling like a naughty school girl. John Key’s smile disappeared, with a flash of fury, as his big springy cock, slapped back against his washboard stomach.

A frustrated John Key thrust his hips forward again, with angry arousal, begging for some of Dorothy’s hot loving but she playfully pushed him back against the couch and he involuntarily sat down. He must have landed on the remote control, as Dorothy’s songs began playing, on John Key’s stereo again.

Dorothy squealed with delight and began dancing seductively, her eyes twinkling with mischief. She looked so cute and sexy too, with her pants and panties still down around her ankles, as she twirled round, wriggling her lovely bare bottom in time to the music.

A big sexy smile and a smouldering look on her face, for John Key, as she lifted her top for him. Alan watched hypnotised, as first one, and then two bouncing bare puppies popped right out, in all their bouncy goodness. Dorothy gyrated her shapely hips from side to side, with her perky, impish nipples, swaying one way, while her bouncy bare bottom, wiggled the other.

Alan could hardly breathe and his knees were shaking, as he took in the shocking sight, of Dorothy’s bare breasts, tumbling out and jiggling erotically. Her pretty pink nipples all perky and hard for a stranger. John Key licked his lips and stroked his cock eagerly as Dorothy shuffled round and presented, her lovely bare, freshly spanked bottom, for his inspection. A big cheesy grin split his leering face, as John Key admired his handiwork on Dorothy’s glowing pink cheeks.

Alan felt his stomach tie itself in knots as he heard Dorothy say, “this is for you John boy, I loved it when you told me, you liked the way I danced. You made me feel so sexy and I adore the way your eyes lit up, when you saw me on the dance floor. I can still feel that tingly sensation, that awful naughty thrill, of knowing you were eyeing me up. Oh yes John Key, I like being a naughty wife for you, you are so exciting, I’m all yours John boy...”

Alan’ beautiful wife was dancing naked for a handsome stranger and all he could think of was how arousing it was to see Dorothy’s gorgeous hour glass figure, as her creamy smooth curves shimmered seductively. He felt his world crashing down around him but the tingling surge of excitement rippling through his throbbing cock, was electrifying.

Alan was shaking all over as Dorothy smiled at John Key and tweaked her bullet hard nipples as she gazed into his eyes. She twirled her pointy nipples, between her fingers and thumbs, as her hips swayed hypnotically. Dorothy was basking in the power she had over John Key. He’d spanked her bare married bottom, panties down, over his knee, as she’d yelped and jiggled and danced to his tune. Now here he was, with his big bare dick hanging out, begging her to stroke and suckle his pulsating penis, as she teased and tormented him.

Dorothy started that lovely, achingly sexy, bottom shimmying action again that had John Key feverishly rubbing at his swollen cock. With her top held up as she danced round showing John Key, her velvety soft curves and creamy alabaster skin. John Key grunted and grimaced with pleasure as he groaned out ‘oh God yes... ‘When his huge pumping penis cried big salty tears for Dorothy and her wonderful curves...

Still looking through the key hole and shaking uncontrollably now with the horrifying thrill of seeing his wife flaunting herself, Alan reached up and tapped on the door. A panic-stricken Dorothy, let go of her top and quickly bent right down at the waist and pulled her pants and panties straight up together, in one swift movement.

Alan retrieved his phone from his pocket and walked in, smiling bravely, with the mobile held aloft and declared...

“Got it, one of the cleaners found my phone at our table and left it behind the bar for me.”

His dramatic entrance was greeted with a smile and a knowing nod from John Key and a startled; rabbit caught in the headlights, wide eyed stare, from Dorothy.

Pocketing his phone, he glanced at his watch and said...

“Well this has been fun John Key but I think it’s time to hit the road.”

As Alan escorted his lovely, spellbound wife, out towards the lifts, he couldn’t help thinking how pretty Dorothy looked, blushing bright pink, as she nervously chewed her lower lip. As soon as he got to their bedroom he spanked her ass hard and demanded she strip off and dance for him Dorothy was stunned at first but a second spank told her he was serious, Alan said now i know you like a spanking I shall ensure you get more unless you only like it from strangers? Dorothy panicked and stripped off saying no dear I was just teasing you with John it’s you I love and care for, Alan said good because for a moment there I thought you might go too far with him! Errr no dear I just danced while we waited for you , Alan was now also naked and erect as he took his wife to bed and fucked her good and hard and for longer than he had for a while having cum earlier helped .

Alan lay awake as his wife slept as he re-ran that nights happenings and wondering if or how he could get it to happen again also with whom? And how far would he let it go? could he really stop it going too far? Would she ? what if she sucked or fucked another man? This played on his mind all night finally falling asleep and dreaming that it happened again only this time there was a blowjob and just as the man was about to fuck his wife he woke with a start. Alan knew now what he would allow to happen , he just needed a situation and a willing man.


Written by BoredJen

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