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How I met my wife

"I met and married a slut and cum dump"

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I was at University and it was Saturday night and I had just pulled. I was at a house where four of lads at Uni lived and they were hosting the party. I dragged my conquest up to one of the bedrooms and she was soon on her knees and sucking my cock. I feel blessed as I have what has been described as a very nice cock. It is seven and a half inches in length, circumcised and fairly thick. Then I had the girl kneel on the bed and was slamming it into her pussy. Man could she moan and groan. I was close to coming when the door burst open. Without looking I called to the intruder to wait their turn. I slammed my last few thrusts and filled the pussy I was in. As I pulled out I see some cum trickle down her pussy and leg. "Your turn," I said as I turned. I was surprised that it wasn't a lad, but a rather sexy looking girl. To my amazement she stepped forward and said, "It's no good when it's soft," she dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock clean of my cum and the girl I had just fucked pussy juice. I had never seen or had a girl do that for me before. Although I went a little soft she soon had it back to full size. The girl I had previously fucked was laying watching. I tried to get the girl sucking me onto the bed, but she told me that she wasn't fucking tonight. I now had a good stiff cock and a girl that didn't want it. Fortunately the girl I had previously fucked was happy for me to climb back on and fuck her some more. The other girl just watched as I fucked my previous conquest with her feet up on my shoulders. I gave her a good hard fucking, and as I was hammering in and out, the girl watching stroked my balls. I emptied my balls again into my first conquest. The second girl again sucked me clean. Then she left the room. I wondered who the hell it was that had sucked my cock clean, not once but twice. After I dressed I was about to leave the room, another lad came into the room and stripped and climbed right onto my conquest and started to fuck her. I wandered away in search of a beer and the unknown cock sucker. I found the beer first and as I wandered around supping I looked for the second girl. I had searched down stairs and went back upstairs and had got to the last room before I found her. She was sucking another lads cock. I watched her suck him to completion and swallowed his load. I introduced myself as the lad dressed and left. She told me she was Kayla and asked if I was ready for another sucking. I told her I was not ready but wanted to know more about her. We went and got more beers and sat talking. I asked why she was only sucking and not fucking. She told me it was the wrong week, although she always preferred to suck rather than fuck. We was sat on the steps in the garden that led into the lounge. A lad I didn't know came up to us and flopped his cock out and said, "Give me one of your best Kayla." I watched as Kayla sucked him dry. As the lad zipped up afterwards he told me, "You got a good'n there mate," then he staggered away. Shortly afterwards I walked Kayla back to her flat where I had a good night sucking and then a kiss. A few days later I went around to Kayla's flat hoping to ask her out. The door wasn't fully shut and I could her moans. On easing the door further open I could see Kayla on her knees sucking yet another boy's cock. I dropped my cock out my trousers and stood behind the other lad. Kayla finished him and swallowed his load and then moved onto my cock. After she had finished me and swallowed my load I told her I had gone round to ask her out. "What you want to go out with me?" she asked. I nodded yes. "Even though you see me sucking another boy?" Again I told her yes. We went to a pub we could walk to. Kayla announced she needed this as she supped her beer saying it would wash any cum down. I think she was saying anything to put me off. She even called herself a slut and a cum dump. I told her that it just excited me more. We were soon going out as a couple, but at the regular parties I would even help her find cocks to suck. I wasn't quite as keen to se her getting fucked. I really wanted her to keep that for me, but she made it clear that was who and what she was and to take her or leave her. Then came the night she sucked off eight lads and fucked three of them. It was now that I knew I just had to marry her. I finished Uni four months later and I jot a good job straight away. The first thing I did was go and buy a ring and asked Kayla to marry me. She made sure that I understood that she wasn't going to change and that if I wasn't prepared to share her then to walk away. We married six months later. While I was at work Kayla was still finishing her course. We were still invited to the parties and Layla would still suck loads of lads. She still fucked other lads, but knew I preferred her not to so she would try to restrict herself to just sucking them. then one night at a party she got pretty drunk and sucked and fucked ten or men lads. Afterwards she knew I wasn't very happy and said she was sorry. Then her course finished and she also got a good job. Her time for partying was now much reduced and she was getting quite frustrated and irritable. I knew exactly why and took her to a pub where she might meet another man. I bought her a drink and sat the other side of the room and soon watched her being picked up. In less than half an hour she went out to his car and sucked him off. On her return she came and sat with me. I could see she was much happier so when another of the man's other mates came and asked her to go outside with him I gave her the nod. She was gone for ages and eventually I went looking for her. In the carpark I could hear a lot of men laughing and joking and when I got closer I could see her sucking and fucking two men. The others were either waiting a turn or had already had a turn. It was probably an hour before they had finished with her and I took her home. To say she was happy was an understatement. he told me that the first man had told his mates that she was up for it and they decided that she would take a gang bang. They weren't wrong. It was shortly after this that I heard about dogging and the there was a place near us. You can imagine how excited Kayla was. Our first time she sucked four men and then we were attending regularly. Kayla was restricting it to just sucking as we had started trying for a family. It was about a year before we were successful. Kayla allowed a couple of men fuck her as she sucked some doggers knowing it was my baby inside her. We had a boy and then a girl and then another girl. Kayla was so busy with the kids she didn't have the time or energy for anyone else. Then when the kids were in their late teens she got the itch again. It took a while to find some dogging sites as the original one was close and the police patrolled it. Kayla was in her element back sucking cock. As she was not on any precautions she wouldn't let them fuck her. Then we met Tom at the dogging site. He was the same age as us and lived fairly close by. The thing that really attracted Kayla was that he was good looking and had a eight inch very thick cock. Sadly his wife had died and he was on his own. The other thing was that he had been chopped. Kayla asked me if she could go all the way with him. Sadly for you guys out there she gave up dogging as long as she could see Tom when she was getting scratchy. I have shared Kayla with Tom for the past three years. She sees him about every other month and he gives her a damn good fucking before he sends her back to me. Some people might think it strange that I have allowed, and even helped Kayla meet, suck and fuck other men. I love her and would do anything not to loose her. In all our time together, since our marriage, I have never been unfaithful to her with another woman. I'm still not keen on her seeing other men, even Tom, but it is a price I have had to pay to keep her.
Written by Bill

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