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Dripping mess at the club

"Wife is used at the club"

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We had chatted online: I had told you all the things that turn her on, all the buttons to press, so that when we met it would be easy for you to take control of her.

When we arrived at the club we headed to the bar, stood there drinking while we waited for you to arrive. You arrived, smiled and then took your place at the bar on the other side of her. We chatted and I saw you drop your hand to her lower back. Shortly thereafter you stroked the backs of her legs with your fingers, trailing them up and down.

Your hand slid up her back, fingers plunging into her hair at the nape of her neck. You gipped it firmly and gave it a tug, enough to tilt her head back and make her gasp. She was turned slightly towards me as i kissed her. She returned the kiss passionately. While we kissed you slid your left hand round and into the top of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra. You gripped her left breast firmly and squeezed, your thumb flicking her nipples piercing.

People were watching us play now. You arched her head back a little more and crushed her breasts hard, kissing her shoulder. Then you slipped first one then another strap off - her silky dress fell to the floor, leaving her dressed in black heels, stockings, black lacy thong.

You had brought the things I suggested. I kissed her and squeezed her breasts as you fastened the dog collar around her neck and attached the leash. Now you grabbed her from behind, your right hand on her right breast while the other slid down to her crotch - rubbing it through the black lace at first, then plunging into her panties.

Your fingers found her piercing, sliding between her hot wet pussy lips, her labia separating like butter as you plunged your fingers downwards. 

You rubbed her a while, then used the handcuffs to secure her hands behind her back. Now that she was bound, you turned her roughly to face the people watching. You pulled her panties down enough to give them a full view of her pussy as your hand went up to her throat and bent her back over the bar. Your other hand went down between her legs, rubbing her pussy in full view. Then you produced a lipstick and wrote ‘SLUT’ across her tits.

She went down onto her knees as you pushed her to the floor. She sucked my cock first, then turned to yours. You made her look up at you submissively as you rubbed your cock head across her lips before pushing it into her mouth.

You fucked her mouth slowly at first, watching her lips slide along your shaft - then you grabbed her head and forced it deeper - into her throat, making her gag and choke.

There was a sturdy coffee table in the middle of the room. You led her over to it - everyone watching her gorgeous ass, long legs and heels as you guided her, then helped her to kneel on it, lowering her face so her ass was in the air. Everyone crowded round. You took your time - pulling you open so everyone could see your beautiful shaved pussy, your tight little ass.

You lubed her liberally. Her ass shining in the low light as you spread the lube all over her then massaged it into her pussy, two fingers dipping into her tight hole as you fed it in, pulling her ass open so everyone could watch. Your fingers slid under her pussy, rubbing her clitoris - making her juices flow and her pussy swell. She was whimpering and squirming. You slapped her hard across the ass, then pulled her hair. You encouraged the audience to participate: guys wanked their cocks with one hand and squeezed your tits roughly with another, slapped you hard on the ass - took turns sliding their fingers into your pussy, pulling it open crudely or gripping your hair roughly.

They were pawing you as you slid your cock slowly up into her pussy, pushing her buttocks apart so everyone could see. You eased it in and out, watching the pink skin stretch. You produced the lipstick, writing ‘USE ME’ in big letters across her rear as you fucked her. You noticed that one of the guys standing nearby had a huge cock, and was stroking it greedily. You slid out and gestured for him to take your place, enjoying her whimpering and squirming as he drove the entire length into her pussy like he was trying to break her. He then gripped her hair and fucked her roughly while you fed your cock into her mouth.

He pounded her like a whore for several minutes, then pulled out, shooting a huge load onto her ass crack. As it started to dribble down into her pussy,, he gaped her wide with his palms and then drove his stiff dripping cock into her vagina. As soon as he was done the next guy stepped up eagerly - pumping her like he hadn’t had sex in a year, his tubby belly slapping against her ass until he came fiercely - dumping a huge load in her pussy, which spurted and dribbled out of her as soon as he withdrew. Guys took turns for the next twenty minutes, then you rolled her onto her back and fucked her with her legs spread - her pussy now a gaping, dripping mess. 

Her tits bounced as you pounded her pussy and guys took turns fucking her face. Other people dumped their loads on her - across her tits, stomach and face - until she was dripping mess. 

Written by nickandmar

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